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Brian Spence 

BRIAN-SPENCE-1-300x160 My Next Business Coaching Success  ~  Coaching Brian Spence

My Next Business Coaching Success  ~  Coaching Brian Spence 

Tilleys Gluten Free Bakery is my latest ‘star project’

Award-winning baker Brian Spence came to me in the summer of 2014 asking me to coach him in the creation of a gluten free bakery.

18 months on and after a lot of hard work, a purpose built bakery is supplying high quality products to local farmer markets and the local wholesale trade in South Devon to massive acclaim.

BAKERY-300x160 My Next Business Coaching Success  ~  Coaching Brian Spence

Brian Has Done Everything I Advised

Brian has done everything that I have advised and he has made a very impressive start to his business.  He freely admits that had I not suggested certain things, his start would not have been so successful.

I Advised Much Research

At the start, I advised him to research heavily his business idea and the local trading market that he was about to enter. He did this exhaustively and this gave him a huge understanding of his target customers, the products that they wanted to buy and the prices that they were prepared to pay.

He Tested His Products

As he developed his products, he tested them on some of his target customers using blind tastings of his products and noted the comments made.  Based on these comments, changes to his product recipes were incorporated and when he launched his gluten free bread and cakes, he generated a huge amount of excitement from those on a coeliac diet.

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I advised Him To Make His Products Superior

I also advised him to make his products much better than other products produced by his competitors and I said that in order to broaden his target market, he should create products that anybody would enjoy –  not just those on a gluten free diet.

His products now are far superior to any other gluten free products offered by his competitors and are also full flavoured and, which on blind tastings, most people would not think were gluten free.

Brian Received A Commendation From Paul Hollywood

Now, everyone enjoys his gluten free fayre  –  even Paul Hollywood of the BBC’s Great British Bake Off, who tried Brian’s products and gave them a huge ‘thumbs up’

BRIAN-SPENCE-1-300x160 My Next Business Coaching Success  ~  Coaching Brian Spence

Brian Has Focused Heavily On His Customers, His Products And His Business Numbers

I showed Brian how to run all aspects of his business and the result was Brian developing a heavy focus on his customers, his products and his business numbers. And, this has been key to initial success.

Business Coaching & A Business Owner Using The Advice Is A Combination For Success

Brian has also done everything that I have advised and again that has also been key to the business starting so well. Business coaching can work spectacularly well when the advice from an experienced business coach is taken and used in its entirety.

Brian is a good example of how well business coaching can work.  If all the advice, offered, is used then anyone starting or running a business can really benefit.

If you have read my case study on Alessandra Ruocco, you will see how business coaching worked for her, too.

It can be massively powerful!

TILLEYS-GLUTEN-FREE-BAKERY-bakewells-300x160 My Next Business Coaching Success  ~  Coaching Brian Spence

Prestige Business Coaching Created His Marketing

To help Brian, I performed much of his marketing for Tilleys Gluten Free Bakery including developing and running his facebook page and creating his website. You can see how Brian is doing by visiting his website and by visiting Brian’s facebook page at


The ‘10% CLUB’

Brian is not in the ‘10% CLUB’ yet, but he is well on his way. You can do the same as Brian and put yourself in the ‘10% CLUB’ – get yourself a good experienced coach and do exactly as advised.

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