Be A Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses

Be a success by copying the most successful businesses

Be A Success By Copying Successful Businesses

Presently 50% of businesses fail in the UK, but it does not have to be like this. People who run and start businesses don’t think enough about SUCCESS and how to SUCCEED.

Have you ever studied SUCCESS in great detail and given it GREAT thought?

I bet you have not.


But think about this:

If a certain business is successful, then if you were to copy the methods that it uses in your business, would you not be just as successful, if you did things right?

The answer should be “YES!!!”

If you did it right, then you would be a success, too.

When you start your new business, make it a success by copying successful businesses.

History Is Full Of Examples

When you look back at the history of starting and running businesses, there are loads of examples where SUCCESS IS SUCCESSFULLY COPIED. It goes on all the time, because it works.

In the 1960’s, McDonald’s were very successful in the US with their take-away burgers.  The founders of Burger King could see the success that McDonald’s were having and wanted to start a similar business, but they did not rush in  –  they did their HOMEWORK first.

They studied the most successful McDonald’s outlets and learned about the methods that they used, the products they were selling and the customers who bought these products.  They did much of this research by literally sitting outside the busiest outlets.  They then started their own outlet a very short distance from the busiest McDonald’s outlet and it proved a great success for the first Burger King.

Not only did the founders do things in a similar way, but they offered a similar product to McDonald’s, and as they set up close by, McDonalds customers would see the Burger King and come and visit  –  and this did happen. Burger King took a significant number of McDonald’s customers.

But Burger King were clever   –  they looked at the business model for McDonald’s and they copied it, but, importantly, they thought smart about it and asked themselves one very important question:

“How can we make this better?”

They Made Subtle Changes

As a result of that question, they made very subtle changes to the business idea and the products, which proved to be very popular with their target customers. One distinctive change was offering relishes and sauces with the burgers, which is something that McDonald’s, at the time, were not offering.

Copying goes on all the time –  Pepsi copied Coca Cola with their own cola drink and Apple and Samsung copy each other with their smart phones.  So it goes on all the time.

Understand What Your Competition Does & Why

Once you have identified a business to copy, it is important that you RESEARCH it heavily and UNDERSTAND why it is a SUCCESS and how the business model works.

You should look at all aspects of the business and ANALYSE EACH PART and THINK how you can incorporate the same ideas into your business. One thing you should consider would be any patent and copyright controls that may be in place and you should avoid these restrictions.

Be a success by copying the most successful businesses

If You Want To Be A Success By Copying Successful Businesses

If you want to be a SUCCESS in your business and not risk FAILURE, you should look at your SUCCESSFUL COMPETITORS and see what they are doing and copy them –  but add a twist, by making your version slightly different and better!

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