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My Greatest Business Coaching Success ~ Coaching Alessandra Ruocco

Alessandra Ruocco

Alessandra-Ruocco-of-Devoncair-Ltd-300x160 My Greatest Business Coaching Success  ~  Coaching Alessandra Ruocco

My Greatest Business Coaching Success  ~  Coaching Alessandra Ruocco

Large Losses To Good Profit in Just 5 Months

“Our Homecare business is now on the road to being a successful player in the industry and I owe that fully to the expertise of Robert and Prestige Business Coaching”

It is May 2015 and I am having lunch in a nice fish restaurant on the harbourside in Torquay with Alessandra Ruocco.  ‘Sasse’, as she is known to her friends and associates, is telling me about her vision, strategy and thoughts for her business Devon Cair Ltd.

As I listen, I cannot help thinking how far this clever, smart lady had come on her business journey and how she had become the strong, mature, confident and competent business lady that I viewed across the restaurant table. Sasse is now one of the 10% most successful business people in the UK., who I talk about much on

But the journey had been hard and long.

Devon Cair Ltd Is A Leader In Its Market

Devon Cair Ltd is the leading supplier of high quality care to the disabled and elderly in their own homes in Torbay, Devon.   The success of the business is testament to Sasse and her determination and drive, but it was not always that way.

But It Was Not Always That Way

In 2009, Sasse invited me to help her rescue the business after her business partner had walked out leaving her ‘high and dry’ –  her ex partner had founded and started Devon Cair Ltd but, following a catalogue of bad business decisions, had brought the fledgling business to the edge of financial collapse; the business was losing money heavily and it urgently needed saving.

There Were Two Big Mistakes

Two BIG mistakes were made initially:-

  1. Grow The Business Too Quickly
  2. Trade In Too Large A Geographical Area

These were deliberate strategies, but they both created huge operating costs, particularly employment costs that were just not sustainable.

I very quickly identified the problems and suggested a strategy for turning the business around and Sasse wasted no time in implementing the plan.

Her quick and decisive implementation of the plan was key to the success of what we did –  every day delayed was more money wasted and the outflow of money had to be stemmed quickly.

There Were Three Main Recommendations

The main recommendations were as follows:-

  1. To reduce and consolidate the trading area to just serve clients in Torbay only, shrinking the trading area to just 5 miles from the company’s office from 15 miles previously
  2. To make drastic changes to staff rotas and to reduce the employee working hours so that the employment costs were directly related the revenue generated.
  3. To slow down the rate of growth for the business

Initially the number of clients and revenue were both reduced, but the costs attributed to serving the clients were reduced by a far greater amount, thus increasing the gross profit margin significantly.

A Profit Was Achieved After Just 5 Months

Within five months, the initial changes were complete and the business moved from a high loss into a good sustainable profit. From this position, Sasse then moved to consolidate the business and the net profit, further, and to gain growth by acquiring new clients within her new Torbay only trading area.

Sasse Has Resisted Extending Her Trading Area

Since then, some seven years later, Sasse has resisted the temptation to extend her trading area beyond Torbay but, instead, to consolidate and establish her company’s position as the premier provider of home care in Torbay.

The business now boasts an army of very happy and loyal clients and an army of equally happy employees serving these clients. The business is very sound financially and is now a great success.

Sasse Needs Little Marketing

One big indicator of her success is the amount of effort she puts into marketing her business –  in short, she devotes very little of her recourses to marketing.

The quality of her service is so great, that reputation and ‘word of mouth’ constantly create new clients for Devon Cair Ltd.. Competitors are continually seen spending large sums on advertising and that illustrates the large gulf between her and the rest.  Devon Cair Ltd do not have to advertise and so do not have this cost and, obviously, this elevates her margin.

Logo-10-300x160 My Greatest Business Coaching Success  ~  Coaching Alessandra Ruocco

Businesses That Create Word Of Mouth Always Do Better

Businesses that can create ‘word of mouth’ and harness it to grow, always do much better.

Historically, ‘word of mouth’ has been a major contributor to the success of my own businesses and I coach businesses to set this as a definite strategy for growing a business.

Such A Strategy Creates a Superb Product & Customer Satisfaction

Sasse has achieved ‘word of mouth’ by creating superb care for her customers and a high degree of customer satisfaction.

A combination of a superb product and a high degree of customer satisfaction will always achieve ‘word of mouth’ and, through that, growth.

Businesses Think That They Can Grow By Extended Their Geographical Boundaries

So many businesses think that they have to extend their geographical boundaries in order to secure new customers in order to grow their revenues and this invariably leads to financial weakness and failure.

The smart way, often, is to do as Sasse has done and to restrict the trading area, but to totally focus efforts on securing a high number of clients within that trading area, exclusively.

Such a strategy minimises the cost of gaining and serving new customers and Sasse proves that this can be a very successful strategy.

What We Achieved Was Spectacular

When Sasse and I started working together, the problems within the business were immense and it is was an awesome achievement to turn the business around in such a short period of time –  many businesses can literally take years to turn around.

Our achievement was immense and is something that is very rare in business.

Business Coaching Can Be Hugely Successful When The Advice Is Fully Used

But this is only possible, when the advice of a good business coach with a wealth of experience and knowledge is incorporated fully by a business owner. Sasse never questioned my suggestions and she implemented them fully without hesitation, delay or procrastination.

I am sure there were times when she did not quite understand parts of the plan, but she trusted me. I am also equally sure that once the results of the changes were evident, her understanding grew and became complete.

logo-11-300x160 My Greatest Business Coaching Success  ~  Coaching Alessandra RuoccoSasse Is My Greatest Success

Sasse is my greatest business coaching success because she implemented everything that I suggested and, as a result, she was a ‘dream’ to coach.

When I coach others, less success has been possible because business owners question my suggestions and ‘cherry pick’ my recommendations –  the result is always not so good.

I now avoid coaching any business owner who refuses to take all my recommendations.

It Was Not Just Strategy

It was not just strategy that I showed Sasse –  I also worked to strengthen her attitude and her business mind.  When questioned, the most successful 10% in business say that a strong positive attitude and an open mindset is more important than strategy in the attainment of their success.

Sasse already had a good positive attitude but I created a belief in her mind that she could make the changes and create success out of a bad situation.

So many business coaches ignore the importance of a strong business mind and mindset when coaching their clients.

I Showed Sasse To Think Differently & More Smartly

I also showed Sasse how to think differently and more smartly about her business –  by doing so, it ensured that all her business decisions and actions were also smart but, importantly, it ensured that all her decisions and actions were right for her business, too.

One example was to ‘think money’ –  I said that she should ‘think money’ in every decision.  Sasse typically embraced this fully and even wrote ‘think money’ in very big letters on her office files to remind her constantly.

You Can Emulate Sasse & Her Success

You can emulate Sasse and her success, too, but you have to be prepared to work with a successful business coach and to do everything that the business coach recommends without delay, procrastination or cherry picking.


Business failure is currently running at more than 50%, but the above scenario can achieve 100% success, which must be something that every business owner must want.

The 10% Club

Alessandra Ruocco is a member of the ‘10% CLUB’ – the club that includes the most successful business people in the U.K..

You can be the same, if you copy what she did.

Alessandra Ruocco Is Managing Director Of Devon Cair Ltd.

Alessandra-Ruocco-of-Devoncair-Ltd-300x160 My Greatest Business Coaching Success  ~  Coaching Alessandra RuoccoAlessandra Ruocco is Managing Director of Devon Cair Ltd, Paignton Devon and is a member of the ‘10% CLUB’.  

Find out more about her business at

If You Wish To Discuss This More Fully With Me, Please Contact Me

If YOU wish to discuss this more fully with me, then please email me at

Or please leave me a comment below.


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Is Your Marketing Sending Out The Right Message?

Is Your Marketing Sending Out The Right Message?

IS-YOUR-MARKETING-SENDING-OUT-THE-RIGHT-MESSAGE_-300x160 Is Your Marketing Sending Out The Right Message?

MARKETING is about COMMUNICATING THE RIGHT MESSAGE to your TARGET CUSTOMERS about your business and your products.

But is your MARKETING sending out the RIGHT MESSAGE to your TARGET CUSTOMER?

In this busy world, we are surrounded by MARKETING and ADVERTISING from businesses trying to get us to buy –  but most of this MARKETING is RUBBISH and it does NOT WORK.

This Marketing Is Wasted

The MARKETING is wasted including the MONEY to pay for it.

There is a BIG REASON for this –  most businesses and most marketing companies that these businesses employ don’t understand the SELLING and BUYING PROCESS.  They don’t UNDERSTAND that customers will only BUY if they TRUST the PRODUCT and they don’t UNDERSTAND that customers will only buy if they feel confident that the PRODUCT will help them.

It Is all About Benefits

It is all about BENEFITS – if a CUSTOMER is confident that a PRODUCT will give them the BENEFIT that they need and want, then they will buy. YOU must THINK about the BENEFIT to your TARGET CUSTOMER when YOU PLAN each part of your MARKETING.

Then, with the BENEFIT lodged in your brain, YOU should then write your MESSAGE to tell your TARGET CUSTOMER what this BENEFIT is.

Tell Your Customers What They Want To Hear



So Many Businesses Don’t Get This

But so many businesses don’t get this –  instead, they write WHAT THEY WANT TO WRITE in their MESSAGE  –  and in many cases, this is NOT the same as telling their customers what they want to hear.

YOU must THINK that your TARGET CUSTOMERS want to hear about the BENEFITS that your PRODUCTS can deliver –  that is all they are INTERESTED in!

Tell Your Customers About The Benefits

So, TELL YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERS about the BENEFITS from your products and get the MESSAGE RIGHT in your MARKETING!



If YOU wish to talk more with me about this please email me at or leave a comment below.

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Do Your Products Provide The Right Customer Benefits

Think Benefits When Planning Your Products

Think Benefits When Planning Your Products

HELP-WANTED-10-300x160 Think Benefits When Planning Your Products

Your CUSTOMERS will buy your PRODUCTS because they want the BENEFITS and HELP that these will provide.

When I talk to business people, I am often conscious that they don’t THINK ENOUGH about the BENEFITS their PRODUCTS provide for their CUSTOMERS. I have talked about the top 10% businesses many times on this site and much of their SUCCESS is because they THINK ‘BENEFITS’ when they THINK about their PRODUCTS.

If YOU can do the same and THINK about the BENEFITS that your PRODUCTS will provide to your CUSTOMERS when YOU PLAN YOUR PRODUCTS, it should make YOU create or provide BETTER PRODUCTS that MATCH your CUSTOMER’S NEEDS BETTER. I have talked about MATCHING before, saying that YOU SHOULD MATCH YOUR PRODUCTS TO YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERS.

Ask Yourself Several Big Questions

There are several BIG QUESTIONS that I have always asked myself in all my businesses and the first is:-


YOU should do the same and write down a list of BENEFITS.

Then ask yourself ONE OTHER BIG QUESTION:-


Answer this honestly and then ask yourself another BIG QUESTION:-


If there are significant BENEFITS that your CUSTOMERS WANT and NEED from your BUSINESS and your PRODUCTS that they don’t presently get from YOU, YOU should THINK to maybe CHANGE or MODIFY your PRODUCTS or introduce NEW PRODUCTS that will provide those BENEFITS.

This Is Why Smart Business Thinking Is So Important



You Should Also Ask Your Customers

YOU should also TALK to your CUSTOMERS and ASK them about your PRODUCTS. Businesses are VERY POOR at TALKING to their CUSTOMERS, especially the 90% who RUN the MEDIOCRE BUSINESSES.

I have always TALKED to my CUSTOMERS and I have always learned so MUCH –  it has enabled me to always PROVIDE THE RIGHT BENEFITS to my CUSTOMERS and the process has always enabled me to achieve HIGH SALES with all my businesses.

Set Yourself the Objective To Provide The Best Benefits

YOU must SET yourself THE OBJECTIVE to PROVIDE the VERY BEST BENEFITS to your CUSTOMERS – as part of that, ASK yourself and your CUSTOMERS about the PRODUCTS that YOU presently offer and the BENEFITS that your CUSTOMERS WANT and NEED from your BUSINESS.

YOU should then formulate CHANGES to your PRODUCT RANGE and INTRODUCE these –  your REVENUE SALES should GROW SIGNIFICANTLY, as a result.

If YOU wish to discuss this more fully with me, then please email me at

Or please leave me a comment below.


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How Healthy Are Your Profits

How Healthy Are Your Profits?

How Healthy Are Your Profits?

How healthy is your business?

Are your sales rising?

Are your margins good?

Do you have control of your costs?

Are your Profits growing?

How-Healthy-Are-Your-Profits.docx-3-300x160 How Healthy Are Your Profits?

If your sales and profits are growing then you should have a healthy business. But if your sales and profits are flat or are decreasing, then your business is not so healthy and you need to take action.

In such a situation, your business needs a complete re-think –  you need to re-think everything within your business, starting with FOUR major areas:-

  • Your Products
  • Your Customers
  • Your Margins
  • Your Costs

You should ask yourself questions about your products:-

  • Are your products matched exactly to the needs and wants of your customers?
  • Do your products bring real benefits to your customers?
  • Do your products make the lives of your customers better?
  • Are your products priced right to give value for money but also a good margin?
  • Have your product sales dipped in the past 12 months and, if so, by how much and why?

You need to sell a high number of your products to generate high sales that keep growing, but you will only achieve that if your products match exactly the needs and wants of your customers.

You should ask yourself questions about your customers:-

  • Do you understand fully who your target customers are & everything about them?
  • Do you have an army of customers that is growing?
  • Do your customers return to buy more from you?
  • Do your customers tell their friends about you?
  • Do your customers get a good customer experience from your business?
  • Has your customer numbers dropped in the past 12 months and, if so, by how much?

It is imperative that you understand who your target customer is and you understand everything about the needs and wants of that customer –  then you should be able to sell them the right product and achieve a large army of customers and keep growing that army.

You should ask yourself questions about your gross profit margins:-

  • Is your margin sufficient to pay your costs and to give you a good net profit?
  • Are your selling prices lower than the equivalent charged by your competitors?
  • When was your last selling price increase?
  • Are you paying too much for your products?
  • Has your margin slipped in the past 12 months and, if so, by how much?

It is important to understand how your margin affects your net profit –  it must be large enough to comfortably pay all your costs and to give you a high net profit.  Are your prices too low and if you were to increase them, would sales slip?  In my experience, if you have a strong product offering, price increases should not affect sales.

You should ask yourself questions about your costs:-

  • Do you have a clear understanding of all your costs?
  • Are you as efficient and lean as you could be?
  • Do you know which costs have increased over the past 12 months, and by how much and why?
  • Are there purchases being made that could be trimmed or eliminated?

It is very easy for costs to creep up and to not be noticed. You should look at each cost and analyse each one and see where quick savings can be made.

From experience, doing this exercise can often generate significant changes to the health of a business. Even just a 10% increase in sales, a 2% increase in margin and a 10% decrease in costs can have a dramatic effect on the net profit, often adding as much as 40%  –  now that is surely worth having?

Have a think about this now!

This is a very quick snapshot of possible remedies for an unhealthy business, but if you would like some more advice, email me now:

Or leave me a comment below.


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