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"My mission is to be the source of inspiration for anyone wishing to make a great success of their business"

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Hi, I'm Robert Viney, Business Coach, Founder & Managing Director of Prestige Business Coaching and my mission is to be the source of inspiration for anyone wishing to make a great success.

In the past 40 years, I have successfully started and run many businesses, including pubs, a microbrewery, sandwich shops and delicatessens, property rental, investments and business coaching, all cumulatively generating well in excess of £100 million in that time. In 2022, I was honoured to be placed in the Top 20 Entrepreneur Coaches For 2022 by The Coach Foundation and equally honoured to be placed in the Top 23 Best Business Coaching Services For 2022 by HubSpot, for the fourth consecutive year.

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Top 20 Entrepreneur Coach 2022, Awarded By The Coach Foundation

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I am very passionate about business & I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that I am very keen to pass onto other small & medium sized businesses, as well as startups through advise on this website and through my social media platforms.

Failure rates are far too high and success rates could be much greater.

Sometimes, it only takes small changes to transform a business, but, too often, the business owner is too close to his or her business to see what needs to be done to make the right changes.

I have been very successful and I want to show you how to be successful, too.


I would love to hear from you, if you wish any business advice or if you would like to enquire about my online business coaching and mentoring services.  Please contact me here:

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I Have Been Very Successful, But It Nearly Did Not Happen

But all this nearly did not happen.

In 1980, I was advised by two very influential people not to pursue entrepreneurship as I was told I would not succeed in business.

I was told I would fail.

This Did Not Stop Me

Fortunately, this did not stop me.

Not to be put off, I researched extensively why some people succeeded in business and why others failed in business and I noticed a very definite trend.

The most successful 1% all had very similar qualities, all thought and acted in similar ways and all used similar methods.  By contrast, these ways were all very different to those employed by those who failed in business.

I Realized One Big Thing

I realized that success was not just due to strategy but discovered that mental attitude was, if anything, much more important.  I found the most successful in business were those who had a strong, positive mental attitude and the stronger the mental attitude, the stronger the success of the individual.

It was also apparent to me that a poor, negative mindset could contribute to business failure.

Because several well respected people had put me down, initially, my mental state was weak, fearing failure.

I discovered what I felt was very commonly felt by many budding entrepreneurs;  'Fear of failure' commonly prevents individuals stepping outside their 'comfort zones' to take the necessary risks to start and run a business successfully.

By studying the most successful, I developed techniques and methods to combat my fears to develop the necessary strong mental attitude and mindset for success and this allowed me to construct highly effective strategies that propelled my businesses and my success.

I Originally Trained As A Chemist

Originally a chemist, I graduated with a BSc Honours degree in 1976 and subsequently worked in the Aluminium industry with the British Aluminium Company as a research chemist until being made redundant in 1980.

I promised myself that if I was ever to be on the dole again, it would be through my own fault and not the fault of someone else, so I embarked on a career of being self employed.

Prior to my redundancy, I ran the social club bar at the British Aluminium Company and I had already decided that I wanted my own pub and set out on the road to achieve that.

I Needed More Experience

As part of my research into success and failure, I deduced that I did not have enough experience for my own enterprise but was lucky enough to be offered the chance to run the ‘Frog & Frigate’ pub in Southampton, owned by Ringwood Brewery, as a manager.

Within a short period of time, the pub was transformed into a successful thriving business and was voted 'Best Pub In Southampton' by the readers of the local paper.

The White Hart Inn In Somerset Was Bought

The invaluable experience, gained, allowed me to buy my first pub, The White Hart Inn at Trudoxhill near Frome in June 1984.  This pub was very run down, when I took it on and, within 12 months, it was the busiest pub in the area.


I still own the White Hart Inn and it is currently run by my tenant Graeme Warberry.

A Microbrewery & More Pubs Were Added

3 years later a small microbrewery was installed to the rear of the pub producing quality traditional beer for The White Hart Inn and other local pubs.

By 1999, other pubs had been started from scratch including the Pig & Fiddle in Bath, The Frog & Fiddle and Fish & Fiddle both in Cheltenham and the brewery, known as Ash Vine Brewery, had moved to a large 5000 square feet site and grew to supply in excess of 1000 pubs nationally.

Robert Viney started Ash Vine Brewery in 1987

Here I am pictured outside the brewery in a local newspaper item with the headline "Brewing For Hop & Glory"  - Hop & Glory was one of our many award-winning beers that we brewed.

 Ash Vine Brewery's Hop & Glory

In 2001, I Retired From The Pub Business

In 2001, I came out of the pub business to take over a sandwich shop and delicatessen business, owned by a family member.

The business known as 'Picknics of Devon', trading in Torbay in Devon, had accrued a huge debt and was on the point of failing.  It took me about 3 years to turn 'Picknics of Devon' around and to start to pay off the debt.

By the time I sold the business in 2014, it had become a massive success with a huge following and was the local market leader, with the huge debt being repaid in full.

At the time of the sale, the business comprised two shops in Torbay, one in Torquay and one in Paignton  -  this is a picture of the Torquay.


I Now Coach Businesses

After taking a break in 2015, I am now putting much of my energies into Prestige Business Coaching Ltd. to give small businesses the benefit of my experience and expertise to achieve high levels of success, themselves.

I am not new to coaching businesses, though, as I have coached several businesses very successfully, previously, alongside running my own businesses.

I Have Some Powerful Methods To Share

As part of my coaching, I show my clients the very many methods that have successfully created business success for myself. These methods are massively powerful and are unique to me only.

My Great Coaching Success For Prestige Business Coaching - Alessandra Ruocco Of Devoncair Ltd

I started coaching Alessandra Ruocco in 2009 and we turned her business around from large losses in a relatively short period of time.  She is my biggest coaching success, to date.  Read Alessandra's story here.

My Goal Is To Increase Business Success & Reduce Failure

My goal is to increase business success and reduce business failure & this site includes free and powerful advice for business owners to boost their businesses.

Please take a look.

If you Are A Business Owner, Who Is Serious About Achieving Success

If you have a serious desire to elevate your business success, this can be achieved using my powerful coaching methods.  Certainly becoming one of the 10% most successful businesses should be possible, if not the 1%.

I offer online coaching by way of email for businesses in South Devon, UK.

I would love to be able help you, giving you access to my powerful business methods and I would be delighted to talk to you about your dreams and plans.

So, please leave a message below.


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