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Customers & Products,

For Business Success, You Need An Army Of Loyal Customers Frequently Buy Your Products

If you cannot achieve this, you will not have sufficient sales to pay your costs and to pay yourself. Businesses fail because they don't have enough customers buying enough products.
The key is to run your business around your customers, so that you provide the right products at the right prices with the right customer service. Then, your customers will have the right customer experience and your customer satisfaction rating will rise.
This strategy will increase customer loyalty, customer numbers and revenue sales.
I always coach my clients to prioritise the customer and to always run their businesses around the wants and needs of their customers.  For more reading and more information, please visit my CUSTOMERS & PRODUCTS PAGE.

Customers & Products Page,

For business success, you need to think your Customer is King. This will give high business sales & high business profit for the entrepreneur
Without your customer, you have no sales, no profit, no business, making your customer the most important part.
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Put Your Customer at The Heart Of Your Business
The most successful businesses put the customer at the heart of everything in their businesses. For your success, you must do the same.
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Know & Understand Your Target Customer
The businesses that know & understand their customers best, always have greater sales & profits.
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Use customer service to gain sales & customers
By offering much better customer service than your competitors, it should be possible to steal their customers.
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Are your products right for customers?
Are your products right for your target customers? Do they provide the right wants and needs?
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Do Your Products Provide The Right Customer Benefits
Do your products bring the right benefits for your customers and do they improve the lives of your customers?
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Business Mind & Mindset,

Your Mind & Mindset Could Determine Your Business Success

Out of the millions of entrepreneurs in the world, only 10% achieve real business success and a tiny 1% have created mega success.  The other 90% either fail or enjoy modest success.  The top 10% all have something in common and something different to the rest. The most successful in business consistently say that their success is primarily down to having a strong positive attitude and a strong mindset. 
Your mindset is important for your success and here are a few articles that explain.  For more reading and more information, please visit my BUSINESS MIND & MINDSET PAGE.

Visit Business Mind & Mindset Page,

Have the power of thinking & smart business thinking to boost your success

The most successful in business think differently to the rest & this makes them more successful. It is possible to copy how they think to enhance your own success. 
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Thinking negatively can really handicap you in business. Here are 7 ways you can use to achieve a positive attitude.
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8 Ways To Beat the Fear Of failure,
The fear of failure is very common and it holds business owners back from trying new things in their business. Here are 8 ways that you can beat it.
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Sales, Marketing & Branding Articles & Blogs -

Is Your Marketing Working?

Is It Creating A Growth In Sales & Brand Awareness?

Is Your Marketing Reaching Your Target Customers?

Marketing is something that should be done on a continual basis, day by day,  informing your target customers about you and your business.  Here I include articles to inspire and encourage you to market your business better in order to grow your customer numbers and your sales. To read more and to gain more information, please visit my SALES, MARKETING & BRANDING PAGE.
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How targeted is your marketing? Do you understand who your target customers are & does it reach them? 
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Marketing is communicating a message to your target customers, but are you sending the right message?
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7 strong reasons why you should build a strong brand
Branding is a highly effective way of getting customers to buy and here are 7 strong reasons why you should build a brand for your business.
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Business Numbers & Money,

How Well Do You Know Your Numbers?

50% of businesses fail because they are not profitable or have a poor cash flow.  There are two big reasons for this - many business owners have a poor understanding of their business numbers and many have a poor focus on creating a profit.  
So, how well do you understand your numbers?  
This is one question I always ask business owners and, in most cases, the response always disappoints me.  
You may not be in business to make your millions but every business must make a profit to survive and to provide yourself with a living, so it is something you must master. 
I always show my clients how to master their business numbers and here I include a selection of articles to inspire you to do the same. To read more and to gain more information, please visit my BUSINESS NUMBERS & MONEY PAGE.
 Business Numbers & Money Page,
Do You Know Your Business Numbers
Do you know your business numbers? If you don't, hopefully this read will convince you that you need to.
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How Healthy Are Your Profits? Is Your Business Profit Good?
How healthy are your profits? Are your sales and profits rising and are your costs under control?
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Double Your Profits For your Business & Your Business Success
Would you like to double your business profits? It could be easier than you think.
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Starting & Running A Business,

Learn How To Start & Run Your Business Right

Starting a business and making it a great business success is very possible, if you research thoroughly and you understand your business idea completely and you create a viable business plan.  It is very easy to get concentrate on your business idea and not think to learn how to run the business for profit.
This is a common mistake and a big reason why half of new businesses fail.
Here I present a number of articles to give you an idea of what is required for your success. For more information and more articles and advice, please visit my STARTING & RUNNING A BUSINESS PAGE.

Starting & Running A Business Page,

When starting your own business, do your homework

When starting your business, do your homework. Research your business idea comprehensively & understand how to start.
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How well do you know how to run your business?
If you are to make a good profit, you must learn how to run your business right
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There are many parts to a business and each part must be run right for the whole business to run right.
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