Top Business Tip 10 For Post Lockdown ~ 25+ Things You Must Do To Prosper Post Lockdown In Your Business

Top Business Tip 10 For Post Lockdown

25+ Things You Must Do To Prosper Post Lockdown In Your Business

When the lockdown is lifted and all businesses are allowed to trade again, things will be very different; there is likely to be a recession, with unemployment growing.

Crucially, though, many people will have less money to spend and consumers will likely want to prioritise spending on more essential items. You must not assume that trading for your business will be the same post Lockdown as it was prior to the Lockdown.

Top Business Tip 10 For Post Lockdown ~ 25+ Things You Must Do To Prosper Post Lockdown In Your Business


If you are running a business, whether small or large, it is going to get tough and you cannot expect to trade in the same way post Lockdown as you did prior to Lockdown.

Here, I have put together a summary of some of the most essential tasks that you must do in your business, right now, if you are to survive this period and, indeed, grow and prosper.

1.  Make your business compliant with UK Government Coronavirus Legislation. It is crucial that you make the necessary changes to your business to comply with this legislation especially if you have customers physically visiting your work premises and you have employees physically working there, too. The safety of your employees and your customers has to be an upmost priority.

2.  Publish a Coronavirus Safety Procedure Policy or the equivalent. It is also imperative that you create good procedures and protocols for safe working that comply with Government Legislation and that you incorporate good and effective safe distancing and protection methods.

The supermarkets have been particularly good at creating safe working environments and you should study their best practices and incorporate similar or modified versions in your own Procedures.

Your procedure policy should be made available to staff, customers and all other necessary bodies by publishing a copy on your website, on social media platforms and in other relevant places. You could even create a short video showcasing the main points.

These procedures should also be regularly reviewed and updated.

3.  Review your employment strategy. Your employees are bound to feel nervous about working after Lockdown and it is crucial that you reassess your employment strategy now. It is going to be tough running a business during these hard times and you will need your employees to work to their full potential to help get you through this.

For this, you will need a happy workforce and this is a good time to review how you will work with your employees and how you will treat your employees in the new 'normal'.

4.  Build strong employee relationships that inspire and motivate. Crucially, you will need strong bonds and relationships with your employees, if they are to feel inspired and motivated to perform to their best ability. This will involve good and frequent verbal contact between you and your key staff.

5.  Appease the fears of your employees. Your employees will have many fears during these uncertain times; they will be thinking about their job security and future employment prospects, for instance. For this, you must be sensitive to their fears and worries and you should work hard to pacify their concerns and to reassure them.

6.  Gain the trust of your employees. In this new working climate, they will be worried about contact with other employees and customers from their health prospective. As an employer, it will be incumbent upon you to minimise all contact and to maximise their protection, including using good social distancing and protective protocols.

7.  Review your employee training methods. As practices change, so the training of your staff must change too. It is important that all training is well planned, well conceived and well executed. It is well worth apportioning a good amount of time to this, to ensure everything is right for your new 'normal'.

8.  Encourage working from home for employees. Wherever possible, you should encourage all employees to work remotely from home, if at all possible; for this you must be prepared to supply and install the appropriate technology to make the process work well and efficiently. For remote working, it is crucial that you maintain good contact with your employees to ensure they stay motivated.

9.  Encourage your employees to express their views, make suggestions and to ask questions. Employee contribution is crucial in these times; you need to know their views and to allow them to make suggestions to how procedures are conducted - many good ideas could be forthcoming.

It is also important that they are allowed to ask questions and that their voice is heard. Supressing employee engagement could be very detrimental to your business generally and you should avoid this.

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10.  Gain the trust of your customers if they are to visit your business. For customers to visit your business, they must feel their health will not be impacted; your customers will need to be able to view and read a copy of your Coronavirus Safety Procedures and published versions should be made available to them.

The better your procedures and policies and the better that they are presented to your customers, the more trust your customers will feel and the more they will be inclined to visit you.

11.  Reassess your customer journey and customer experience. You are going to need every customer that you can grab during these difficult times. Importantly, you will need customers to keep returning to buy more from you on a regular basis, too.

To achieve high customer loyalty and good sales , the customer journey and customer experience must be excellent; if it is any less, you risk losing customers and sales.

This is the time to review everything including your marketing, products, prices, customer service and after sales care, etc.. Literally everything should be reassessed and modified where necessary and on a regular basis.

12.  Review your products. You need strong product sales if you are to be profitable during post lockdown. But will the products you were selling before lockdown still be good sellers after lockdown?

An extensive review might be appropriate and this might show up some new ideas for selling.

13.  Digress into new products. Sales are crucial if you are to stay profitable and the greater the choice of high selling products, the greater your revenue sales will be. This is the time to think about digressing into selling different products into different markets to different customer groups.

Many businesses have done this successfully during the Lockdown, such as pubs selling takeaways and distilleries producing hand santisers. With some creativity and some thinking 'outside the box', you could look at selling other related or none related products.

14.  Reassess your product pricing. With a recession, rising unemployment and less spending power, it might be wise to review your pricing to make yourself more competitive; but a warning don't become cheap or too cheap. You still need to make a profit and to stay trading.

You could maybe look at reducing the price of a product slightly or you could look at creating a deal where more products can be sold; here the margin percentage per product sale might be reduced but your overall gross profit margin might be boosted.

15.  Review your target customers. Do you really understand your target customers? Do you know who they are and what their buying habits are? The better you know and understand your customers, the better you can market to them and the better you can sell to them.

You should reassess your target customers on a regular basis, as customer needs and wants as well as buying habits can change.

16.  Think to build stronger relationships with your customers. Building strong customer relationships is key to creating a loyal customer base, where customers keep buying from you and who will help to spread your business message, as brand ambassadors.

This is the time to review how you talk to your customers and the messages that you use.

17.  Reassess your customer service procedures. Customers often rate customer service above the products they buy; if the service is poor, customers will migrate away from you, even if the products are the very best.

It is imperative to make sure yours is right; you should take a detailed look at your whole process and reassess it. You should look at it from the customer's point of view and assess how effective it. Then, where appropriate, make the necessary adjustments.

18.  Look to strengthen your brand image. A strong brand image is crucial if you are to maintain the trust of existing customers to keep buying and to gain the trust of new customers to give you a try.

Do you know how customers see your brand?

It is imperative that you know and a good way to find out is to ask them; and, you don't just want to know the good stuff but you need to know the bad stuff too, if you are to strengthen your brand and eliminate any perceived the weaknesses.

19.  Review your marketing. If you are to keep customers engaged and if you are to grab new customers, you must have the very best marketing. Again, this is the time to review this and to upgrade things.

You will need your marketing now, more than ever, working hard to keep in contact with existing customers and to grab new customers.

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20.  Review your website and online offerings. Online sales are going to grow massively now with customers being nervous about visiting shops. Also during this period, people have got more used to buying online and you must take advantage of this.

Your website is going to have to work very hard for you and it is imperative that it works right, efficiently and effectively for you, too. You must also ensure the buying process from your website is easy to operate and gives the customer a good experience and the trust to buy from you.

Now is the time to review it and your online offerings thoroughly.

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21  Make the most of free social media. There are loads of free social media platforms and loads of ways to use them available to get your message out their and you should be prolific in their creative use. Now is the time step this up - become a 'rash' over all the main platforms.

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22.  Use video marketing. Video marketing is really becoming very powerful as your target customers are more likely to watch a short video rather than read text. The possibilities are endless, here, such as videos highlighting your products, showing how customers can use your products, to even showing customers using them.

Video should be used on all your social media platforms, your website, email marketing and you should even consider opening your own YouTube channel too.

23.  Use customer reviews and testimonials in your marketing. If people are to buy from you, they must have trust in you, your products and your business. Good customer reviews and testimonials are a good way to do this and you should showcase these in all forms of your marketing. Don't be shy or modest, you need to get these out.

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24.  Review your competitors. It is important that you don't lose customers to your competitors and, even more important, that you gain customers from them.

By monitoring your competitors, you can see what they are doing in terms of product offerings and marketing, but you could also learn from them too; if they are using certain methods successfully, you should look to see if you could copy and adapt these, too, for yourself.

You should think that your competitors will be trying harder, as well, in these hard time, so you need to be ahead of the curve.

25.  Protect your cash flow. Businesses fail when they run out of cash and it is imperative that you protect your cash position; while you have cash and fluidity, you can keep trading.

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26.  Cut your costs, expenses and outgoings. One good way to stay trading during a recession is to trim your costs hard and this is the time to review all your expenses and outgoings. If you don't need something, then don't buy it.

This is something that should be done a regular basis, such as every three months.

27.  Look at time management and productivity. Time is your biggest asset and one good practice is to look at how you and your employees can get more done in less time and with less stress.

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28.  Stay and keep positive and motived. This can be difficult when there is so much bad news about and everyone is nervous about their health. But it is crucial that you try to maintain this for the health and wellbeing of yourself, your colleagues and your employees.

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Here, I have included some good suggestions.

29.  Learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. As a business owner, it is imperative that you keep developing and improving yourself, if you are to keep moving your business forward. This could be acquiring new skills and implementing these into your business.

One good method is to devote one hour a day to using the internet to better yourself; there is so much free information online and this is a great easy way to achieve this.

Top Business Tip 10 For Post Lockdown ~ 25+ Things You Must Do To Prosper Post Lockdown In Your Business


This is a very quick summary of what every business owner should be doing in their businesses right now, if they are to survive the post lockdown recession but also if they are to prosper.

I very much hope you use some of these tips.

Please let me know how you get on by contacting me below:

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