Achieve Double-Digit Growth In Your Pension

Achieve-Double-Digit-Growth-In-Your-Pension-e1537442590214 Achieve Double-Digit Growth In Your Pension

Achieve Double-Digit Growth In Your Pension.

Want Better Growth On Your Pensions & Investments?

Here Is A Good Way To Do That.


You have worked hard to create a good profit in your business.  You are investing in a pension for when you retire.
You get your annual pension statement and the growth disappoints.
Have you been there?
I know many have.
Here is a way to get better growth – at least double-digit growth


Many Have Lost Money

Recently, there has been some press concerning pension scams, where a number of people have been defrauded out of large sums of money and, in some cases, their entire pensions.
This is incredibly sad when a person has worked hard and paid into a pension for some time, then to have it taken away from them by some rogue organisation or scam.
Talking to many business owners over the years, it is evident that many are too busy to think about their long-term pension arrangements and, when they do, they invest into pension schemes that have poor returns.
I thought it might be useful if I shared some good advice on how I have invested into a SIPP for the past 4 years and where I have achieved a minimum of 15% annual return each year.

Investment Funds

It involves investing in the global stock market but not by buying individual stocks and shares, such as BP or Shell, but by investing in Investment Funds, that are made up of many good shares, through a reliable and trusted platform called Hargreaves Lansdown.
You possibly have heard of Hargreaves Lansdown, as their representatives often appear in the business press or on the BBC, Bloomburg or CNBC with advice on pensions, investing and other business matters.
They operate a platform where you can buy and sell individual shares and investment funds. I have used this platform for the past 4 years and, as I have said, have achieved good returns on my investments.
Through this platform, I have three investment accounts:
1.    SIPP pension
2.    Tax free ISA
3.    Other investments
Prior to 2014, I had my pensions invested in several orthodox institutional pension funds but I noticed the return was slowing, despite promises of good returns.

It Was Very Simple To Do

I was very simple to start.
I opened a Hargreaves Lansdown account and arranged for my pensions to be paid into one SIPP account.
I also had ISA savings which were doing very poorly too and I transferred these into another account, but this time an ISA account, free of tax.
In addition, I also had shares in a number of FTSE 100 and 250 companies and transferred these into a third ‘other investment’ account that was outside the SIPP and ISA wrappings.
Everything was done online through the Hargreaves Lansdown website.

My Average Return Has Equalled 15%

Since then I have achieved an average of 15% growth, year on year.
But also for four years now, I have had all my investments in one place and whenever I log into my online Hargreaves Lansdown account, I can see instantly how much each account is worth and what my total portfolio is worth too.
Then, with just a few clicks, I can see how each investment within each portfolio is doing, too.

Before I Transferred Everything, I did My Homework

Crucially, though, before I transferred everything, I did my homework for about 6 months before I took the plunge.
The Hargreaves Lansdown website allows you to research investment funds before investing, which means you can follow the performance of selected funds before you invest into them.
You just register and set up a ‘watchlist’ by adding Investment Funds to the list and monitor how the funds do.
Simply go to the Hargreaves Lansdown website,


Hargreaves-Lansdowne-For-Pensions-e1537443311566 Achieve Double-Digit Growth In Your Pension


I Have Invested In More Than 40 Funds

During the past four years, I have researched very heavily the best funds to invest in and have invested in more than 40.
Investment values can go up and down, and it is possible to lose money, if you are careless.
The key is to spread the risk and this makes the whole process reasonably low risk.

An Investment Fund Is A Conglomeration Of Many Shares

An Investment Fund is a conglomeration of many different company stocks and shares, nominated by an expert fund manager. These funds could constitute as many as 25 or more shares in companies, sometimes from different parts of the world.
The idea is simple - if several shares decline in value, the whole value of the fund may not be affected as the risk is spread.
You can then spread the risk further by investing in a number of different funds. Then, if one fund value does drop, the others may not.
The one exception to this could be if there is a universal drop in all global markets, such as in 2008/9 banking crash and after the Brexit referendum.
Since I have been investing, I have reduced the number of investment funds down to less than 20 currently and I now have a very good idea of the ones to invest in for the best returns:

My Top 5 Investment Funds

Here are my Top 5 Investment Funds, currently:
  1. Lindsell Train Global Equity Class D Fund ~  last year’s growth 27%
  2. Fundsmith Equity Class 1 Accumulated Fund  ~  last year’s growth 18%
  3. AXA Framlington Global Technology Accumulated Fund Class Z  ~  last year’s growth 33%
  4. AXA Framlington American Growth Accumulated Class Z  ~ last year’s growth 33%
  5. Baillie Gifford American Fund Class B Accumulated  ~  last year’s growth 45%
The growth for all these funds for the past twelve months is very good, but each fund has also provided good growth for the previous two to three years, too.
Each fund is very well established and each is managed by very experienced fund managers, who really know their stuff.

How The Investment Fund Price Is Determined

Put simply, the total value of the fund is the total number of shares held multiplied by the value of each share. If the number of shares and/or their share price increase, so the total value of the fund increases and the fund price increases. Conversely, if the number of shares and prices decrease, so the total fund value decreases and the fund price decreases.
Many of the shares that make up the funds will pay dividends as cash or shares which go into building the total value of the funds.  Some these of dividends can be paid out as cash – these funds are known as ‘income funds’
When the dividends are not paid out, and all or most the dividends are reinvested into the fund, this will also add to its total value – these funds are known as ‘accumulated funds’.  


I Am Presently Favouring Non Uk & Non EU Funds

At the time of writing (September 2018), I am favouring specific non-UK and non-European funds because of Brexit and the doubts in these national economies. Some of my recommended funds do still feature UK and some European stocks, but these are in the minority.
I do think, however, if we have a hard Brexit or a ‘no deal’, all investment funds globally will decline in value.
I am tending to favour global funds that invest in several countries, especially the US but also technology funds that include the likes of Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and others.
Here, too, there could be threats  –  from President Trump’s trade wars and trade tariffs and the authority’s clampdown on the Technology companies.
You have to be mindful of what is happening.

I Have A ‘Plan B’

When I think values of one or more investment fund might drop, I will sell and will move the money into one relatively safe investment fund:
6.  Royal London Sterling Extra Yield Bond  ~  last year’s growth 6%
This is a 6th top tip and my ‘Plan B’.
The fund constitutes primarily UK bonds and its value and its price has a low spread but pays a healthy 5.5% dividend - so if the value of the fund does not rise, you still get paid a dividend which you can either reinvest into your portfolio or take as cash.
The price of this fund tends to move less than the prices of the other investment funds.


Achieve-Double-Digit-Growth-In-Your-Pension-e1537442590214 Achieve Double-Digit Growth In Your Pension


One Other Tip:

I obviously keep an eye on the financial press to see how my funds will perform and each day, Hargreaves Lansdown will email you to alert you to trends in the markets. They also offer other expert advice, too, which is very useful.
I also tune into CNBC, when I can, at about 8.50pm to view a programme called ‘Closing Bell’ – this is transmitted as the US stock markets close and usually for the first 30 minutes or so, it includes views from many experts such as Investment Fund managers and share traders on the state of the US and other markets. 
Here, you can get an analysis for the reasons into the market moves for the day and you get an idea of how the markets will move in the future, which is also really useful.
Many of my investing decisions have been based on this programme.

One Final Tip:

All markets will move up and down – this is a normal cycle.
The rise and falls can be plus or minus 2% - 3% in the prices of investment funds.
This is good for investing.
I always buy into Investment Funds when the markets dip, or when the price is low, then as the market naturally rises, my investment can grow quite quickly.  
By doing this, I can gain 2% to 3% in as many weeks or months.
The time to sell is when the market prices peak or when you get the highest or best price.
If you are really clever, you can sell at the peak of a natural cycle (when prices are highest)  and buy the same investment back (when prices are lowest). The skill is predicting the cycles and when peaks and troughs will occur.
You won’t always get it right  -  I have not.
But if you get it right most of the time, you will win.

Charges For Investing

Hargreaves Lansdown and the Investment Funds do charge to use the platform and to invest, but these are modest, usually about 1% or so per annum and if you are clever, you can easily cover this cost.

Look At The Hargreaves Lansdown Website

Take a look today at the website, register and have a good look around.
Then create a ‘wishlist’ and load the funds that I have recommended from this blog and monitor the price etc. over a 6 month period.
Maybe load other funds that may interest you, too.
Then, when you have a feel for things and the prices are right, maybe start investing.  The minimum investment is £100.
So you could start slow.
Best of luck!

More Information And Advice

This blog is a very simple explanation of what can be achieved and is only a simple summary.
If you would like to talk to me about this or you would like to know more, I would be very pleased to help you get started.
Please contact me below or email me at

Contact-Robert Achieve Double-Digit Growth In Your Pension

Robert-Viney-e1524724492788 Achieve Double-Digit Growth In Your Pension

5 Business Growth Hacks (Part1) To Boost Your Business Sales & Profits

5-Business-Growth-Hacks-e1536139800267 5 Business Growth Hacks (Part1) To Boost Your Business Sales & Profits

5 Business Growth Hacks To Boost Your Business Sales & Profits.

Small & easy-to-implement business ideas that are guaranteed to make a big difference to your business.

by Robert Viney

Part 1.

This is the first part of a series of blogs with short bite size pieces of business advice, which if implemented could make a real difference to your business sales and profits.
I have realised, from more than 30 years of starting and running businesses, it is very often the small and simple things that can make the biggest difference to the growth of a business.
Also from coaching many businesses over the past 15 years, I have learned that many small businesses owners use the excuse of ‘not having time’ to NOT implement new ideas.
But when shown how to make small changes that take little time to plan and implement, they realise that they do have time, after all, and it is very possible to introduce new ideas that can make a big difference.


Here I Suggest 5 Business Growth Hack Ideas To Boost Your Business

Here I suggest FIVE ways to make changes to your business – one for every day of a 5 day working week.
Start with number 1 on Monday and work through to number 5 on Friday.
Each should only take one hour of your time, each day and, in some cases, a lot less time.


1.    Monday  -  Collect Customer Reviews
2.    Tuesday  -  Place Your Customer Reviews On Your Social Media and Your Website
3.    Wednesday  -  Make Continual Progress In Your Business
4.    Thursday  -  Ask Your Employees To Suggest Three Ways To Save Money In Your Business
5.    Friday  -  Divide Your Customers Into Customer Groups



1.    Collect Customer Reviews

87% of people will go online and check your customer reviews before they purchase from you.
But if you have no customer reviews or you only have a few or what you have are out of date, your potential customer will not be impressed and you could lose them.
But it is very simple to get a review from a customer who has made a purchase - simply ask them.
In my experience, most people are happy to provide you with a review, but many business owners are too frightened to ask for fear of what they will hear.
But good or bad, you need to know.
If the review is good, you will know that what you are doing is satisfying your customer and if the review is bad or poor, this is valuable information for you to improve things.
So, you must do it today.
Contact your most recent customers and ask them for a review  -  'phone or email them now!



2.    Place Your Customer Reviews On Your Social Media & Your Website

New potential customers will buy when they have trust in your business and your products.
One way to create trust is from good reviews from existing customers – so it makes sense to place them where your target customers will be looking and where they will see them.
That means your social media and your website.


See How This Can Be Done

Recently, I did this for one of my clients.
His name is Chris Fleet, a top accredited UK hypnotherapist, helping people with anxiety and depression to improve their lives.  He also trains new hypnotherapists at his Devon School Of Hypnotherapy to Diploma Level.
Recently I placed this review from a successful hypnotherapy student, who graduated from his school, onto his Facebook and LinkedIn pages.
It was only part of the review, as the student Jo Webber provided a lengthy review - but it was enough to create much awareness.

Chris-Was-An-Amazing-Teacher-e1536140627160 5 Business Growth Hacks (Part1) To Boost Your Business Sales & Profits

Here is another student review from another one of Chris Fleet's successful students, Ali De Matos  -   I placed this onto the home page of his website, along with a picture of Chris and Ali De Matos, proudly showing off her Diploma In Hypnotherapy.
Crucially, the review and picture were placed near the top of the webpage, so that more visitors would see it.
Again this technique has worked well and has helped to sell his Hypnotherapy Course places.


Testimonial-Ali-DeMatos-e1536142298146 5 Business Growth Hacks (Part1) To Boost Your Business Sales & Profits

Gain-A-Diploma-In-Hypnotherapy 5 Business Growth Hacks (Part1) To Boost Your Business Sales & Profits

You can see more by visiting
This technique of placing customer reviews onto social media and onto website pages can be very powerful and is something you should do, too.


3.    Make Continual Progress In Your Business

It is wise to have a good Business Plan for your business to set your strategy, but too often, small businesses create a Business Plan, then either forget about it or ignore it.
Often there is a good reason for this  -  the business strategy that they have set themselves or that someone else has set for them is too ambitious and they are overwhelmed by it.
In business, you need to continually move forward, but a slow steady pace is far better than trying to grow your business at a gallop – growing a business is a marathon NOT a sprint.
The best strategy that I advise for my clients is simply to just beat the previous month’s sales total. If you do this most of the time, you are ultimately moving your business forward and in the right direction.


This Is Very Simple To Do
This is simple to do  –  just record and total your business sales for each month and try to beat the previous month’s total.
For most businesses, you can either keep a cumulative sales total as the month progresses or set aside an hour or so at the end of each month, to total your sales.
If you don’t beat the previous month, then sit down and see how you can improve things for the coming month.
By adopting this strategy, it can remove a lot of unnecessary stress and can stop you becoming overwhelmed by the enormity of the task of achieving a large growth.
If your monthly turnover is £10,000.00, say, and you beat each month by 1% for ten months of the year, your annual sales will grow by approximately 10%  -  provided, of course, the other two months don't see a big drop in your sales!



4.    Ask Your Employees To Suggest Three Ways To Save Money

Employees love to feel that they are more than just ‘workers’ in a business.
I know from experience that many like to feel more involved in the business than just working in it and one of the best ways to achieve this is by sometimes involving them in the decision making.
I know many employees have some good ideas about how a business should be run but, too often, they feel their views are not welcome or are not needed.
They then keep these ideas to themselves.
For my businesses, some of my best business idea have come from employee suggestions and these ideas have proved to be very successful when implemented.
As a business owner, you cannot have all the answers on how your business should be run best and you should really welcome ideas from the people who are often the closest to the working clogs of your business  -  namely, your employees.


Ask Them To Suggest Three Ways
Today ask your employees to suggest THREE WAYS to save money and to reduce costs in your business  -  maybe, even offer a prize for the best suggestion.
I think you could be surprised by what is suggested.



5.    Divide Your Customers Into Customer Groups

Then, finally for Friday, a good suggestion to grow your sales by understanding your customers better.
You customers will only buy from you if they feel your products really help them and if your products provide the right benefits.  If they think your products are not right, they will not buy and you could lose potential sales.
One good way to optimise your sales is to ensure your products are exactly what your customers want but there is a good chance not all of your products will appeal to every customer.
If, for instance, you run a café and you have a nice selection of meals, it is very easy to think that everyone will have the same dietary tastes.
But, in reality, this is not the case.
For instance, older people may like to eat different meals to younger people, meat eaters will want different choices to vegetarians and vegans and some people may like a large meal while others will like a light meal.
This is just a general description of how tastes could vary.


Customers Can Be Divided Into Groups
A good way to approach this is to think that customers can be divided into distinct customer groups, where each group could contain customers of a similar disposition with similar tastes, such as:


·      Older people
·      Younger people
·      Meat eaters
·      Vegetarians
·      Vegans
.      Children


In order to optimise your café sales, you would be well advised to offer different meals for the different individual customer groups.


For other businesses, you might have other customer groups based on:


·      Gender
·      Earning ability
·      Marital status
·      Retired
·      Homeowners
·      Students
This list is not exhaustive but should give you an idea of how to potentially divide your customers into groups.


Simple Exercise To Evaluate Your Customer Groups
It is a very simple exercise to take an A4 piece of paper and to list the likely customer groups that your products appeal to, and then to list which of your products will appeal to each group.
You should then assess each customer group, separately, and see whether the needs and wants of the customers in each group are fully catered for by your products.
When they are not, maybe create new products or improve existing products.


Maybe ask yourself these questions:
1.    Do I have a good choice of product(s) for each of my customer groups?
2.    Are my products right for each customer group?
3.    Do my products bring the right benefits to each of my customer groups?
4.    Does each of my customer groups get a good customer experience from my products?
From this very simple exercise, you could be surprised to discover that you are losing potential sales simply because you are neglecting one or more customer groups.
To help you with the process, you could even ask your customers what their views are  –  as suggested in 1) above here in this article.
The more you know and understand about the needs and wants of your customers, the greater the number of customers, you will attract and the more of your products, they will buy.


5-Business-Growth-Hacks 5 Business Growth Hacks (Part1) To Boost Your Business Sales & Profits


All 5 Growth Hacks Are Very Easy To Implement

The basis to the success of my business coaching is to make business owners think differently about their businesses.
Very often owners are too close to their businesses and their thinking becomes very narrow and very restrictive.
But when shown ‘how to think’ and ‘what to think’ differently, I have seen many business owners experience ‘lightbulb moments’ where they suddenly see things differently within their businesses.
The results can be staggering  -  creating big positive changes to their businesses through small actions that have taken ONLY the minimum amount of time and effort to implement.


I Want To Challenge You To Use These Ideas

Starting next MONDAY, please implement each one of these ideas on the days indicated and see if you can use these ideas to grow your business.
If you are already using some or all of these ideas, then well done.


Let Me Know How You Get On

I would love to know how you get on  -  so please contact me.
Email me at or contact me below.

Best Of Luck!

Please look out for Part 2, too, in the coming weeks, with more easy-to-implement ideas to grow your business.

Boost Your Customer Numbers Through Engagement

Customer-Engagement-2-e1533711443948 Boost Your Customer Numbers Through Engagement

Want To Boost Your Customer Numbers?

Engage with every customer & treat them like a 'guest' visiting your home.

 Written by Robert Viney @RobertViney


I am certain that if you greeted a visitor into your home, you would be courteous, polite and friendly.
Am I correct?
When an existing or potential customer visits your business, do you extend the same courtesy?
I would hope you would.
But if you do, I think, quite possibly, you could be in the minority.


Many Businesses Do Not Treat Their Customers As Guests

In my experience, many businesses do not do this.
And, sadly, these businesses are missing out on new customers, more sales and more profits, as a result, and they cannot see it.


A Sure Way To Grow Your Customer Numbers Is To Engage

A sure way to grow your business customers, sales and profits is to put yourself out and to engage with everyone who comes into contact with your business.
Then, over time, many of these people could be converted into paying customers.


Convert Guests Into Customers

I know, for certain, that this works.
For more than 30 years, I have practiced making people feel like ‘guests’ and I have been able to convert many of these into paying customers.
In all my businesses, it has never failed to work.


I Often See Businesses Not Engaging

Constantly, I see businesses not engaging sufficiently.
Let’s look at the retail trade …
I am continually disappointed by the reception that I get when I visit high street shops.
It does not matter where I am, I often get the same reception … or the lack of reception.
More often than not, there is no engagement from the staff or owners of these shops.
Not even an acknowledgement!


I Expect This In Larger Shops

Sadly, I expect it in larger shops owned by large chains, but I often see the same action from smaller independent shops when the owner is present.
So many make no effort to engage, not even a “Hello” or even ‘eye contact’
I take that as being very rude and this action can make it uncomfortable for the customer to be in the shop.
I certainly don’t feel like a ‘guest’


For me, my thought is often this:
“If the owner cannot be bothered to engage, then I cannot be bothered to browse their shop and spend my money”
So, I leave the shop and I know many of my friends and associates feel and do the same!
Have you had this experience too?
These businesses are losing potential customers and sales and they cannot see it.


I Have Worked In Retail Most Of My Working Life

I have worked in retail most of my working life  –  I have run public houses and high street shops  - and engaging with customers has been easy for me.
When a customer is in front of me, making eye contact, saying “hello and welcome” is a spontaneous reaction.
I have always felt not to talk is VERY RUDE.


I Have Always Made The Effort To Talk

I have always made the effort to talk to them.
It does not have to be a long conversation, just a few words to make the customer feel welcome.
I have treated them as if they were a guest in my own home.


Most Customers Want To Be Welcomed

Most customers just want to be acknowledged with a nice “Hello” to break the ice.
Surely, in that situation, there is really no excuse on the part of the business owner or employee not to engage when the customer is just a few feet in front of them.
No engagement is very rude!
No engagement is ruining businesses and losing business owners customers, sales and profits.
No wonder the High Street is dying!


It Does Not Have To Be A Long Chat

The skill of the retailer is knowing whether the customer wants to just a quick “Hello” and a short chat or whether the customer wants a longer chat.
Not all customers are the same, but all customers deserve the courtesy and politeness of at least being acknowledged.

Copy-of-Customer-Engagement-490x350 Boost Your Customer Numbers Through Engagement

I See Poor Engagement Everywhere

It is not just retail businesses where I see little engagement, it is everywhere.
There is the telephone …
I have had more poor experiences than good ones, here.
Many times, I have experienced an unhelpful person on the other end of a telephone line, who keeps engagement to the minimum, making me feel they don’t really want my business.
Have you had this experience too?
I am sure you have.
The good telephone operative should be able to make a potential customer feel like a ‘guest’ by making them feel welcome to ‘visit’ their business, even though it is on a telephone line.


I See It Online Too

Online offerings from businesses can be similar.
The customer’s journey starts much earlier than it used to before the internet came along.
85% of customers will view a company’s website and their social media output and read their customer reviews, etc before buying from the customer.


But Many Are Not User Friendly

But, too often, the online offerings, such as their website or social media sites are not user friendly or are sparse on detail and don’t draw visitors into their businesses.
Half of businesses still don’t have websites (incredibly) and many of those that do have a website, do not seem to prioritise them by regularly updating them and making them easy to use.
Social Media is a great platform to engage with people before and after they buy, and many businesses are not taking advantage this great facility -  much of which is free to use.


Many Are Out Of Date

I often see websites and social media output that are not regularly updated.
One bad practice for social media is what I call ‘post & go’ – here a piece of content is posted about their business and then the business owner disappears, often ignoring corresponding comments and questions or not responding quickly to them.
That is no way to engage and this poor level of engagement puts people off the brand.


People Should Be Made To Feel Like ‘Guests’ On Line, too

When someone visits the online offering for a business, they should be made to feel welcome and again be made to feel like a ‘guest’ – but sadly many don’t.
If a visitor feels like a ‘guest’, they are more likely to stay on a website or a social media platform and have a good look at what is offered and be tempted to make contact or buy.


Some Businesses Try To Sell Too Hard

Other businesses make the mistake of posting content that tries to sell sell rather than educate on their Social Media accounts.
These businesses do not realise that customers want to learn about the products and the business selling them before they consider purchasing.


People do NOT want to be sold to

All target customers want to learn about a business, its products and the benefits that can be experienced.
And, they all want this before they buy.


People Want To Learn About The People Behind A Business

Furthermore, people want to learn about the people who own and run the business.
If social media marketing is done right, it is very possible to gain an insight into the personalities of the owners and the culture of the business.
All of which can influence a purchase.


Engagement Does Work

Not all businesses are poor at engagement.
Many do it very well, some incredibly well, but sadly, from my observations, such businesses are in the minority.
But, I know with great certainty that the businesses that engage and talk well to their customers, always achieve higher sales and profits.


Why Does Engagement Work?

The reason engagement works is very simple.


People Buy People!

A person is more likely to buy from a business if they know and like the people who own and run it.
It is basic psychology.
When a customer likes the people behind a business, they will buy more of their products, be loyal to their brand and they are more likely to tell others about that business.
Conversely, though, when people feel no affinity for a business, its brand and its products, they do not buy.


I Ran A Delicatessen Business For 12 Years

For 12 years I ran two very successful delicatessens/sandwich shops in Torbay. Myself and my employees engaged with all visitors and customers to the shops.
I say ‘visitors to the shops’ as I was not bothered if people entering the shops bought. Everyone received a nice greeting and each was made to feel welcome and, importantly, there was no pressure to buy.
Each visitor was made to feel like a ‘guest’
PICKNICS-OF-DEVON-TORQUAY-SHOP Boost Your Customer Numbers Through Engagement
My philosophy was simple:
Get to know people through engagement and then build up a relationship with them rather than try to sell to them.
On average, 8 out of 10 people always returned to buy eventually.
And, when they did buy, we were always keen to thank them and to engage further, encouraging them to return and, I am very pleased to say, most did.
In this way, we were able to build up a huge army of loyal customers who returned to buy more and more.


Businesses That Engage Are Busier

Any business whether, retail, non-retail or online that adopts this same procedure of engagement are always busier with larger numbers of customers and sales.
It always works, if done right.


For Your Business, Set A Deliberate Strategy To Make People Feel Like ‘Guests’

If you don’t have a strategy of engagement now, set yourself one now to create greater engagement and make your customers and potential customers feel like ‘guests’.
One of the biggest tips that I can give you is to think about how you interact and engage with your customers:
  • Before a purchase
  • During a purchase
  • After a purchase
Look at all the contact points between your business and your customer  -  even make a list of each contact point and critically analyse how you and your employees engage and interact.
Whether a contact point is direct or indirect engagement with your target customer, review this contact point.
Does it make your target customer feel welcome and comfortable within your business?
Does it make them feel like a ‘guest’?
Look at your website and social media channels and ask yourself if you sell too hard.
Do you educate or sell?
Ask yourself if you provide enough information about your products or services to enable the potential customer to make an informed decision about buying.
Will your potential customer understand everything that they need to know before they buy and is this information easily accessible and presented well?


80% Education To 20% Selling

I think, from experience, an average ratio of 80% education and 20% selling is a good ratio that can be very effective.
Try to adopt this ratio in your engagement.

Customer-Engagement-2 Boost Your Customer Numbers Through Engagement


Think How You Can Develop Long Term Relationships

This approach has successfully created thousands of long-term relationships with my customers and these relationships have been a large contributor to me being able to build up an army of loyal customers with each returning to buy more from my businesses, time and time again.
You can do the same.


Want More Advice?

If you would like to discuss this article more with me, further, and how you can develop more engagement within your business and how to make your customers feel like ‘visitors’ and ‘guests’, please contact me below or by email:
Robert-Viney-e1524724492788 Boost Your Customer Numbers Through Engagement

Your Employees Could Be A Gold Mine

Your-Employees-Could-Be-A-Gold-Mine Your Employees Could Be A Gold Mine

Your Employees Could Be A Gold Mine.

Extract The Gold Dust Buried Within To Grow Your Business.

Are You Getting The Most From Your Employees?


I expect you have never thought of your employees as a Gold Mine?
But your employees could be a gold mine.
Buried within your Gold Mine could be tons of valuable Gold Dust which, if extracted right, could be used to grow your business, your sales and your profits.
But, as any good miner will tell you – you must open up the mine in order for it to give up its riches.


I Want To Share Two Methods To Grow Your Business.

In all my businesses, I have always thought of my employees as Gold Mines and I have often used TWO METHODS to open this mine to yield the Gold Dust contained within.
If you employ people within your business, you must think to use the same TWO METHODS to extract your own Gold Dust.
Two methods that, if used right, should boost your business, your sales and profits.


But first I want to ask you a question.

You might be the boss of your business and quite possibly the founder, but do you understand your business better than your employees?
I expect you might well answer “yes”


But is that really the right answer?

I would suggest the answer should really be “No”
As the person running the business, it is quite likely that your culture and your philosophy is stamped onto it.
It might even be an extension of you and your personality.
But, in my experience, business owners can become ‘blinkered’ and short sighted about their businesses, seeing their businesses only through their own eyes.
In many ways this can be of benefit to the business but not always.


Others Could See Your Business Differently

Others within your business could well see your business differently to how you see it.
Your employees, for instance, will be able to observe you within your business and how you run your business, and they will quite possibly see things differently to how you see yourself and your business.


Have You Asked Your Employees What They Think

But have you ever asked your employees what they think of your business?
Quite possibly your answer will be “No”
In my experience, very few business owners have done this – especially owners of small businesses.
Many don’t think that the opinions of their employees are valid and appropriate, and some owners are even frightened to ask, as they are fearful of what will be said.

Customers-Have-The-Most-Important-Opinions Your Employees Could Be A Gold Mine

The Most Important Opinions Are Those Of Your Customers

The most important opinions are, however, those of your customer; these determine whether a customer buys from you or not.
But how well do you know and understand the views of your customers?
Again, quite possibly, the answer could be “No”, again, if you answer honestly.
In my experience, most business owners could improve their understanding greatly.


Most Owners Would Learn Much By Asking Their Employees

Most employers would learn much by asking the opinions of their employees.
Your employees are nearer to the ‘coal face’ than you are.
Many would have direct contact with your customers and would almost certainly have better contact with your customers than you do.
They will consequently understand the needs, wishes, desires and views of your customers well.


You Need To Know The Views Of Your Employees & Customers

When you ask your employees for their comments, you will not just get your employees’ views but, almost certainly, you will get the views of many of your customers, too.
By asking your employees, you will could get views from two important and valid sources.

Their-Views-Will-Be-Gold-Dust-1 Your Employees Could Be A Gold Mine


These views will be Gold Dust to you.

These views and opinions would definitely be something you should know about, if you are to keep growing your business success.
These will be the equivalent of Gold Dust, giving you the knowledge to improve your business and the opportunity to increase your sales and profits.
With Gold Dust in mind, let me share two methods with you that I have often used to obtain this Gold Dust contained within my Gold Mine.
  • Method 1 involves primarily the personal views of your employees
  • Method 2 should involve a combination of both employee and customer views


Method 1

Method 1 involves periodically asking each employee individually a number of questions to gauge how they are thinking about their position and their job within your business and what they are thinking about your business as a whole.
Here are some questions that I have asked in the past and which have always created some good interaction:
  1. Which part of your job do you like best?
  2. Which part of your job do you like least?
  3. How could your job be improved?
  4. How could you become more effective and more productive in your job?
  5. What ambitions do you have within the business?
  6. How long do you plan to be employed within the business?
  7. Do you feel you have been trained right for your role within the business?
  8. What training would you like to improve your skills?
  9. Do you feel your skills are being best used within the business?
  10. What qualifications would you like to acquire within the business?
  11. Do you feel the team within the business runs as a team?
  12. How do you feel the team could work better?
  13. Do you feel the leadership provides the right leadership?
  14. Do you feel inspired and motivated by the leadership?
  15. Do you feel encouraged and motivated to keep improving yourself within the business?
  16. Do you feel you can easily talk to the business leaders?
  17. Do you feel you can suggest ideas that would benefit the business?
  18. Do you feel you are listened to by the business leaders?
  19. Do you feel that your ideas are used within the business to grow it?
  20. Do you feel appreciated by the business leaders?
  21. Suggest three ways to improve the business
You could ask all or some of these questions and, quite possibly, you could think of your own, as appropriate to your business organisation.
It is good practice to issue a version of this questionnaire to your employees once a year.
With the answers in, you can either review the findings individually or collectively in a group or both.
I have done both and I have always learned much from the process and, indeed, have my employees, too.


The Process Can Be Stimulating & Invigorating

I have always found the whole process very stimulating and invigorating, for myself, and I know for certain for everyone else involved within the business, too.
Every time that I performed this exercise, the business and the team always benefited greatly.


Method 2

The second method involves asking a separate set of questions that could provide you with a good insight into how your employees think your business can be improved.
Remember earlier, I said that your employees are at the ‘coal face’ of your business and are probably closer to your customers than you are.
Again, with your Gold Dust in mind, you could ask the following questions:
  1. How do you think the business could be run better?
  2. What do customers say about our products?
  3. Suggest three ways to improve our products or services?
  4. Could you suggest products or service that we could offer but presently don’t?
  5. Could you suggest products that have been requested by our customers?
  6. What do customers say about our customer service?
  7. Could you suggest three ways to improve our customer service?
  8. What do customers say about our customer experience?
  9. Could you suggest three ways to improve the customer experience?
  10. What do customers say about our pricing?
  11. What is your view on our pricing?
  12. Could you suggest three ways to improve customer contact?
  13. Could you suggest three ways that we could improve any aspect of our business?
This is a generic list of questions that you could ask your employees and, again, you could probably think of others, appropriate to your business organisation.
The best process is to ask questions that are specific to your business and your products.
For method 2, I have found the best approach is to ask just 1 or 2 questions only at a time to get the best response and the best ideas.
Asking just one or two questions is a good way, as it achieves the best engagement from the employees and it reinforces their focus.


Discuss Ideas As A Group

I also found that when discussed as a group, a good dialogue and good ideas evolved – better than when discussed individually.
One note of caution here, though, the more reserved employees often made the less contribution to the process but often presented some of the best ideas.


Both Methods Can Yield Good Ideas

I have always found both methods to be very informative and I have always found the suggestions and ideas from my employees very constructive, very useful and, when implemented right, have made a great contribution to the growth of the business.

Employees-Like-To-Feel-Valued Your Employees Could Be A Gold Mine

Employees Like To Feel Valued

Most employees like to feel valued and they like to feel part of the business and part of the decision making.
The process involving these two methods nearly always creates other additional business benefits, worth mentioning here, too:
  • Employees feel their voice is being heard
  • Employee loyalty can be enhanced
  • The business team can become closer with a stronger tie
  • The owner/employee bond can become strengthened
  • The company culture can be reinforced
Many employees also like to be able to excel in their roles and this process can give them the inspiration and opportunity to do this.


You Will Certainly Receive Some Good Ideas

Almost certainly, you will receive some good ideas and suggestions and you could be surprised by the quality of these.
You should always implement the best ideas suggested as this will make your employees feel the process is working.  If you do not use their ideas, you do risk de-motivating your employees.


Let Your Employees Take Ownership

When a certain employee suggests something good, give them ownership of the idea and the role and responsibility to introduce the idea into the business with your support and encouragement.
In my experience, employees are often very keen to take and perform this role and I have often been surprised by the level of motivation and confidence created, correspondingly.


You May Not Like Some Of The Truth

At first, you might well learn some uncomfortable truths about yourself and your business but it is important not to take these personally but to accept them in the spirit that they are offered.


Most Employees Want To See Their Business Flourish

In my experience, most employees wish to help to improve the business that they work for and to help grow it and to feel inspired and motivated within their roles within the business.
Open Your Gold Mine & Extract The Gold Dust
I guarantee if you use these two methods right, you will become the proud owner of a very fruitful Gold Mine, yielding much Gold Dust, with which, you should be able to grow your business.


Exploit Your Gold Mine

If you employ staff within your business, think about your Gold Mine and the Gold Dust buried deep within. Your employees could be a gold mine.
Mine the Gold Dust and use it to grow your business.

Your-Employees-Could-Be-A-Gold-Mine Your Employees Could Be A Gold Mine

Your Employees Could Be A Gold Mine

Please use these methods within your business and please tell me how you get on,
Best of luck
If you wish to discuss these methods with me further, please email me at or contact me below.

Use Word Of Mouth To Slash Your Marketing Spend

Use Word Of Mouth To Slash Your Marketing Spend

Use-Word-Of-Mouth-To-Slash-Your-Marketing-Spend Use Word Of Mouth To Slash Your Marketing Spend

Want To Slash Your Marketing Spend?

Use Word Of Mouth.

Word Of Mouth Can Be Very Powerful In Spreading The Word About Your Business & At Growing Your Business


In 30 years in business, I have created massive sales using one very powerful marketing method that has cost me nothing to implement.
Many business owners know about this same method but very few use it to great effect and I have yet to meet anyone who has used it as effectively as I have done with the same incredible results.
In this article, I want to share this method with you and I want you to use it to drive up your sales, too.

Word Of Mouth Is Very Powerful

I am sure you know that Word of Mouth can attract new customers, but do you know that if you make it your main marketing tool, it can be incredibly powerful in driving up customer numbers and sales in your business?
Your customer numbers and sales can literally be catapulted if you repeat my strategy.

Word Of Mouth Creates Trust

Word of mouth works well because it conveys trust.
When a recommendation about your business comes from one person to another, it conveys trust to the second person, and generally people buy when they have trust in a business, its service and its products.
I have been in business a long time and have started and run several businesses and I have always used WORD OF MOUTH as the biggest part of my marketing strategy.
Yes, not just part of my marketing strategy but the biggest part!

I have Included Word Of Mouth In My Marketing Strategy

Every Business Plan that I have ever created has included it.
As part of my marketing strategy, I have gone out of my way to make everything about my businesses, my products and my customer service really excellent, creating an excellent customer service and making my customers happy and excited.
Then, through this excitement, I have got my customers to tell others.
This strategy has worked really well in every one of my businesses and if you were to set the same strategy, you could achieve the same.
I have written about creating an excellent customer experience and making your customers happy, previously in two blogs. You can read them here:

Provide an excellent customer experience and you would never have to search for customers again

Boost your business success by making your customers happy


Word Of Mouth Saves Money, Time & Effort

In my in businesses, I have spent very little on marketing and advertising because of Word Of Mouth.  In fact, I estimate my expenditure has been just 0.005% of total sales generated.
Now that is cost effective!
But anyone can do the same  -  I am absolutely certain ANY business could create the similar return on investment too.

Your Customer Ambassadors Do The Marketing For You

When you excite a customer enough to make them repeatedly tell their friends and associates, they become what is often known as a ‘Customer Ambassador’  -  they become unofficial ‘Ambassadors’ for your business.
Many customers don’t know they are called that and many will not realise the function they are performing for you.
But every time one of your customers tells another person about you, they are doing your marketing for you.
And, importantly for your marketing budget, they do not get paid for this either, making this process very cost effective.


Many Owners Are Too Busy For Marketing Their Businesses

The one comment that I frequently get from small business owners is they do not have time to market their businesses.
But if every business owner set a deliberate marketing strategy of making their customers really happy and very excited through offering and delivering an excellent customer experience, they would not have to worry about marketing their businesses. 
Their army of unpaid ‘Customer Ambassadors’ would do it for them, while they get on with other stuff, saving them time and effort.
Surely that must be very attractive to every business owner.

Set A Definite Strategy As Part Of Your Marketing Plan And Your Business Plan

Please repeat what I have been doing for years and think about setting a definite strategy of creating unpaid ‘Customer Ambassadors’ by making your customers so excited that they will tell everyone else about your business.
Do the following to create your own WORD OF MOUTH strategy:
1.       Decide that you will create an army of ‘Customer Ambassadors’
2.       Decide that you will make your customers really happy & excited
3.       Decide that you will offer the very best customer experience possible
4.       Think how you can make the customer experience as excellent as possible
5.       Look at everything you do in your business and make it excellent
6.       Look at the customer journey through your business from when they first become aware of you, through to the buying process.
7.       Look at every customer contact point and make sure every point is an excellent experience for your customer.
8.       Send your customers away so happy and excited, that they want to tell the world.
The place to start is to first decide that you will create ‘Customer Ambassadors’ by making your customers really happy and excited enough to tell others by offering the very best customer experience.

Ask Yourself Three Questions

Then, try to think as the customer thinks and ask yourself three crucial questions:
“What would I want if I was my customer?”
“If I was my customer, what would give me a good customer experience?”
“How could I excite myself, through my business offerings, if I was my customer?”

Try asking these questions of your existing customer, friends and colleagues, too. 

You should then make a list of the possible answers and think how the answers apply to everything that the customer experiences within your business.

Make A List Of Every Customer Contact Point

Make a list of every customer contact point for your business and appraise each point with an honest score from1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest or is excellent. 
To make your customers happy and excited you need 9/10 for each contact point. For customer contact points that score less than 9, look to see how you can improve these and achieve excellence in everyone.
Then apply the answers from the questions above to each contact point along with other improvements that you think will be appropriate until you can achieve scores of 9 to 10 for each. 

Monitor The Results

Finally, you must monitor the results to make sure your WORD OF MOUTH strategy is working.
You need to ask your customers for their opinions on what you are offering and delivering and how they perceive the improvements that you have made.
Hopefully you will get more positive comments about your business and you should gradually see new customers coming to you, as a result of the extra word of mouth generated. 

Use-Word-Of-Mouth-To-Slash-Your-Marketing-Spend Use Word Of Mouth To Slash Your Marketing Spend


Give It A Try Now

Give it a try now – I am certain, if you can do things right, you will see word of mouth start to work for you, increasing your customer numbers, growing your sales and decreasing your marketing costs.
If you wish to talk to me more about this article, please contact me below or email me at

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Robert-Viney Use Word Of Mouth To Slash Your Marketing Spend

Newsletter Use Word Of Mouth To Slash Your Marketing Spend

Be A Business Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses

Be-A-Business-SuccessBy-CopyingOtherSuccessfulBusinesses Be A Business Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses


Be A Business Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses.

 Want To Boost The Success Of Your Business?

A Method Guaranteed To Bring Business Success.

If you are running a business or you are planning on starting a new business, I am sure you want it to be as successful as you can make it.
There is one simple process that can boost the success of any business, but so many business owners don’t think to use it.
Many don’t even know about it.
But if it is done right, it is guaranteed to work.
Here in this report, I want to share with you the method I used to create a great start to my first business.  I am certain if you use the same method, your business or your startup could be greatly enhanced as a result.


Originally, I Was Told I Would Not Succeed In Business

When I first started in business, I was told that I would not be a business success and that I would fail and that I should forget the idea.
This got me thinking and wondering why some businesses were successes and why some businesses failed and why some entrepreneurs were massively successful and why some entrepreneurs were not.
I decided to research business success and business failure and to see if there was a trend.
This was back in 1980, when there was no internet, so the process was not as easy as it could be now, but I decided to talk to as many business people as I could and to research their businesses, their business models, their business strategies and their levels of business success.


A very strong trend emerged

1)      The most successful businesses owners and entrepreneurs were those with a strong positive mindset and attitude, generally.
2)      The least successful business owners and entrepreneurs were those with weak, negative mindsets.
In short, I observed that the stronger and the more positive the mindset, the greater the business success.
But this was only true if the strong mindset was applied right.
A strong positive mindset and attitude did not guarantee success.
The most successful in business were those who applied their strong mental attitudes best in their thinking and in their actions. In other words, the entrepreneurs who were able to adopt the smartest thinking and the smartest actions.
Thirty plus years later, I can say that this observation is still true and, importantly, it is not just my observation, as it is also supported by The Harvard Business School and many of the other global business schools, who consistently report that their most successful candidates are those with the strongest attitudes and not necessarily the best grades.
I have written about this previously in four of my other blogs, namely:
Become One Of The 10% Most Successful In Business
Have A Strong Positive Mind
Have Smart Business Thinking
Have Smart Business Actions
Please have a read of these, if you have not already done so.


When I did Start, I Was Ready To Start

I eventually started my business in 1984, but when I did start I was ready to start.
I knew how to succeed in my business and I knew how to avoid failure.
I not only researched the most successful entrepreneurs in business and understood why they succeeded but I also copied many of their successful business ways, strategies, and methods.
And, I also researched those entrepreneurs who had failed and understood why they failed and made a conscious effort to avoid their ways and methods.


I changed My Mindset And Attitude

One of the most important things that I did was to change and strengthened my mindset and my attitude and I learned how to think smartly and creatively.
Again, previously, I have written about this in two of my other blogs:
7 Ways To Achieve A Positive Attitude
8 Ways To Beat The Fear Of Failure


I Researched My Competitors

My research also took me to investigating my potential competitors, in great detail, and to looking at their business strategies and business models.  I worked out which business strategies and business models created their business success and worked out which strategies and models were not so successful.
When I started, I designed my business around the strong parts of my competitors’ business models and I avoided the weak parts and the parts that were obviously not working.
In other words, I copied the best parts of my competitors’ businesses and avoided the bad parts.
But also, importantly, I did not just look at my competitors, I researched other businesses outside my niche and investigated both successful and unsuccessful businesses.
As with my competitors, I included the best parts into my own business and avoided the bad parts.


History Is Full Of Examples

When you look back at the history of starting and running businesses, there are loads of examples where SUCCESS IS SUCCESSFULLY COPIED.
It goes on all the time.
And, the reason is simple - it works.
Every successful business does it.
In the 1960’s, McDonald’s were very successful in the U.S. with their take-away burgers.  The founders of Burger King could see the success that McDonald’s were having and wanted to start a similar business.
But they did not rush in.
They took their time and they did their HOMEWORK first.
They studied the most successful McDonald’s outlets and learned about the methods of trading that they used, the products that they were selling and the customers who bought these products.
They did much of this research by literally visiting McDonald’s outlets and sitting inside and outside the busiest outlets.
They then simply watched what went on.
With their research complete, they then started their own outlet a very short distance from the busiest McDonald’s outlet and it proved a great success for the first Burger King.
Not only did the founders do things in a similar way, but they offered a similar product to McDonald’s, and as they started close by, McDonalds customers would see the Burger King and visit.
Burger King took a significant number of McDonald’s customers.


Burger King Were Smart

But Burger King were smart   –  they looked at the business model for McDonald’s and they copied it, but, importantly, they thought creatively about it and asked themselves one very important question:
“How can we make this better?”


They Made Subtle Changes

They made small changes to the business idea, business model and the products offered, which proved to be very popular with their target customers.
One distinctive change was offering relishes and sauces with the burgers, which is something that McDonald’s, at the time, were not offering.
You might think this was very bold starting a similar business on the door step of your competitor. But it worked – look at Burger King now.


I started In A Similar Way By Copying Other Successful Businesses

My first business was a pub.
But instead of just taking over the pub and trading, I looked at the other pubs in the area. I would visit the most successful pubs, buy a drink and sit and watch.
After several months, I understood which customers, I should target, what food and drinks were popular, what prices to charge, what customer service to provide and what customer experience to create.
When I started to trade in the pub, everything learned was put into place and within a year, the pub was the local market leader and I grabbed many of our competitors’ customers – the competitors’ who we had copied!
Like Burger King, I thought creatively about my offerings and offered everything slightly different but much better.
And, it worked.
Ironically, the better competitors, then tried to copy me but I kept creating new and better products and they just could not catch up again.


Copying Other Successful Businesses Goes On All The Time

Copying goes on all the time –  Pepsi Cola copied Coca Cola with their own cola drink and Apple and Samsung copy each other with their smart phones.
So it goes on all the time.
If you are not doing it in your business, you are a missing a very smart trick.


Understand What Your Competition Does & Why

Once you have identified a business to copy, it is important that you RESEARCH it heavily and UNDERSTAND why it is a SUCCESS and how the business model works.
You should look at all aspects of the business and ANALYSE EACH PART and THINK how you can incorporate the same ideas into your business.
One note of caution, most things you can copy, especially when you make small changes to the idea, but beware of any patent and copyright restrictions that may be in place and avoid plagiarism.


The High Failure Rate For Businesses Really Concerns Me

The high failure rate really concerns me, but I am absolutely certain that many existing businesses and those planning to start a business could do much better if they used this same method.
 Copy-Business-Success-e1527146647173 Be A Business Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses

Think How You Can Be A Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses

1)       Firstly decide that you are going to study SUCCESS and FAILURE.
2)      Then start to study and research your competitors comprehensively and worked out why some of these businesses are doing well and why some are not.
3)      Include other businesses outside your niche in your research and work out the reasons for the most successful and the reasons for the least successful.
4)      Think how you can incorporate the best parts into your business and how you can avoid the bad parts.  Set your business strategy and business model accordingly.
5)      Think creatively how you can improve on the best parts of your competitors’ business, to give yourself a competitive edge.
6)      Finally, take action and put into place what you have discovered.


One Thing To Think About

If a certain business is successful, and you were to introduce the same methods, same business strategies and same business models into your own business, would you not be just as successful, if you did things right?
The answer should surely be “YES!!!”
If you did it right, then you would be a success, too.

Be-A-Business-SuccessBy-CopyingOtherSuccessfulBusinesses Be A Business Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses

Be A Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses

If you want to be a SUCCESS in your business and not risk FAILURE, you should look at your SUCCESSFUL COMPETITORS and see what they are doing and copy them –  but add a twist, by making your version slightly different and better!
But don’t make the mistake of trying to reinvent the wheel.
That is very difficult to do.
Remember, Be A Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses.
If you would like to talk more about this with me, please contact me at or contact me here:

Contact-Robert Be A Business Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses

Robert-Viney Be A Business Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses

Newsletter Be A Business Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses

Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy

Are-Your-Customers-Happy_-e1525955217396 Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy

Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy.

Driving Up Your Customer Satisfaction Rating Will Drive Up Your Customer Numbers.

More Customers Will Mean Greater Sales And Greater Profits.


When a customer is happy with a certain business, that customer will support that business much more, through buying more and telling others about it.
This may seem obvious, but so many businesses just don’t understand how important having happy customers is to their success.
I constantly see BIG and SMALL businesses with obviously unhappy customers and no efforts on the part of these businesses to improve things.
In my view, this is ONE BIG REASON why businesses fail.
And to be honest, any business that neglects its customers, deserves to fail.


Every Customer Deserves To Be Looked After

Every customer to every business deserves to be well looked after, to have their needs and wants satisfied completely and to be made to feel valued.
If a business is not doing this, then it does not deserve to be blessed with customers buying from it.
If you are not making your customers happy in your business, then you need to take a long hard look at yourself and start to change things.


My Objective Has Always Been To Have Very Happy Customers

With every one of my businesses, I have always strived to make my customers VERY HAPPY; and, that has been a big reason for my success.
My ultimate objective was to always achieve a HIGH CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RATING.
I have achieved that by focusing heavily on my customers and their wants, needs and desires and by delivering an EXCELLENT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.
In simple terms, I worked out what they wanted and gave it to them.


It Is Not That Difficult To Do

It is not that difficult to do.
Any business owner can do the same as I did - work out what your customers want from you and give it to them in the best way possible.
And, then focus on this process intently, day in and day out, and make it central to everything you do.


Every Business Needs Customers

Every business needs customers to survive.
Without them, there are no sales and no profits.
The more customers a business has, the more sales it will have, so it makes sense to drive up your sales by driving up your customer numbers.
And, the best way to drive up customer numbers is through having HAPPY CUSTOMERS.


In An Earlier Article, I Described How An Excellent Customer Experience Will Attract Customers

In an earlier article, I stated that you would never have to search far for customers if your customer experience was excellent.  I said that happy customers will return to buy more from you and they will tell others about you and your business, creating good ‘word of mouth’.
In the article, I describe how I used intense focus on the customer and the delivering of an excellent customer experience to acquire large numbers of customers and high sales for my seven businesses in 30 years.
Offer-The-Very-BestCustomer-Experience-e1525955283588 Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy
You can read the article here:

Related Post:    Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again.

Please read it now.


Within the article, I explained a procedure that you can adopt to improve your customer experience.
I emphasised the importance of knowing and understanding your customers and their wants and needs and of providing products that satisfy these. But I also emphasised the need to always send your customers away really happy, so that they become loyal to your brand and they tell others, creating ‘word of mouth’.


Customer Satisfaction Must Be Measured

Again, in the same article, I said that once you have enacted a strategy to create an excellent customer experience, you must appraise it and monitor it, continually.
When the customer has an excellent experience, their customer satisfaction rating should be high.  But you should never assume your rating.
It should always be measured.
As part of my strategy, I have always measured how satisfied my customers were.


I Did Not Just Want To Hear The Good Stuff

Crucially though, I have not just wanted to hear the good stuff and know that my strategy was working but, also, I wanted to hear the bad stuff too.
Through the bad stuff , I could see where things were not working right and I could work out how to rectify things.
And, I always did and I always did it quickly.


I Had A Strong Message For My Customers

In my businesses, I had a strong message for my customers.
I used to say to them:
“If what we do makes you happy, please tell your friends. But if what we do does not please you, then please tell us, so that we can correct things”
If-what-we-do-makes-you-happy-please-tell-your-friends.-But-if-what-we-do-does-not-please-you-then-please-tell-us-so-that-we-can-correct-things” Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy
And, our customers did help us here.
Most were very happy and did, indeed, tell others but occasionally our few unhappy customers did tell us about their poor experiences and we were able to rectify these.
Importantly, by talking to our unhappy customers, I was able to put things right and to make them return again to purchase more from us.
In fact, in most cases, I was able to convert unhappy customers into loyal and happy customers, over time.
I did not lose them.


Things Don’t Always Go To Plan

It is almost impossible to run a business where things do not always go to plan and where the customer experience suffers.
But many businesses have a poor contact with their customers and this makes it difficult to quantify how happy their customers are.
They are ignorant of their true Customer Satisfaction Ratings.


Some Business Owners Don't Want To Know

Some business owners don’t want to know what their customers are thinking, hiding their heads in the sand, not able to confront their customer dissatisfaction.
That is not the way to trade a business.
As Bill Gates of Microsoft once famously said:

“Your unhappiest customers are your greatest source of learning”


You Must Know What Your Customers Are Thinking

Customer numbers and sales will only grow, significantly, if you know what your customers are thinking about you and you can address the concerns of your unhappy customers.
You will lose your unhappy customers and you will not attract new ones and eventually your business will die.
Furthermore, your unhappy customers will tell others and that will create negative ‘word of mouth’ – something that can seriously erode and hamper the growth of a business.


How To Achieve A High Customer Satisfaction Rating

It is much easier than you think to change things and here I present a good way to do it.


Set One Big Objective

Set yourself one BIG OBJECTIVE of creating and achieving an excellent CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and an EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RATING.
  • Set the objective of achieving excellent experiences and an excellent customer satisfaction rating
In short, set yourself the objective to make your customers VERY HAPPY.
You should keep thinking about this, over and over again, until it sticks in your mind.
Then, start thinking about your customer experience and how you can make it better.  If your experience is already good, you should still think how it can be improved.
In my view, every business can make improvements.


Set A Strategy To Optimise Your Customer Satisfaction Rating

It is very possible to make your customers happy and to optimise your customer satisfaction rating and to minimise your number of customer complaints.
Here is a 9 Step Strategy that you should implement:
  1. Create a strategy to provide an excellent customer experience. Use the procedure that I suggested in my article -
    Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again.
  2. Ask your customers for their comments and their reviews.
  3. Invite your customers to tell their friends if they are happy and to tell you if they are unhappy.
  4. Analyse the reasons for your customers’ unhappiness.
  5. Make changes to what you do, to improve your experience.
  6. Compensate your unhappy customers and encourage them to return.
  7. Set an objective to reduce the number of customer complaints.
  8. Don’t get complacent when you achieve a high overall customer satisfaction rating.
  9. Keep working hard to create happy customers, excellent customer experiences, a high customer satisfaction rating and a low customer complaint ratio.

Central to this procedure is understanding your customer and their needs, wants and desires and to giving them the products that satisfy these, in the way they want to receive them and at the prices they want to pay.
Once you get this right, you can then look to making the experience EXCELLENT.


Talking To Your Customers Is Key

Whether your business involves face to face contact with your customers, such as retail, or distant contact with your customers, such as an online business, you must devise ways to talk to your customers and to ask them for their views on what you do.
You must listen to both the good and bad comments but, in particular, you should listen to the bad comments and you should take action that effect changes to improve your customer experience.
Your unhappy customers should be compensated and appeased and you should attempt to encourage these to return and to become loyal customers - this is very possible, if complaints are handled in the right way and quickly.
Over time, the number of customer complaints should diminish but you should set a low complaint ratio as your objective.


Don’t Get Complacent

It is important that you don’t get complacent when you achieve consistently high customer satisfaction ratings.
You must continually work hard to provide an excellent customer experience and high customer satisfaction rating and low a customer complain ratio.


Start Doing This Today

What I advise here does work, as I have done it myself over many years and I have advised others to do the same.
So, please start today, copying my methods.
Today, set yourself the BIG OBJECTIVE:
  • Set the objective of achieving excellent experiences and excellent customer satisfaction
Then, set about implementing my 9 Step Strategy.
If you can do this right, your customer numbers should go through the roof, as will your sales and business profits.

Are-Your-Customers-Happy_-e1525955217396 Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy

I Want To Inspire Every Business Owner To Focus On Customer Experience & Customer Satisfaction

The purpose of this article and all my others is to encourage every business owner, to do better in their businesses.
If you have found the article useful, then please copy what I have done and make your customers really happy and drive up your customer satisfaction rating.
Also, please circulate it to other business owners and business friends, too, so that more can benefit from this.


Best Of Luck Everyone

Best of luck to everyone and please let me know how you get on.


I Coach Business Owners To Think And Act Differently

Having sold my businesses, I now coach other businesses on the tried and tested methods that I have used for 30 years to drive my own success.  I have many methods to teach, but focusing heavily on the customer, customer experience and customer satisfaction is a principle one.
Business success is down to the quality of the thinking and the quality of the actions - the better both are, the greater the success potential.
Also central to much of what I coach is changing how and what business owners think and how they act.  The ultimate goal being to achieve far better results in less time and with greater efficiency.
If you would like to learn more about these processes, I include links to articles that should help you in your business, here.
For Greater Business Success, Change Your Thinking - Create Smart Business Thinking 
For Greater Business Success, Change Your Thinking - Create Smart Business Actions
Become One Of the 10% Most Successful Business
If you would like to talk to me about this or you have any comments, please contact me here. Also, if you have your own stories of how you have achieved an excellent customer experience, I would love to hear them.

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Become One Of The 10% Most Successful Businesses

Become-One-Of-The-10-Most-Success-In-Business Become One Of The 10% Most Successful Businesses

Become One Of The 10% Most Successful Businesses & A Member Of The '10% Club'.

Transform Your Business Success By Changing Your Mind, Changing Your Thoughts And Changing Your Actions.

Copy The Ways Of The Most Successful In Business.

Just 1% of all businesses and entrepreneurs are mega successful and only 10% of all business make a good profit and provide a good living and good retirement prospects for their owners.

That is the sad reality.

90% of businesses either fail or just drift along, languishing in mediocrity in terms of profits and performance & many never really achieve real business success.

Often the owners of those 90% of businesses cannot see how they can elevate themselves and their businesses to do better.  Sadly, many of these entrepreneurs do not realize that the switch to become a member of the ‘10% CLUB’ of the 10% most successful businesses is much easier than they think.

What Is A Successful Business?

For me, a successful business is one that is growing in sales with a good profit base and a strong balance sheet.  The following sums up an ideal successful business:-

  • sales and net profits should be growing by at least 20% per annum, year on year
  • sales should exceed £100,000 per annum in year 2 after startup
  • sales should exceed  £0.5 million - £1 million per annum after 10 years
  • net profit should exceed 20% of sales
  • business should have a strong 6 digit cash-rich balance sheet after 5 years of trading
  • business owners should have full control over the business
  • business should run efficiently with low wastage
  • business should have a strong team of happy & effective employees
  • business owners should be happy and not be stressed
  • business should provide a good living and a good pension for the owners
  • business should retain a good profit after owners' drawings
  • business owner should run the business & the business should not run the owners

This is a very rough appraisal.

For me, a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS is one that is growing and making money, but is also one where the owners are in full control and are happy and are enjoying running their business with a good life balance.   A successful business entrepreneur should be able to draw a good income, leaving a good residue profit for re-investment and for building the balance sheet.

A successful business entrepreneur is one that could sell after, say 10 or 12 years, for a good reward that would allow them to retire or for a sum that would allow them to go a big way to providing for their long term.

Too Many Business Owners Do Not Enjoy This Scenario

Sadly, too many business owners do not find themselves in the scenario of the ideal successful business that I describe above.   Many of the 90% of businesses have poor mediocre sales and profits with low or no growth.  These  owners find themselves stressed as a result and importantly they are not happy and are not enjoying the experience of running their businesses.

Many business owners would say that money is not important and I think that can be right, but I know from experience that a business is much easier to run and provides a much happier experience for the business owners if sales and profits are growing at a good rate of the order of 20% or more.

If you are a business owner, where growth in sales is flat and profits are poor, you should think that it is much easier to transform your business nearer to the scenario that I describe above than you possibly think.

You Must Think Of Your Business As Being Two Parts

If YOU want to make the change and to become a great BUSINESS SUCCESS, the place to start is to think that your business is about TWO FUNDAMENTAL PARTS:-


Harvard Business School has consistently said that business success is consistently down to ATTITUDE rather than STRATEGY.  You can have the best business strategy and the best business plan but if your attitude is weak and negative, then your strategy is not going to work and YOU will never achieve real BUSINESS SUCCESS.

As the business owner, your business success is determined by YOU.  So if YOU want to become one of the most successful business entrepreneurs and achieve huge business success, YOU have to change 'YOU'.

You Have To Change 'You' As Part 1

YOU have to become like the most successful in business.

PART 1 is YOU and includes:-


Part 1 includes your mind, your mindset, your attitude and your thinking and how YOU carry out your actions within your business.

The most successful business entrepreneurs all have the same mind characteristics and consistently have similar attitudes and mindsets.  Consistently most successful entrepreneurs have the same qualities, such as:-


If YOU wish to replicate their business success, YOU need to develop the same MINDSET.

From my experience, the right business mindset starts with a STRONG, POSITIVE ATTITUDE, a HUGE PASSION for what they do, a BURNING DESIRE to be successful, a MASSIVE BELIEF in SUCCESS and a MASSIVE BELIEF in the ABILITY to achieve everything within the business.

GOAL SETTING is incredibly important for maintaining the right mindset. The most successful entrepreneurs in business all use goal setting and they always work hard to achieve their goals, with each goal achieved propelling them forward. By continually setting and achieving goals means the most successful are continually making progress.

The process of GOAL SETTING creates intense FOCUS which, in turn, creates DETERMINATION, PERSISTENCE, DRIVE, OPTIMISM and PASSION making it possible to do whatever is necessary in the business including STEPPING OUTSIDE THE COMFORT ZONE.

SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS don't FEAR FAILURE;  importantly, many have experienced FAILURE and SET-BACKS. They view SETBACKS as part of the learning process and part of the process to achieving business success. Importantly, they learn from each experience and they never repeat the mistakes.  Each one is very resilient and they don't linger on the setbacks.  They shrug off the setback and get moving forward again, quickly.

The big consequence of all this is that SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE make QUICK and SMART DECISIONS, eliminating PROCRASTINATION.

SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS are then the result creating good outcomes which drive their businesses forward, ultimately generate great profits.

The TOP 10% most successful business entrepreneurs have many of the above and if YOU can replicate these qualities, then YOU should be SUCCESSFUL, too.

And, that will help YOU achieve PART 2.

Part 2 Is Your Business


Having the right BUSINESS MIND allows the most successful in business to set and execute the BEST BUSINESS STRATEGY and the BEST BUSINESS PLAN for their businesses. In my view, LASER FOCUS derived from having the RIGHT BUSINESS MIND becomes highly effective in the key areas of the business:-


The most successful ENTREPRENEURS in business UNDERSTAND FULLY their TARGET CUSTOMERS, their COMPETITORS and their TRADING MARKET. This allows them to provide the RIGHT PRODUCTS and the RIGHT CUSTOMER SERVICE and to deliver the right benefits for a HUGE ARMY OF LOYAL CUSTOMERS and to ultimately create EXCELLENT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES.

The most successful are also continually creating MARKETING that builds a STRONG BRAND and delivers more CUSTOMERS and more SALES.  They also FOCUS heavily on employing the RIGHT STAFF and training and treating them RIGHT and on creating STRONG SYSTEMS to run their businesses effectively and efficiently.

Importantly, they also FOCUS heavily on the the MONEY within their businesses and FOCUS on generating PROFIT and keeping their businesses CASH RICH.

All of this is possible because of a STRONG BUSINESS MIND, i.e. PART 1.

PART 2 is possible because of PART 1.

Become-One-Of-The-10-Most-Success-In-Business Become One Of The 10% Most Successful Businesses

You Can Become Very Successful

So for YOU to become one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL in business, YOU need first a STRONG BUSINESS MIND and that will allow YOU to RUN your business much better.

The most successful in business do this and YOU can do the same -  YOU just need to decide that YOU will do it.

It could be much easier than YOU THINK to become a member of the '10% Club'.

This website is full of useful business articles and features to show YOU how to BECOME A MEMBER OF THE ‘10% CLUB’, so if you are serious about your future, then please take the time to explore it.

To start, YOU should read the following articles that link into this article:

Have-A-Strong-Positive-Business-Mind-300x160 Become One Of The 10% Most Successful Businesses

Have-Smart-Business-Thinking-300x160 Become One Of The 10% Most Successful Businesses

Have-Smart-Business-Actions-300x160 Become One Of The 10% Most Successful Businesses

If you wish to talk to me more about this, then please contact me: or leave a comment below:-

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Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again


Offer-The-Very-BestCustomer-Experience-e1525955283588 Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again.

Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again.

Create A Great Customer Experience & Get Your Customers Excited.

Learn How You Can Grow Your Business By Offering An Excellent Customer Experience.


I have spent most of my working life in the pub trade running pubs and started as a manager for a small regional brewery running a pub in Southampton in the early 1980’s.
It was a tough job for a new and inexperienced manager during a recession-hit Britain in a town with high unemployment.
But it taught me much.
When myself and my partner took over The Frog And Frigate, the pub was very run down and needed a huge boost to get the right customers in.
But, within a year of starting, we had completely transformed the pub and it was packed to the rafters with happy customers every day.
The key to the success was CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.
Before taking over the pub, we researched the pub industry very heavily and we comprehensively studied the city of Southampton and our likely target customers.  By the time we started, we understood comprehensively the local trading market and we knew exactly who our target customers were and what their needs and wants were and we set about fulfilling these.
Everyone had a fantastic customer experience, going away excited and telling their friends.  We created an army of very loyal customers very quickly through ‘word of mouth’ mostly, spending very little on marketing or advertising.
In 1984, we bought our first pub in rural Somerset – The White Hart Inn. It was very run down with poor levels of trade and a poor reputation.

white-hart-2-e1527324160102 Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again

But we now knew how to transform a pub and we had the confidence to do it as we applied the same principles that we had used at The Frog & Frigate.
We researched our local trading market and target customers intensively and drew up detailed plans of how we would run the pub under our ownership.


Our Mission Was To Give Our Customers

The Very Best Customer Experience 


Our primary mission was to give our customers the very best customer experience.
We knew what the other pubs were offering in the area, but our mission was not to just offer better quality and better choice than the others but to offer EXCELLENCE in everything we did.
We wanted to offer the very best we possibly could offer.
And we succeeded.
For our first lunchtime, we took a worryingly low £14 but within 6 months, we had replicated our first success by filling the place to the rafters with happy customers, once more and every day.
Again, key to the success was CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.
Everything we offered was of a very high standard, exciting our customers and making them tell everyone else.  ‘Word of mouth’ was literally rampant.
Within a year, we were the market leader taking customers from every other local pub.  Most of these pubs responded by raising their standards, but they were all left wanting.
We had created such high standards in everything we did, our competition could not replicate our high standards.
In the 30 years following the purchase of The White Hart, more pubs, a brewery and two sandwich bars and delicatessens were all added and all very successfully.
But, importantly, the same principle was used to create high sales, namely CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

Anyone Can Copy What We Did

The procedure we used can be copied for any business and can be summarised as follows:
  1. Make it your mission to offer an excellent customer experience and to create excellence in everything you do.
  2. Set your business objective to excite your customers by offering excellent customer experiences and make your customers talk about you and your business.
  3. Comprehensively know and understand who your target customers are.
  4. Comprehensively understand what their wants, needs and desires are.
  5. Comprehensively know and understand who your target competitors are.
  6. Comprehensively understand the products offered by your competitors, including the quality, the customer service, customer experience and prices.
  7. Comprehensively understand how to be much better than your competitors.
  8. Fully understand the products you need to offer.
  9. Fully understand the quality, the customer service, customer experience and prices you need to offer.
  10. Create a full and detailed plan of how to deliver your customer experience. Have a customer experience plan.
  11. Execute your plan and continually monitor its success.
  12. Talk to your customers and create a strong lasting relationship.
  13. Appraise and monitor the views of your customers with regard to their customer experience.
  14. Make any adjustments where needed.

This Can Be Done For Any Business

If you want to give your business a boost, decide first that you will make it your mission to offer an excellent customer experience and set yourself the objective of always exciting your customers and making them tell others about you through ‘word of mouth’.
Then, you should start thinking about your customer experience, appraise what you do presently and see where you can make improvements.
Ask yourself if you really understand your customers, your competitors and the trading market and whether you really understand how to satisfy your customer's needs.  You should talk to your customers and ask them candidly what their view of their experience is and how it could be improved.
You should analyse every point at which your customers come into contact with your business and appraise whether the experience is one of excellence.
When you can see to make improvements, you must do so.
Then if your improvements are right for your business, you should see a corresponding gain in the fortunes of your business success over time.

Businesses That Prioritise Customer Service Always Do Better

Almost without exception, the businesses that prioritise their customer experience and succeed in delivering an excellent customer experience, in the eyes of the customer, are always able to grow their customer numbers, sales and profits.
I see it time and time again.
Conversely, when a business struggles, the reason is often a poor customer experience leading to poor customer engagement.

Offer-The-Very-BestCustomer-Experience-e1525955283588 Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again 

You Should Never Have To Search Hard For Customers Again

Once your improvements start to work, you should see customer loyalty grow with customers returning to buy more from you. As these customers tell others, ‘word of mouth’ should boost your customer numbers, your sales and profits and reduce your need to spend on your marketing.

Start Thinking Today About Your Customer Experience

Start thinking today about the customer experience you offer and make it your mission to offer an excellent customer experience and to create excellence in everything you do.
Then, think how you can make your customers happy and excited.
But also think that you can replicate this in your business to a high success, too.
If you would like to talk to me about delivering customer experience and to learn more about the methods I have used, then please email me at: robert or please contact me below using my contact form.
I would love to help you to boost your business.

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Are You Shackled By Your Business?

Are-You-Shackled-By-Your-Business Are You Shackled By Your Business?

Are You Shackled By Your Business? 

Are You Trapped By Your Business? 

Are You Working Too Many Hours? 

Do You Have A Poor Work To Life Ratio?


If you can answer "Yes" to any of these question, you should really read this article.
Several weekends ago, my son arranged for us to join a group on a brewery tour of a successful family brewery in Wiltshire.
I am an ex brewer and in one of my former lives, I ran a very successful microbrewery before selling in 2001. He knew I would enjoy it and I did; it was a great day touring the brewery and seeing how this particular company brewed their beer.
The reason for this article is not to tell you about the family brewery – although I might well do that at a later stage – but to tell you about the small hotel, I stayed in for the weekend whist visiting the brewery.
The brewery was located in a lovely small market town and I booked two nights in one of the several hotels in the town.  It was the sort of place that I like to stay – several hundred years old, with many of the original historic features. It not only offered accommodation but also had a full bar where you could enjoy a meal and a drink.
The room was very clean and comfortable, and a good hearty breakfast was served each morning of my stay. 
But I felt not all was well with this business.
On talking to the lady of the house, she told me the entire place was run by just her and her husband with both working 100 hours per week each and she said they had both done this for the past 20 years.
She said they employed one person, one day per week to clean the hotel rooms; this was their only employment.  She qualified this by saying that if she employed more staff, they would have to increase their prices.
Observing her, I also noticed that she obviously had health issues with a poor hip and leg, probably aggravated by the long hours and the physical toll on her body.
The couple knew I was an ex Publican and an ex Brewer but did not know I was also a Business Coach. They did not seek any advice from me nor did I offer any. I sensed that they were conditioned to this way of working and my advice would probably have fallen on deaf ears.
I know from my pub days that running such a business does involve long hours but after 20 years in this business, they should be working much fewer hours, say, 40 but no more.
During my weekend, I observed that many of the other pubs and cafes in the town were much busier than my host couple, obviously serving more drinks and food.  Also when I booked my stay, all the quality hotels were full, except for the hotel of my hosts.
While generally being happy with my stay, I would not recommend it to others and I would not choose to return again.  The interior while being historic was tired-looking in places, in urgent need of decoration and of general freshening up.
But one major thing that disappointed me was that my room was not cleaned or refreshed in readiness for my second night’s stay – I had never experienced this before and this seriously spoilt the experience, as far as I was concerned. But importantly, I am sure others staying for more than one night would have felt the same; their policy of not employing more staff was certainly a poor policy in this respect and was contributing to the low occupancy rate for their hotel rooms.


This Couple Are Trapped In Their Business

This couple are trapped within their business, unable to reduce their hours, risking their health and giving them a poor life to work balance.
They are living to work.
The lady of the house said that employing more staff would mean them increasing their prices. 
She was very wrong saying this.
They were probably both working to their full capacity, but I could see from the other similar business in the town, they could probably easily double their bar and hotel trade.
This extra trade and gross profit would allow them to afford to employ more staff without increasing their prices. And, the extra staff would allow them to reduce their hours and to give them a better life/work balance.


Long Hours Are Sometimes Necessary In Many Businesses

Long hours are very necessary in many businesses, particularly in the start-up phase, say for the first couple of years, but no business owner should be working long hours after 20 years.
Working long hours for many years is very damaging to health and should be avoided.
Over the past 30 plus years, I have seen many businesses like this one.  This couple, sadly, are not unique.
Many businesses in this situation simply do not have the time to think about how they can change things. And, even if they could see how to make the right changes, they are probably too tired to make the changes.
Also, confidence can be an issue – many business owners do not like to make changes in case they don’t work. They are fearful that making changes could worsen their situation not better it.
Many such businesses have low profits and low profitability and the owners are not prepared to risk lowering their profits still further by making the changes.

Are-You-Shackled-By-Your-Business Are You Shackled By Your Business?

Changes Are Possible

If you are a business owner who is similarly trapped by his or her business, it is possible to remedy the situation and here is some good advice:
1.      Firstly, you must allocate some quality time out of your busy schedule for some regular, quality thinking. The brain works much better when it is not tired and not stressed so choose the right time of day when your thinking will be most effective. You should also make this thinking a daily habit.
2.      Being able to afford more help with your business relies on the ability to increase your sales, your profits and your customer numbers. As part of your thinking, you must research your trading market to assess how much all three can be increased.
3.      You should look at your products and your offerings to assess whether these are what your target customers really want and whether you can make improvements. A good way to do this is to ask your customers what their views are and to look at the offerings of your competitors.
4.      You should look at the customer experience, derived from your products and offerings and assess how good this is.  In a highly competitive market, your objective should be for an excellent customer experience.
5.      Overall customer satisfaction is the ultimate barometer for the performance of your business. You should ask your customers how satisfied they are with your offerings – this should include your actual products, customer service, pricing, ease to purchase, etc.   Really every customer contact point should be assessed with the view of optimising your satisfaction rating.
6.      Your marketing should be assessed to ensure your target customers see your marketing and understand what you are offering. For marketing to be effective, it has to be a continual process using all the techniques available.
7.      Based on your findings, you should assess what action is needed and put this into a very simple, step by step plan.
8.      With all changes, you must think that there could initially be increased costs before the extra sales and profits come to fruition. As part of your plan, you should do a rough profit and loss projection for your business incorporating the new changes. Here you should include projections for your new sales, new margin, new costs and likely net profit, etc..
9.      Don’t be frightened to ask for advice. Business can be very lonely when you are trying to do something new and on your own. The best source for advice could be from other experienced business owners, business coaches and business mentors. Be careful about advice from friends and family, though.
This is a very rough appraisal of the minimum changes required for a business owner to release the shackles of long hours. 
It is very possible to do it, but you need to have the will to do it and to be able to make the time available to think and to effect the changes.
I really fear for the couple running the hotel in Wiltshire; but I also fear that they see no need to change and have no inclination to do so at the moment. 
I really hope that their health does not deteriorate massively in the coming years.
If you wish to discuss this matter more fully with me, please contact me below or email me at
I would love to hear from you.

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