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Hi! I'm Robert Viney, Business Coach & Entrepreneur.

In 35+ Years, I Have Successfully Started & Run 7 Businesses, Generating In Excess Of £100 Million In Sales.  Here, I Share My Considerable Experience, Knowledge & Many Of My Success Methods.


A Selection Of Essential Reading Blogs To Help Get You Through These Tricky Times.


If you are running a business, whether small or large, it is going to get tough and you cannot expect to trade in the same way post Lockdown as you did prior to Lockdown.
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To Get You Through Post Lockdown.

Running A Business

Want To Be A Great Leader?

Want happy employees who are highly productive?  The answer is to talk to them on a regular basis.
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Starting A Business

Learn To Run A Business Before You Start

Delay The Start And  Learn The Skills Before Starting.
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Customer Complaints

How To Deal With Customer Complaints

Always a problem, but discover a 6 step process that has been proven to work in this article.
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Business Numbers

Control Your Business Numbers & Financials

Better Control Of Your Numbers Should Give You Greater Sales And Profits.
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Know & Understand Your Competitors

A Comprehensive Understanding Of Your Competitors Will Enable You To Run Your Business Better.
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Customer Reviews

Do You Ask For Customer Reviews?

Whether Good Or Bad, You Need To Know What Customers Think Of Your Business
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Success Mindset

8 Goal Setting Process For Your Success

The most successful in business say GOAL SETTING has helped them in their successes.
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Success Mindset

Visualisation Is A Very Powerful Way To Boost Your Business Success

Many of the most successful in business have said that Visualisation has contributed to their success.


6 Customer Rules Guaranteed To Grow Your Business

Tried And Tested Business Customer Rules That Have Been Shown To Work, Time And Time Again

Success Mindset

8 Qualities Of The Success Mindsets Of The Most Successful in Business

Some people are more successful in business than others.  It could be down to a success mindset.


Do You Think Of Your Employees As A Gold Mine?  What They Know Could Be Gold Dust To You & Could Help You To Give Your Business A Boost.
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Customer Experience

Want To Boost Your Customer Numbers & Drive Up Your Sales?  Make Them Feel Like 'Guests'
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Business Growth

5 Growth Hacks To Boost Your Sales & Profits
Some Great Tips In This Brilliant Article, Read Here ...


Want To Slash Your Marketing Spend?  Use Word Of Mouth, One Of The Most Powerful Marketing Methods
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Business Success

A Certain Way For Success.  Be A Business Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses.
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Customer Experience

Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy & Driving Up Customer Numbers.
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Chstomer Experience

Offer The Best Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search For Customers Again.
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My Greatest Business Coaching Success  ~  The Wonderful Alessandra Ruocco

Alessandra Ruocco Now Runs The Highly Successful Devoncair Ltd., Offering Excellent Homecare For The Less Able & Elderly In Torbay, Devon,
"Our Homecare business is now on the road to being a successful player in the industry and I owe that fully to the expertise of Robert and Prestige Business Coaching"
Alessandra Ruocco, Devoncair Ltd,
Read Alessandra's Success Story

My Brilliant Client Charlotte Kleban Wins An Award For Her Business, Hand Drawn World, From Theo Paphitis

At the #SBS Event In Birmingham, February 2019
In the past couple of years, Charlotte has done wonderfully well with her business and has greatly increased her sales of Homeware Products

Prestibe Business Coaching Client Charlotte Kleban Recieving Business Award From Theo Paphitis

"I visualised myself winning so many times & it has finally happened" 
 Charlotte Kleban,

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Business Success Mindset

Success is 80% mindset.
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Business Numbers

Knowing your numbers well
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Starting & Running A Business

Get this right
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Customers, Products & Competitors

Good advice & articles
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Sales, Marketing & Branding

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