For Your Business Success, Think As The Most Successful Think

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For Business Success, Think As The Most Successful Think

You Must Change The Way You Think For Your Business Success

It is possible to enhance your business success through the power of thinking and positive thinking.
The 10% most successful entrepreneurs always devote at least 90 minutes of each day to have quality ‘THINKING TIME’  Here, they will think about growing their sales, profits, business success and generally driving their businesses forward.  Such positive thinking is imperative, if a business is not to stagnate or become mediocre.
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It is very easy to get bogged down with the ‘day to day’ running of a business;  then it becomes very difficult to have time to think about how to grow and improve a business.
This is what the many in business experience.
When I visit such businesses, I constantly hear “I have not got time…”
These businesses would have time, if they were better organized, more efficient and better disciplined.  The top 10% of business entrepreneurs are supremely well organized and disciplined and this allows them to have quality ‘THINKING TIME’ and, because of this, their businesses are constantly being driven forward and many achieve massive business success.

The Thinking Of The Top 10% Entrepreneurs Is Very Different

But the THINKING for the top 10% of entrepreneurs is also DIFFERENT in several ways.
Fundamental to all their THINKING is the POWER OF THOUGHT;   this is the ENGINE that drives the THINKING PROCESS.
Napoleon Hill in his best selling 1939 book ‘THINK & GROW RICH’ says that “YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT”  If YOU think something enough, YOU can become what YOU think.
Many of the most successful entrepreneurs have used the THINKING PROCESS to become a business success and to become rich;  they decided they would become ‘RICH’ and through THINKING about being RICH, they have achieved it.
The process is called PROGRAMMING THE MIND and I described briefly how it works in my article Create A Strong Positive Attitude For Your Business Success’    If you have not read it, I strongly suggest you do.
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Once you have PROGRAMMED YOUR MIND to think that you will become a BUSINESS SUCCESS and become RICH, your THINKING will change and you will start to THINK DIFFERENTLY in the same way that the top 10% of business entrepreneurs THINK.

The Thinking Of The Top 10% Is Different In Two Ways

The THINKING of the top 10% is different in TWO WAYS:-
In short, their THINKING is VERY CREATIVE, VERY ANALYTICAL and VERY INNOVATIVE and they THINK ‘OUTSIDE THE BOX’ –  they will dissect everything within their businesses and analyze everything in the greatest of detail.
Let me give you some examples of how their THINKING works.


Their THINKING about customers is very different to most in business;   they THINK that without customers they have no business and no profits, so they design their whole business around the wants and needs of their customers.
They set out to know exactly who their target customers are and they study these target customers in great detail.  This knowledge and understanding allows them to understand exactly what benefits their customers want and need from their business and in particular the following:-
  • Products
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Experience
  • Prices
  • Customer communications
These entrepreneurs will even go further and try and understand the psychology of their customers and try to think as their customers do;  by doing this they can provide exactly the right products, the right customer service, the right customer experience at the right prices.
Part of the process is to continually review and measure the processes involved;  for instance, they will constantly monitor how happy their customers are with their products and their service and when things go wrong, the situation is rectified very quickly.
They also think about creating an army of loyal customers who keep returning to buy more and more, repeatedly and of turning their customers into advocates as a definite strategy.
This THINKING creates a heavy FOCUS on the TARGET CUSTOMER and ensures that everything that their customer receives from their business is exactly RIGHT and of the HIGHEST QUALITY.


They also think differently about the MARKETING.
They set out to create and maintain a STRONG BRAND through their marketing and everything else that they do.  But also they make sure that through their understanding of their TARGET CUSTOMERS, they can target them very efficiently with the RIGHT MARKETING and effectively convey the right message.
Again, they constantly measure the effectiveness of their marketing to ensure it works right and is cost effective.


They are constantly thinking about their BUSINESS NUMBERS and they don’t leave it the accountant to tell them what their numbers are.
They KNOW and UNDERSTAND all their NUMBERS and they spend time analyzing everything.  When the numbers change, such as sales, margins or cash-flow they detect these changes immediately and take action, before problems set in.

Total Control

The top 10% of successful entrepreneurs all know how important CONTROL if their businesses are.  They achieve this by having LASER FOCUS on EVERYTHING within their business.  This means a HIGHLY EFFICIENT and a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE BUSINESS with little waste.
These are just a few examples of how the THINKING of the most successful entrepreneurs works.
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Smart Business Thinking Starts With The Power Of Thought

To make the change, you must first decide that you will find about 90 minutes each day to THINK about ALL PARTS of your business in a MORE CREATIVE, a MORE ANALYTICAL and a MORE INNOVATIVE WAY.
Once this has become a HABIT, you will start to feel MORE FOCUSED and YOU will start to see things with GREATER CLARITY and, most importantly, you will see ways that you can make improvements to your business.
Then, your BUSINESS ACTIONS will be more SMART and more EFFECTIVE and your business will start to move forward at a faster rate.  Greater business success should then follow.
As YOU start to see your business moving forward, YOU will feel that YOU have greater CONTROL and YOU will start to RELAX more and possibly become less STRESSED and quite possibly start to enjoy your business more.
This is a very quick snap shot of how SMART BUSINESS THINKING could work for YOU,there is much more on this site about SMART BUSINESS THINKING.
If you wish to discuss this with me more fully, please email me at or leave a comment below.

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