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Learn How To Start & Run Your Business Right

Starting and running a business and making it a great business success is not easy.  But it is very possible, if you research thoroughly your business idea and you understand it comprehensively and you create a viable business plan. 
But many go wrong by concentrating on the business idea and not thinking to learning how to run the business for a profit.
This is a common mistake and a big reason why half of new businesses fail.
Here I present articles and business advice to help you with your success.

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Starting A New Business?  

Learn How To Run It First.

Many New Business Owners Fail Because They Are Not sufficiently Skilled At Running A New Business.

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Before You Start Your New Business, Take The Time & Effort To Learn How To Run It For Profit, First.

Want To Know One Of The Best Bit Of Business Advice For Starting A New Business, I Have Ever Been Given?
Business advice that shaped my 35 successful years as an entrepreneur and allowed me to go onto start and run seven successful businesses:

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Want Business Success?

Know Your Competitors.

A Comprehensive Understanding Of Your Competitors Will Enable You To Run Your Business Better And To Boost Your Business Sales And Profits.

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Knowing Your Competitors Well, Will Help You In Your Own Business.

My first business was a public house called The White Hart Inn in a nice Somerset village called Trudoxhill near Frome in the U.K..  The business was very run down with just a few 'locals' supporting it, when we took it over.
But the pub was originally a 17th coaching inn with loads of character and loads of potential.
This was 1984 and back then pubs were not permitted to trade all day, as is the case now, but just lunchtimes & evenings.  Our first lunchtime, we took a worryingly low £14 but a year later, we had built the annual trade to exceed £500,000 and the pub went on to become the market leader in the locality.

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Make Your Business Startup A Success By Doing Your Homework

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Make Your Business Startup A Success By Doing Your Homework

When YOU start your new business startup, YOU want it to be a phenomenal success, but sadly 50% of new businesses fail in the first 3 years.
You don’t want this to be YOU – so START YOUR BUSINESS RIGHT.

There Is a Big Reason For Failure

ONE big reason is the lack of HOMEWORK that is done before a business startup proceeds.
What do I mean by HOMEWORK?

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Are You Shackled By Your Business? 

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Are You Trapped By Your Business? 

Are You Working Too Many Hours?

Do You Have A Poor Work To Life Ratio?

If you can answer "Yes" to any of these question, you should really read this article.
Several weekends ago, my son arranged for us to join a group on a brewery tour of a successful family brewery in Wiltshire.
I am an ex brewer and in one of my former lives, I ran a very successful microbrewery before selling in 2001. He knew I would enjoy it and I did; it was a great day touring the brewery and seeing how this particular company brewed their beer.
The reason for this article is not to tell you about the family brewery – although I might well do that at a later stage – but to tell you about the small hotel, I stayed in for the weekend whist visiting the brewery.
The brewery was located in a lovely small market town and I booked two nights in one of the several hotels in the town.  It was the sort of place that I like to stay – several hundred years old, with many of the original historic features. It not only offered accommodation but also had a full bar where you could enjoy a meal and a drink.
The room was very clean and comfortable, and a good hearty breakfast was served each morning of my stay.
But I felt not all was well with this business.

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Use Your Strengths & Talents For Your New Business

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Use Your Strengths & Make A Difference

If you wish to start your own business, but are struggling for an idea, you should stand back and look at yourself and ask yourself SIX questions:-
  1. What strengths do I have?
  2. What talents do I have?
  3. What experience do I have?
  4. What knowledge do I have?
  5. What interests do I have?
  6. Would my strengths, talents, experience, knowledge and interests be of benefits to others?
One business idea could be to wrap up your strengths, talents, experience, knowledge and interests into a product that could bring great benefit to others, especially if you could sell enough of your product to make a good profit.

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Be A Success By Copying Successful Businesses

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Be A Success By Copying Successful Businesses

Presently 50% of businesses fail in the UK, but it does not have to be like this. People who run and start businesses don’t think enough about SUCCESS and how to SUCCEED.
Have you ever studied SUCCESS in great detail and given it GREAT thought?
I bet you have not.

But think about this:

If a certain business is successful, then if you were to copy the methods that it uses in your business, would you not be just as successful, if you did things right?
The answer should be “YES!!!”
If you did it right, then you would be a success, too.
When you start your new business, make it a success by copying successful businesses.

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You Must Know How To Run Your Business Right



You Must Know How To Run Your Business Right

If your business is to be a success and YOU are to become one of the ‘10% CLUB’, YOU must KNOW how to run your business RIGHT.
It constantly amazes me that many small and medium sized businesses have such a poor knowledge of how to RUN their businesses RIGHT and such businesses ALWAYS perform POORLY.
Often a poor performance can be converted into a massive SUCCESS by simply UNDERSTANDING how to run a business MUCH BETTER.
It is often as simple as that!

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You Must Have Full Control Of Your Business For Success

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Business Success Comes From Control Of Each Part Of Your Business.

But Do You Only Focus On The Parts That Interest You Most?

You must have full CONTROL of your business for success.
The very best in business and the most successful in business always have TOTAL and FULL CONTROL over every part and every aspect of their business.
And, that CONTROL allows them to be VERY SUCCESSFUL.
Only 10% of businesses are successful and make it into what I call the ‘10% CLUB’  –  if YOU are to make it into the ‘10% CLUB’ – you need to replicate the ways that they achieve success.

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