Top Business Tip #2 For Post Lockdown. Keep Marketing Your Business

Top Business Tip 2 For Post Lockdown.

You Must Keep Marketing Your Business.

If You Have Slowed Or Stopped Your Marketing During Lockdown, You Must Crank It Up Again.

Don't let your customers forget about you.

Read this essential business advice.


Top Business Tip #2 For Post Lockdown. Keep Marketing Your Business


  • Don't Let People Forget About You.

  • Keep In Touch With Customers On Email Or By Social Media

  • Use 80:20 Rule On Social Media By Sharing 80% Non-Sales Posts

  • Innovate To Acquire New Followers & Awareness

  • Build A Momentum For 'The Bounce Back'

With so many businesses not trading through the Lockdown and with many others on reduced trading, marketing has never been so important; whether you are trading or not, you should still be marketing your business.

Marketing during the Lockdown will ensure you stay in contact with the outside world, that your customers don't forget about you and it should build momentum for when you reopen, ensuring you bounce back quickly after the lockdown and during the post Lockdown period.

Keeping your social media marketing running, Emailing your customers and Updating your website for SEO and with the latest news of your business are the key things your should be doing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very effective way to keep in contact with your customers; by emailing them every month, you are showing that you have not forgotten about them and that you care.

This is a good opportunity to update them about future plans for your business and maybe a sneak view behind the scenes, for instance. Try to be creative in your emails and try not to make them too salesy - your main aim is to stay in contact

Your Website

It is crucial you keep your website updated with the latest information about your business and maybe an opportunity to give it a revamp or a rethink, too.

One good exercise would be to reassess your SEO, in order to keep Mr. Google happy and people visiting you.

Social Media

Social Media can be used to keep your business in front of the 'eye-balls' of your present and future customers during this 'down' period and is, of course, a great way to keep people visiting your website, too.

As with email marketing, you could share information about you and your business but the trick is to do your Social Media in a different way.

Don't just post information about you, your business and your products but include other material too; it is quite likely that people do not want to be sold to during this period but they do want to be informed and entertained.

I have been running the Facebook marketing for two partner businesses, one of which is currently shut and one is partially open - for this I have been operating the 80:20 Rule, whereby 20% of the posts are selling or about the business and 80% are non selling, with up to six posts per day per page.

Both pages are doing well; some of the non selling posts are own content but much is shared content from other pages, such as:

  • Spring Flowers, Landscapes, Animal Images

  • Inspirational & Motivational Posts

  • NHS & Keyworker Posts

  • News Of Fundraising etc.

  • Inspirational People & Stories

  • Humorous Posts

  • Local News

I have deliberately kept it upbeat and relevant to the mood of the nation and target customers and it has been a great success with followers; importantly interaction has been good and new followers have been attracted to the two pages.

Take a look at the pages here:

If you have stopped or slowed your marketing during this period, thinking there is no need, please think again. Take a look at the pages and get inspired; see how you could adopt these ideas for your social media pages.

Think This Is An Opportunity

You should also think that marketing during the 'downtime' and the post Lockdown period could be an opportunity to increase your awareness and your number of followers and a good way to create a good springboard to Bounce Back after the Lockdown.



We are undoubtedly heading for a tough time, post Lockdown, but you must think that you will come back stronger than ever!

Top Business Tip #2 For Post Lockdown. Keep Marketing Your Business
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