Tip Business Tip #8 ~ 15 Ways To Stay Positive & Motivated. Create Better Results For Your Business.

Top Business Tip 8 For Post Lockdown

15 Top Ways For Staying Positive And Motivated

Learn The Ways Of The Most Successful In Business To Help You During Post Lockdown.


Tip Business Tip #8 ~ 15 Ways To Stay Positive & Motivated. Create Better Results For Your Business.

15 Top Ways For Staying Positive And Motivated

In reality, nothing is impossible, once you put your mind to it. The more positive your attitude, the more positive your results and outcomes will be

A positive mind will create clarity of thought, better decisions and better results for your business.

The most successful in business often describe their positivity and high state of motivation as a big driver of their success and their high achievements.


Use These Tips To Gain Confidence In Your Ability And Use Them To Achieve Better Results In Your Business.

In this short blog, as part of my series of Top Biz Tips For Lockdown, I describe 15 Top Ways For Staying Positive And Motivated during these tricky times; these are ways that have been used successfully by myself and my clients and have been used by the very best of the world's entrepreneurs.

1.  Start the day with positive affirmations.  One positive affirmation or thought at the start of the day can set the mood for the whole day, In fact, one small positive thought could even change your whole day.

The following sayings can work well, such as:

"I can do this"

“I am a success”

“I am the best”

"I am bigger than my fears"

"I am stronger than my challenges"

Maybe devise your own sayings that will keep you positive and repeat them to yourself each morning to pump yourself up. In that way, you should hit the ground running.

Then, keep repeating the sayings over and over again, during the day.

2.  Have a 'Motivation Board'. The way to stay positive and motivated, is to keep reminding yourself of your affirmations.

Compile a list of your positive affirmations and write them onto a 'Motivation Board' and place the board on your office wall or in a prominent place that you see often during the day.

3.  Practice gratitude every morning. We often get wrapped up in our day to day lives and forget what we really have in life; our families, friends, relationships and health, for instance.

We are all more blessed than we often think.

By thinking about what is most precious to us, can instil a feeling of positivity and it can remind us of why we are doing what we are doing.

One way to practice gratitude is to write down the things that are most precious to you in life, and in the same way as for your affirmations, keep thinking about them, repeatedly, at the start of the day and during it.

4. Celebrate your successes. As we try to achieve new goals and objectives, we can easily forget the journey that we have made, getting to the present point.

But your achievements, to date, should be celebrated and not just once but continually.

If a business objective is particularly challenging, doubts in your ability can arise, for instance; whenever this happens and your confidence drops, think about your past successes and 'pat yourself on the back' and say "Well Done!"

5.  Reward yourself for each achievement. Equally as you achieve new steps or new milestones, you should say to yourself: "Well Done!"

But also, you should go further and celebrate your successes and reward yourself. This could be simply treating yourself to something nice.

If a challenge is a big one, decide beforehand what the reward would be and keep thinking about it or write it down; by continually thinking about it, as you work through the challenge, it will drive you on.

6.  Top up your motivation. As well as using self-motivating techniques, you could also use external methods too.

Watching inspiring videos online such as TED talks or reading inspiring and self improvement books each day can be very uplifting.

7.  Keep your thoughts positive. Try to keep your thinking positive whether you are working or not; often the news can be depressing and limiting yourself to this can help to keep a positive mindset.

Try not to be critical of people and situations, and try to see the good in everything, too.

8. Create a positive environment. A positive environment can help boost your mood and mindset, and it can keep you positive and motivated; this can be simple things like a nice working environment and a nice home to being surrounded by positive work colleagues and positive family and friends.

Negative and toxic people can drag you down very quickly and these should be avoided.

When hiring new staff, it is important that those with a positive attitude are enlisted.

9.  Kick out negative thoughts. It is very easy to fill your head with negative thoughts and these can destroy your mood and your day.

One very good habit to adopt is to consciously recognise when this happens and to consciously replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts instead. This could include something good in your life and something that you are grateful for, such as your family.

Thinking your positive affirmations can also work well too.

You could even try swamp the negativity by replacing one negative thought with three positive ones.

10. Don't let you fears control you. For many their fears control them and limit their thinking and actions. If you let your fears take over, you will achieve nothing and you will be permanently frustrated.

One of the best ways to tackle your fears is to write them down and to create a strategy for tackling and beating each one.

Then, each day take positive action to beat each one or to neutralise each one. When you start to achieve good results, your fears should diminish.

11. Don't let your comfort zone beat you. Like fears, your comfort zone can control you and it can limit your thinking and actions.

Many of us don't like change and, for those in business, making changings can make them think that these might have a negative or dis-stabling impact on their business. The result, is they don't make the change and they don't progress.

For others, they may feel uncomfortable or nervous about certain actions or they feel they lack the confidence or skills.

One good way to beat your comfort zone, is to consciously take small actions each day that will take you outside your comfort zone. Then, as you start to achieve good outcomes, your confidence will grow and you will find that you can tackle greater actions.

Tell yourself: "I want To feel comfortable about feeling uncomfortable".

12.  Minimise your worries. Worrying can also be very disabling and it can slow your progress. One of the best ways to deal with your worries is to write them down and to analyse each one.

  • Ask yourself: "Why am I worrying about this?"

  • Then ask yourself: "What actions do I need to take to sort out the source of the worry?"

  • For each worry, devise an action plan to sort and deal with each one.

As you start to achieve each positive outcomes and results, your fears should diminish and you should be able move forward.

Another good tip is to try to worry only about the things that you control; if you control the source of the worry, you can deal with it as described here; but importantly, if you don't control the source, it is pointless worrying about it.

13. Become resilient. Everyone that has achieved success has had to endure a 'bumpy ride' to get there. Set-backs, mistakes and even failure are all part of the road to success; you must accept this.

But for every set-back, you must learn to pick yourself up quickly and to get going again swiftly; dwelling on set-backs and 'beating yourself up' will get you into a negative and downward spiral.

The best way to deal with set-backs is to analyse what went wrong, learn from the experience and promise yourself not to make the same mistake again; it is important to do this very quickly and then to move on, without delay, too and to put the event behind you.

Making yourself busy with new tasks, will stop your mind returning to the set-back.

14. Work to goals and objective. The setting of goals and objectives for each stage of your business and by continually working each day to make progress, can keep you positive and motivated.

Here, it is important to work out steps and a detailed plan of action for each goal.

Then, as you work to your goals and, as you feel yourself making good progress, this will help to lift you and to keep you positive and motivated.

15. Connect with nature. One very good way to keep positive and motivated is to have regular breaks outside and in the environment, connecting with nature; a walk or a run in the woods can be a good way to lift your spirits.

If you are having a tough day, such a break can clear the mind and can create some clarity of thought for you to carry on.

15 Top Ways To Stay Positive And Motivated

I could have included many more ways here that would help to keep you positive and motived but, arguably, these are some of the most effective ways.

Try to adopt these as new habits and try to use these every day and after about three weeks or so, you should start to feel a difference.

Best of luck and let me know how you get on, by contacting me below:

Tip Business Tip #8 ~ 15 Ways To Stay Positive & Motivated. Create Better Results For Your Business.

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