What Price Should I charge? Often small businesses stumble here as it is very difficult

What Price Should I Charge?

What Price Should I Charge? Do I Set A Cheap Price & Undercut My Competitors? Or Do I Stick My Neck Out & Charge A High Price? . These are common questions that scores of business people have asked me over the years. And, it can be difficult to answer. . Many factors will affect […]

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Double Your Profits For your Business & Your Business Success

Double Your Business Profit

Would You Like To Double Your Business Profits? It Could Be Easier Than You Think. You Could Do It By Just Making Small Changes. It is very possible to DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS PROFIT by making SMALL changes to your REVENUE SALES, MARGINS and COSTS. If YOU have read some of my other articles on this […]

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Do You Know Your Business Numbers

Do You Know Your Numbers?

Do You Know Your Numbers? How well do YOU know your BUSINESS NUMBERS? If you have ever watched Dragon’s Den, you may have noticed that many of the prospects fall down on their numbers when pitching to Peter Jones and company.  Those pitching for the Dragon’s money often cannot answer questions about their numbers such […]

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