Top Biz Tip #1 For Post Lockdown. Review Your Marketing For Your Business

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Top Business Tip 1 For Post Lockdown.

Review Your Business Marketing.

When the lockdown is lifted and all businesses are allowed to trade again, things will be very different; there is likely to be a recession, with unemployment growing.

Crucially, though, many people will have less money to spend and will likely want to prioritise spending on more essential items. You must not assume that trading for your business will be the same post Lockdown as it was prior to the Lockdown.



Top Biz Tip #1 For Post Lockdown. Review Your Marketing For Your Business


You should always review your business marketing on a regular basis, as a normal practice, but it is even more vital to do it now.

Things will be different, after Lockdown, and you will probably have to work much harder with your marketing and you will have to make it more effective.



Ask yourself these THREE QUESTIONS:

1.  "How Could I Improve My Marketing?" More and better marketing nearly always creates more awareness, and more awareness should always create a greater number of customers and customers buying more from you. The net result should be more sales and more profits.

Try and see your marketing as your targets would see it and how it works. Could you improve the images, for instance, or could you improve the frequency and timing of your marketing?

There could be so many ways that you could make improvements and you should also think that what worked a year ago might not work now; you should literally review every part, from top to bottom.

You should also review what others are doing in their marketing, too, especially those who are doing well and you should try copying their methods and techniques. There is always room to improve and your marketing should be constantly evolving.

2.  "How Well Do I know My Target Customers?" The better that you understand your target customers, the better you can reach them and the better you can market to them.

Here are some more questions, you could ask.

Are your targets, married or single, millennials or retired, employed or self-employed?

How much do they earn, what is their disposable income, what is their buying power, what are their buying habits, what are their saving habits, are they homeowners or renters, where do they live, what are their online habits, how do they use social media, what do they do as recreation, where do they holiday?

Do you understand the problems they have, what solutions they are seeking to improve their lives and what their needs and wants might be?

If you know this information and much more, it could be gold-dust to you and it would allow you to reach your targets in a much better way and a much more effective way; it would be a pointless exercise targeting people with little disposable income in a certain location, if your products are non-essentials, for instance.  The greater your knowledge, the greater you marketing power can be.

3. "Is My Marketing Message Right And Strong?" The images and the narrative that you use in your marketing must be presented in ways that your target customers will understand what you are saying.

If your message is written and conveyed in the language, words and the same way that your targets would talk and listen, you are more likely to make an impact. In other words, you should tell your targets what they want to hear in the way that they want to hear it.

Your message must indicate strongly that you understand them as people, their needs and wants and it must convey strongly the great benefits of your products and how their lives will be improved and their problems solved.

Finally, your marketing message must convey trust to your target customers, for without trust, they will probably not buy.

You Should Review Your MARKETING Now! As We Start To Think Post Lockdown. It's time for improvements to make it work BETTER, if you are to navigate the choppy waters ahead.



Reviewing your Marketing is an incredibly powerful way to give your business a real boost. In my experience, many small businesses don't do this as a regular practice but the ones that do, often out-perform the average.

Please take action today and start reviewing your marketing now!

Take Action Now And Use My Business Tip.


Top Biz Tip #1 For Post Lockdown. Review Your Marketing For Your Business

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Small Business Tip #1 For Post Lockdown. Review Your Marketing
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