Top Business Tip #7 For Post Lockdown. 16 smart ways to improve your employment strategy

17 Smart Ways To Improve Your Employment Strategy.

Post Lockdown, You Are Going To Need Your Employees To Work Better Than Ever, If You Are To Grow Your Business Again.

In this short article, I highlight 17 of the best ways to achieve a good employment strategy, based on 35 years experience of being an employer.

Top Business Tip #7 For Post Lockdown. 16 smart ways to improve your employment strategy

17 Smart Ways To Improve Your Employment Strategy

If you are to navigate these difficult time, you will need your employees to work to their full potential and to achieve that, you need to be the best leader possible, who can inspire and motivate them.

Employment is not easy at the best of times, but you will need all your employment skills now, more than ever, if are to keep your business flourishing, post lockdown.

In this short blog, I have put together some great tips and advice, that I have always found useful.

1.  Think of your employees as assets. You should view your employees as a valued asset of your business. After all, you have invested time and money in training them and, without them, your business could not function to its best.

Good leaders always treat valued staff with the utmost respect.

2.  Be sensitive to your employees' feelings. During these difficult times, employees will be nervous about working with others again; this is understandable given the danger of this coronavirus. You must be sensitive to their feelings and worries, and you must work hard to ensure their safety is the utmost priority.

That means doing a proper risk assessment of what is required to guarantee health risks within the work place are minimised to the very minimum.

Your employees will also be worried about their employment prospects, too, with many losing their jobs in the economy; here, you should communicate well to allay their fears and to minimise their concerns.

3.  Communicate frequently with your employees. Sympathetic and timely communications can work well to diminish your employees' worries and insecurities.  If your staff are furloughed, you should have frequent contact with them to keep them updated on what is happening with regard to their employment.

If your staff are still working or are returning, frequent dialogue can make an enormous difference. Just ask simple questions like "How are you today?" "How are you coping with returning to work?" "Is there anything else that we can do to make your work safer?"

And, when staff do ask you questions, be sure to take the time to answer them fully.

I am hearing a number of reports from employed people stating that communication has been poor with their businesses and this has raised their fears and worries; don't leave your employees in limbo, like these people are.

4.  Create trust. Your staff need to be able to trust you; after all their safety is your hands. If they do trust you, they will be happier, feel more comfortable and feel more relaxed while working.

This should create a good productive culture.

5.  Treat employees how you would want to be treated yourself. This is one big mantra that I have always used in business.

I have always tried to understand the feelings and views of my staff, and I have always based my employment strategy on this. It can work really well.

Keep asking yourself this very simple question: "How would I feel if I was my employee, working for me?"

6.  Be a good example. You should always set a good example yourself; never have the attitude, 'do as I say but don't do as I do'.  Let your employees see your work ethic and your positivity.

It is important to think that respect is earned; just because you are the boss, you won't acquire the right respect, if you don't act in the right way to earn that respect.

7.  Lead, motivate and inspire them. Your staff will need good leadership, motivation and inspiration more than ever from you.

It is also important that you share with them your vision, goals and objectives for getting your business through this period; the better that they can understand your journey and buy into your vision, the more motivated and the more inspired, they will be.

8.  Always settle disputes quickly. If there are disputes or misunderstandings, you should address these very quickly and effectively. A big mistake is to let these fester.

When such events arise, they can be harder to deal with, if let to build over time without being resolved.

9.  Always ask your employees for suggestions. This a great way to get your staff involved more in the business. Most employees love to make a contribution through suggestions; many employers have seen their businesses grow much quicker as a result of this process.

It is impossible for you to have all the answers.

When good suggestions are provided, it is important that you implement them and that you give credit to the person who originated it. Never take the credit yourself - that is very dispiriting and will lose you much respect!

10.  Own your own mistakes. Many business owners and leaders have a terrible fault of blaming others for their own mistakes. This does not work and again is very dispiriting.

Employees know you are human and they know that you are not infalable; they expect you to make a few mistakes. The best way is to just hold your hands up, and admit it.

11.  Don't criticise. Your employees are human, too, and they will make mistakes, too. When these do happen, you must never criticise them and have a 'go at them' - the best way is to always talk to them constructively and talk them through the processes in order that the mistake is not repeated.

Instead, think that mistakes are all part of the learning process.

12.  Train and guide them right. Many mistakes are made as a result of employers providing poor training and poor guidance. Then, they blame the employees.

This is the time to review all your training and guidance procedures and working processes and methods. Every business can make improvements.

13.  Allow your employees to flourish. It is important to allow your employees to grow within their positions; you should encourage them to become better at their jobs and to keep improving, giving them all the support that they require and passing on your experience.

14.  Create a happy, positive and supportive culture. A good working culture is paramount in every business and one that is highly positive and supportive, where everyone inspires and supports each other, can be highly beneficial and all the best run businesses work hard to promote such a culture.

You should make your business the same.

15.  Build teams that work together. Having the right culture within a business should mean it is possible to build teams of employees that can work together and can support each other; having everyone pulling in the right direction is crucial, if the while ship is keep progressing in a good fashion.

16.  Hire the attitude, train the skills. At the heart of your employment strategy must be the need to hire the right people, in the first place. If you are to achieve all of the above, you must have people with the right positive and 'can do' attitude in your team.

Then, with these people, you can train the skills that you will need for your business. Such people will be more easily inspired, led and drawn into your vision and business goals.

17.  Create a high employment satisfaction rating. This is crucial for any business, but sadly, few employers think about their 'Employment Satisfaction Rating' - happier staff work much better and are much more productive.

A high rating will also diminish your staff churn rate, too; this can be very inefficient, expensive and disruptive to any business.

Make your employees happy and you will have a happy business with happy customers!

17 Smart Ways To Improve Your Employment Strategy.

These are some of the ways that I have used in my 35+ years in business and they have served me well.

As you enter Lockdown, this is a good time to review how you run things and to look at how you can improve your employment strategy to make it more effective; happy staff and happy customers being your objective.

Best of luck,

Please let me know how you get on. Contact me below,

Top Business Tip #7 For Post Lockdown. 16 smart ways to improve your employment strategy

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