Ash Vine Brewery's Hop & Glory

Robert Viney – My Story

Robert Viney  ~  My Story Successful Entrepreneur & Business Coach   In 30 years, I have successfully started and run many businesses, including pubs, a microbrewery, sandwich shops and delicatessens, property rental, investments and business coaching, all cumulatively generating in excess of £100 million in that time. I Am Originally A Chemist Originally a chemist, […]

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Do Your Products Provide The Right Customer Benefits

Think Benefits When Planning Your Products

Think Benefits When Planning Your Products Your CUSTOMERS will buy your PRODUCTS because they want the BENEFITS and HELP that these will provide. When I talk to business people, I am often conscious that they don’t THINK ENOUGH about the BENEFITS their PRODUCTS provide for their CUSTOMERS. I have talked about the top 10% businesses […]

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