Top Business Tip #5 For Post Lockdown. 6 Ways To Boost your online offerings to beat the competition and for high sales


6 Ways To Boost Your Online Offerings.

Online Sales Will Be Much Bigger After Lockdown Than Before, With People Preferring To Buy Online Rather Than Risk Shopping In Shops.

If Your Online Offerings Are Not Excellent And Better Than Your Competitors, You Will Get Left Behind.


Top Business Tip #5 For Post Lockdown. 6 Ways To Boost your online offerings to beat the competition and for high sales

6 Ways To Boost Your Online Offerings.

It is going to get tough after Lockdown and there is little doubt, we will enter at least a year or so of recession.

During this period, every business must fight hard for every sale and their share of their market; if they don't they will go under!

Don't let this be you.


Online Sales Will Be Bigger Than Ever

With consumers being reluctant to head to the shops, they are going to be looking online to buy goods and you need to be there, at the front, ahead of your competitors; if your online offerings are mediocre, you will lose out - only high standards will work.

In this short mini blog, I will give you a few pointers to make you think about your business and how you sell.

1.  Review and re-evaluate the whole process. You should look at the whole customer journey from when they first discover you right through to when they make a purchase. This should include all your marketing, your website and ecommerce sections. Try to see things as a customer and evaluate how good the journey is and what the experience is like. If the journey is not smooth and the experience not good, you will lose them.

2.  Have a brilliant website. If you don't have a website, then you must create one and if you do have a website, you should re-evaluate it, through the eyes of the visitor. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does the visitor understand your sales message within a few seconds of landing?

  • Are my products highlighted well with fantastic images?

  • Is it easy to navigate and to find things?

  • Does it load quickly?

  • Is the buying process easy and quick, with different ways to pay?

  • Are your costs transparent with no hidden extra?

  • Is the site well optimised for SEO?

Anything less than excellent and your website will not deliver; you must keep reviewing it and improving it on a continual basis.

3.  Have brilliant social media. Social media is one of the best ways to create awareness for your products and to drive traffic to your website. You should fully review and re-evaluate this and, again, try to see things through the eyes of your customer.

You need to make it attractive and engaging, and you need to think that the better your content, the better your images and the more content you post onto social media, the more awareness you will create, the more traffic you will get to your website and the more customers and sales, you will realise.

4.  Use Email Marketing. You will receive the email address for every customer who buys from you and with their permission (GDPR), you should compile a list of addresses and regularly contact them with news of your products, etc..

Many customers who are really happy with your offerings will be happy for you to do this. The happier they will be, the more likely they are to subscribe.

70% of customers will buy from you again and it is much easier to sell to an existing customer than to find a new one, so keeping in contact is paramount for your success; email marketing is a great way to achieve this.

5.  Become analytical. You should keep analysing the data from your website and your from marketing methods. Google analytics should be used to review your website visitor numbers, where they come from, what pages they visit and how long they stay.

Analysis of your ecommerce system will indicate how many buy and how many don't, and your social media analytics will tell you what your engagement is.

6.  Keep reviewing and re-evaluating. You should not just do this process once, but it should be done on a regular basis; by continually reviewing and continually assessing the analytical data, and by making changes and adjustments, you will gradually improve your offerings - your goal being to create 'excellence' at all stages of your online experience.


This a quick appraisal of what is needed.

Things will get tough and having been through two recessions myself with my businesses, I know this process is crucial if you are to keep your head above water, as you navigate these choppy waters.


In Summary ~ 6 Ways To Boost Your Online Offerings.

If you are to beat the competitors and you are to attract a good volume of customers and high sales, the customer experience of marketing and buying must be excellent - nothing less will do!


Best of luck.

Let me know how you get on. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me below.


Top Business Tip #5 For Post Lockdown. 6 Ways To Boost your online offerings to beat the competition and for high sales
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