Your Customer Is King!

Your-Customer-Is-King-03-e1454336307867 Your Customer Is King!

Your Customer Is King!

Your CUSTOMER is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of your business.

Without your CUSTOMER, YOU have NO product sales, NO money coming in and NO PROFIT.

Your customer is king.

But to make a GOOD PROFIT, YOU need a LARGE number of customers buying a LARGE number of products and giving you LOADS of money as sales.

Most businesses that struggle or fail DON’T have enough CUSTOMERS buying enough products and giving the business enough MONEY. Then, there is NOT enough MONEY to cover the COSTS and EXPENSES of the business and the business RUNS OUT OF MONEY and STOPS!!

It is as simple as that.

But, entrepreneurs and businesses that FOCUS HEAVILY on their TARGET CUSTOMERS and RUN their businesses around their TARGET CUSTOMERS, nearly always do MUCH BETTER and nearly always SUCCEED.

These businesses:-

  • Know their target customers well
  • Understand their target customers comprehensively
  • Understand the need and wants of their target customers
  • Understand what products will deliver benefits to their target customers
  • Give their target customers what they want & need
  • Know how to contact their target customers through their marketing etc.
  • Keep talking to their customers

This is a snapshot of what SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES achieve through a heavy FOCUS on their TARGET CUSTOMERS.

The result is an ARMY of LOYAL CUSTOMERS who return time and time again to buy their PRODUCTS and put LOADS OF MONEY into their businesses.

Let me ask you these questions:-

  • How heavily do YOU FOCUS on your TARGET CUSTOMER?
  • Do YOU really UNDERSTAND your TARGET CUSTOMERS and what their NEEDS and WANTS are?
  • Do your products really deliver the RIGHT BENEFITS to your target customers?
  • Do YOU have an ARMY of LOYAL CUSTOMERS buying time and time again from YOU?

If your PROFITS are LOW, it could be because YOU DON’T FOCUS enough on your TARGET CUSTOMERS and YOU DON’T RUN your business around your CUSTOMER enough, if at all.



Set yourself a NEW OBJECTIVE and say to yourself now:

“My OBJECTIVE must be to FOCUS HEAVILY on my TARGET CUSTOMERS and to RUN my business around my TARGET CUSTOMER”.

And keep thinking:

“My Customer Is King”

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