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Visualise Your Business Success

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Visualise Your Success.

See How Visualising Your Goals Could Boost Your Business Success Prospects.

Recently a client of mine won a prestigious business award from ex Dragen’s Den, Theo Paphitis.
Charlotte Kleban of Hand Drawn World (www.handdrawnworld.com) is a very gifted and award-winning graduate textile designer who specialises in hand print design but two years ago, when I first started to coach her, she harboured some doubts in her ability to build and grow her business.

In order to strengthen her self-belief in her ability to eventually make a success of her business, I introduced her to VISUALISATION.


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On receiving the award from Theo Paphitis, she sent me a message:

“I visualised myself winning so many times and it’s finally happened”
The ‘Small Business Sunday’ Award (#SBS) is the most recent of a long string of business awards that she has won and arguably this is the most prestigious of them all.
Every award has built her confidence and self-belief and has created much needed and positive exposure on social media and other outlets.

Exhibiting Her Products Was Important.

Charlotte Kleban creates and sells a large portfolio of products from Teapots and tea-sets to socks and greeting cards and exhibiting her products to potential customers and talking to these people was a major part of marketing her business.
I remember her texting me just before exhibiting as a trader at The Manchester Youth Market, saying she was a bit nervous.
I texted her back and said:
“visualise yourself talking to your potential customers and visualise them loving your products and buying them”
… she succeeded in winning a Highly Commended Trader Award at the event.

constallation-e1542715665918 Visualise Your Business Success

Now her business is going from strength to strength with a strong demand for her products and she is in a ‘good place’.  As I write this article, she messaged me to say that she had just enjoyed her best week of sales, ever.
I am sure Visualisation has worked its part in her success.

When I First Started, I Doubted Myself

When I first started in business, I doubted my ability to grow a business successfully and I used visualisation to boost my self-belief and self-confidence.
I wanted to own and run my own public house, but I am a naturally shy person and knew I had to be able to talk to people.
And, that was difficult for me.
I repeatedly visualised myself talking to my customers, serving them with beer and them loving my public house.
It was tough at times, but I achieved it and the White Hart was a great success, with the business growing to include a total of five public houses and a brewery, building to an annual turnover of £5 million.
Much of this was down to my use of visualisation to boost my self-belief.

Many In Business Suffer From Self-Doubts

Many business owners can suffer from self-doubt and the lack of belief in their ability to grow their businesses into a success.
If you have the same self-doubt, you are not an exception.
Importantly, though, you can do the same as Charlotte and myself did  -  and it could be easier than you think.

Visualise Your Goals

Create yourself a goal or a visual image and keep thinking about it and keep visualising it in your mind.
It could be:
  • Selling to customers
  • Talking to happy customers
  • Receiving a business award
  • Seeing orders flooding into your ecommerce site
  • Receiving good customer testimonials
  • Seeing a bank statement with a large cash balance
  • Buying a nice car, you have bought from the profits of your business.
The process works by visualising any positive situation, positive thought or positive image that you can picture in your mind; it must relate to a good, positive goal being achieved or a good successful stage within your business being attained.
It could be something you have achieved in the past or something that you wish to achieve in the future.
By thinking about something you have achieved in the past, it can give you the confidence to know that you can achieve good things, especially at times when your self-belief is minimal.  By thinking about something in the future, it gives you a goal or target to reach for in the future, in the same way that Charlotte visualised winning the award from Theo Paphitis.
Importantly, visualisation can be used to create development in yourself and in your business, thus driving yourself and your business forward.

You Must Keep Visualising Repeatedly

It is important that you continually visualise your positive image or positive thought (past, present and future) literally many times a day.  By doing this, your sub conscious mind will gradually accept it and it will make it easier to use the image or thought for your benefit.

Our Subconscious Minds Are There To Protect Us

Our subconscious minds are very powerful and are there to protect us.
Going back thousands of years to when we were in the jungle, our subconscious minds worked to protect us from dangers such as wild beasts and our tribal enemies, etc..  When confronted with a ‘dangerous’ situation, our subconscious minds would automatically kick in to move us away from the danger, without us consciously thinking about taking action.
These days, it can work differently to protect us;  it can, for instance, work automatically and spontaneously to keep us inside our comfort zones and away from difficult situations, without us thinking consciously.
If confronted by a situation that makes us feel uncomfortable, our subconscious mind will stop us getting into that situation.

We Can Override Our Subconscious Minds

It is possible, however to override our subconscious minds;  by repeatedly thinking about and visualising a situation, thought or image that takes us outside our comfort zones, we can program our subconscious minds to accept that we want to experience an uncomfortable situation.
Eventually it will allow us to do this.
For me, it worked by allowing me to enter a bar full of customers and to talk to them.  For Charlotte, it allowed her to talk to people at her exhibitions and it allowed her to have the courage to put herself and her business forward for business awards.

Visualisation Helps Focus

Repeated visualisation also allows us to maintain focus on our goals and our business journey.
When the goals involve personal self-development and growing our businesses, the continual visualisation ensures we are continually focused on moving forward; then continual progress forward is achieved.
Focus is really important, if business success is to be attained.

Visualisation Can Cancel Out Negativity

Very often, doubts can manifest themselves when negative comments are recieved or a negative situation arises.
Mentally, it can only take one negative comment to cancel out the positive feelings created by a large number of good comments or one negative situation can cancel out the effect of many positive situations achieved previously.
By using visualisation, you can cancel out a negative comment or a negative situation.
When a negative comment is received or a negative situation arises, for instance, you must first deal with it, then you must visualise the many good comments and good situations that have occurred in your business, previously.
This then should divert the focus from the negativity to the positivity.

Here Is An Example

At The White Hart, complaints were very rare.
I remember one situation on a Saturday evening when we received one complaint about a meal after serving 300 meals  -  the staff were feeling a little dejected because they were focusing on the ONE complaint.
We had been showered with compliments that night from the other happy customers and I said to my staff:
“Please focus on the 299 happy customers NOT the one unhappy customer”
That comment changed their mood, completely, as they visualised the happy customers, that they had served, and forgot about the one unhappy one.
It is very easy to focus on the negative – we can all do it.

white-hart-2-e1527324160102 Visualise Your Business Success


Try Visualisation Today, Yourself

If you do lack self-belief or self-confidence, you can use visualisation, yourself, to bolster your self-belief by setting and achieving goals.
Use this method:
  • Make a short list of your main goals
  • Choose the one or two most important goals
  • Break each of the chosen goals down into the steps, need to achieve each goal
  • Write down each goal and the steps required
  • Visualise each goal and its steps in your mind
  • List the challenges on the way and visualise you combatting these
  • Visualise the benefits that you will derive from achieving each goal
  • Write notes to remind yourself of these goals (and steps) and leave them in strategic places in your home and office – even the loo!
Breaking your goals down into steps will allow you to see how your goal can be achieved and this process should give you some confidence to think that the goal can be achieved, eventually.  There will be difficulties and challenges along the way and you should visualise yourself combatting these.
Each goal should be big enough to create ‘benefits’ for yourself or your business and you should visualise the benefit that will come from achieving each goal.

Use ‘Post-Its’

‘Post its’ are a good way to remind yourself of your goals and the steps  -  try leaving them anywhere that will prompt you, several times a day.
Gradually your subconscious mind will accept your thoughts and goals and it will allow you to act out the steps to achieve your goals.

Visualise The Benefits

Visualising the benefits can be very powerful.
If, for instance, your business is making a trading loss, this situation could creat worry and stress for you  –  can be a ‘horrible’ feeling.
You could set a goal to gain a certain number of new customers to stop the losses and to create a profit.  Here the real benefit would be greater sales from the extra customers and hopefully the creation of a profit.
You could imagine the ‘nice’ feeling of making a profit replacing the ‘horrible’ feeling of worrying about having a trading loss.
I hope you can see how visualisation can work.

Go Back To Your List Of Goals

When you have achieved your first goal or goals, then go back to your original list of goals and choose more and repeat the process.

Visulaise-Your-Success Visualise Your Business Success


Give Visualisation A Go

I hope you can give Visualisation a go to move yourself and your business forward  -  whatever your situation, I am certain it could make a difference.
This is a very short explanation, but if you wish to talk more about visualisation, please contact me below or email me: robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk.

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Robert-Viney Visualise Your Business Success

Become One Of The 10% Most Successful Businesses

Become-One-Of-The-10-Most-Success-In-Business Become One Of The 10% Most Successful Businesses

Become One Of The 10% Most Successful Businesses & A Member Of The '10% Club'.

Transform Your Business Success By Changing Your Mind, Changing Your Thoughts And Changing Your Actions.

Copy The Ways Of The Most Successful In Business.

Just 1% of all businesses and entrepreneurs are mega successful and only 10% of all business make a good profit and provide a good living and good retirement prospects for their owners.

That is the sad reality.

90% of businesses either fail or just drift along, languishing in mediocrity in terms of profits and performance & many never really achieve real business success.

Often the owners of those 90% of businesses cannot see how they can elevate themselves and their businesses to do better.  Sadly, many of these entrepreneurs do not realize that the switch to become a member of the ‘10% CLUB’ of the 10% most successful businesses is much easier than they think.

What Is A Successful Business?

For me, a successful business is one that is growing in sales with a good profit base and a strong balance sheet.  The following sums up an ideal successful business:-

  • sales and net profits should be growing by at least 20% per annum, year on year
  • sales should exceed £100,000 per annum in year 2 after startup
  • sales should exceed  £0.5 million - £1 million per annum after 10 years
  • net profit should exceed 20% of sales
  • business should have a strong 6 digit cash-rich balance sheet after 5 years of trading
  • business owners should have full control over the business
  • business should run efficiently with low wastage
  • business should have a strong team of happy & effective employees
  • business owners should be happy and not be stressed
  • business should provide a good living and a good pension for the owners
  • business should retain a good profit after owners' drawings
  • business owner should run the business & the business should not run the owners

This is a very rough appraisal.

For me, a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS is one that is growing and making money, but is also one where the owners are in full control and are happy and are enjoying running their business with a good life balance.   A successful business entrepreneur should be able to draw a good income, leaving a good residue profit for re-investment and for building the balance sheet.

A successful business entrepreneur is one that could sell after, say 10 or 12 years, for a good reward that would allow them to retire or for a sum that would allow them to go a big way to providing for their long term.

Too Many Business Owners Do Not Enjoy This Scenario

Sadly, too many business owners do not find themselves in the scenario of the ideal successful business that I describe above.   Many of the 90% of businesses have poor mediocre sales and profits with low or no growth.  These  owners find themselves stressed as a result and importantly they are not happy and are not enjoying the experience of running their businesses.

Many business owners would say that money is not important and I think that can be right, but I know from experience that a business is much easier to run and provides a much happier experience for the business owners if sales and profits are growing at a good rate of the order of 20% or more.

If you are a business owner, where growth in sales is flat and profits are poor, you should think that it is much easier to transform your business nearer to the scenario that I describe above than you possibly think.

You Must Think Of Your Business As Being Two Parts

If YOU want to make the change and to become a great BUSINESS SUCCESS, the place to start is to think that your business is about TWO FUNDAMENTAL PARTS:-


Harvard Business School has consistently said that business success is consistently down to ATTITUDE rather than STRATEGY.  You can have the best business strategy and the best business plan but if your attitude is weak and negative, then your strategy is not going to work and YOU will never achieve real BUSINESS SUCCESS.

As the business owner, your business success is determined by YOU.  So if YOU want to become one of the most successful business entrepreneurs and achieve huge business success, YOU have to change 'YOU'.

You Have To Change 'You' As Part 1

YOU have to become like the most successful in business.

PART 1 is YOU and includes:-


Part 1 includes your mind, your mindset, your attitude and your thinking and how YOU carry out your actions within your business.

The most successful business entrepreneurs all have the same mind characteristics and consistently have similar attitudes and mindsets.  Consistently most successful entrepreneurs have the same qualities, such as:-


If YOU wish to replicate their business success, YOU need to develop the same MINDSET.

From my experience, the right business mindset starts with a STRONG, POSITIVE ATTITUDE, a HUGE PASSION for what they do, a BURNING DESIRE to be successful, a MASSIVE BELIEF in SUCCESS and a MASSIVE BELIEF in the ABILITY to achieve everything within the business.

GOAL SETTING is incredibly important for maintaining the right mindset. The most successful entrepreneurs in business all use goal setting and they always work hard to achieve their goals, with each goal achieved propelling them forward. By continually setting and achieving goals means the most successful are continually making progress.

The process of GOAL SETTING creates intense FOCUS which, in turn, creates DETERMINATION, PERSISTENCE, DRIVE, OPTIMISM and PASSION making it possible to do whatever is necessary in the business including STEPPING OUTSIDE THE COMFORT ZONE.

SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS don't FEAR FAILURE;  importantly, many have experienced FAILURE and SET-BACKS. They view SETBACKS as part of the learning process and part of the process to achieving business success. Importantly, they learn from each experience and they never repeat the mistakes.  Each one is very resilient and they don't linger on the setbacks.  They shrug off the setback and get moving forward again, quickly.

The big consequence of all this is that SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE make QUICK and SMART DECISIONS, eliminating PROCRASTINATION.

SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS are then the result creating good outcomes which drive their businesses forward, ultimately generate great profits.

The TOP 10% most successful business entrepreneurs have many of the above and if YOU can replicate these qualities, then YOU should be SUCCESSFUL, too.

And, that will help YOU achieve PART 2.

Part 2 Is Your Business


Having the right BUSINESS MIND allows the most successful in business to set and execute the BEST BUSINESS STRATEGY and the BEST BUSINESS PLAN for their businesses. In my view, LASER FOCUS derived from having the RIGHT BUSINESS MIND becomes highly effective in the key areas of the business:-


The most successful ENTREPRENEURS in business UNDERSTAND FULLY their TARGET CUSTOMERS, their COMPETITORS and their TRADING MARKET. This allows them to provide the RIGHT PRODUCTS and the RIGHT CUSTOMER SERVICE and to deliver the right benefits for a HUGE ARMY OF LOYAL CUSTOMERS and to ultimately create EXCELLENT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES.

The most successful are also continually creating MARKETING that builds a STRONG BRAND and delivers more CUSTOMERS and more SALES.  They also FOCUS heavily on employing the RIGHT STAFF and training and treating them RIGHT and on creating STRONG SYSTEMS to run their businesses effectively and efficiently.

Importantly, they also FOCUS heavily on the the MONEY within their businesses and FOCUS on generating PROFIT and keeping their businesses CASH RICH.

All of this is possible because of a STRONG BUSINESS MIND, i.e. PART 1.

PART 2 is possible because of PART 1.

Become-One-Of-The-10-Most-Success-In-Business Become One Of The 10% Most Successful Businesses

You Can Become Very Successful

So for YOU to become one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL in business, YOU need first a STRONG BUSINESS MIND and that will allow YOU to RUN your business much better.

The most successful in business do this and YOU can do the same -  YOU just need to decide that YOU will do it.

It could be much easier than YOU THINK to become a member of the '10% Club'.

This website is full of useful business articles and features to show YOU how to BECOME A MEMBER OF THE ‘10% CLUB’, so if you are serious about your future, then please take the time to explore it.

To start, YOU should read the following articles that link into this article:

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Have-Smart-Business-Thinking-300x160 Become One Of The 10% Most Successful Businesses

Have-Smart-Business-Actions-300x160 Become One Of The 10% Most Successful Businesses

If you wish to talk to me more about this, then please contact me: Robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk or leave a comment below:-

Contact-Robert Become One Of The 10% Most Successful Businesses

Newsletter Become One Of The 10% Most Successful Businesses

For Greater Business Success, Change Your Actions

Have-Smart-Business-Actions-600x319 For Greater Business Success, Change Your Actions

For Greater Business Success, Change Your Actions.

Copy The Ways Of The Most Successful In Business.


In previous articles, I described how to acquire a STRONG POSITIVE BUSINESS MIND, MINDSET and a STRONG POSITIVE ATTITUDE and I described how to use the POWER OF THOUGHT and SMART BUSINESS THINKING to make your thinking more creative.

A strong business mind and smart business thinking jointly will combine to make your ACTIONS within your business become MUCH BETTER.



This is why the top 10% most successful entrepreneurs achieve far greater BUSINESS SUCCESS than the other 90%.


These SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS then deliver results that add CUSTOMER NUMBERS, SALES and PROFITS etc. over time to their businesses thus creating huge BUSINESS SUCCESS.

But because the top 10% entrepreneurs have spent QUALITY TIME on QUALITY SMART BUSINESS THINKING, most, if not all, of their ACTIONS are RIGHT for their businesses and their actions deliver the RIGHT RESULTS for their businesses.

They have become one of the most successful entrepreneurs by changing their actions.


The Smart Business Actions Are Innovative & Creative

The SMART BUSINESS THINKING of the top 10% entrepreneurs is CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE which means that their SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS are also CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE, too.

Their SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS will always be focused on their CUSTOMER with the aim of continually creating ways to build and maintain an army of loyal and happy customers, who always want to buy their products, keeping them ahead of the competition.


The Top 10% Entrepreneurs Make Decisions

The top 10% of the most successful entrepreneurs make DECISIONS very quickly and they always attach GOALS to each DECISION and create a STRATEGY for implementation. By doing so, each DECISION is EXECUTED QUICKLY and in the RIGHT WAY.


The Top 10% Entrepreneurs Are Achievers & Don’t Procrastinate

Once the top 10% entrepreneurs make a DECISION, it is implemented -  they work with URGENCY and don’t DELAY or PROCRASTINATE as they know DELAY is MONEY.


The Top 10% Entrepreneurs Always Measure Progress

The top 10% entrepreneurs always MONITOR and MEASURE PROGRESS with all their SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS. If things are not progressing RIGHT in accordance with their STRATEGY, they are never afraid or slow to change or modify the strategy.


The Top 10% Entrepreneurs Are Always More Organized

The top 10% are always MORE ORGANIZED in their lives and their businesses and this leads to greater EFFICIENCY & EFFECTIVENESS. This means that they can achieve MUCH MORE with less effort and in less time than one of the 90%.


The Top 10% Entrepreneurs Are Usually Less Stressed And More Happy

As a result of being more ORGANIZED and more EFFICIENT, generally the top 10% of the most successful entrepreneurs are less STRESSED and are more HAPPY;  and this is important -  STRESS and UNHAPPINESS can affect your health significantly.  Also HAPPY businesses always trade better and if the boss is happy, then so should the rest of the business be happy, too!


The Top 10% Entrepreneurs Always Have Clear Strategies

The top 10% most successful entrepreneurs always create clear and precise STRATEGIES for the major parts of their businesses:-


For each STRATEGY, OBJECTIVES will be set as part of their business plan and these will be achieved by the setting and achieving of several GOALS.


The Top 10% Entrepreneurs Research, Understand, Think, Plan & Act

The Top 10% most successful entrepreneurs always RESEARCH everything within their businesses and this leads to a SUPREME UNDERSTANDING of their businesses. Then, through SMART BUSINESS THINKING and SMART PLANNING and the setting of SMART STRATEGIES, they are able to execute SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS.

I call this RUTPA, an acronym for:-

  • PLAN
  • ACT

RUTPA is a big part of every successful entrepreneurs arsenal and a big contributor to their BUSINESS SUCCESS and YOU should do the same.

Have-Smart-Business-Actions-600x319 For Greater Business Success, Change Your Actions


This Is A Rough Snapshot

This is a rough snap-shot into how effective SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS can be for driving BUSINESS SUCCESS.

But, it is important to realize that ACTIONS will only be SMART as a result of having acquired a STRONG POSITIVE BUSINESS MIND and a STRONG POSITIVE ATTITUDE and from using the POWER OF THOUGHT and SMART BUSINESS THINKING.

Generally the stronger your BUSINESS MIND and the better your SMART BUSINESS THINKING and the more time that you can devote to it, the better your SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS will be, the the better your business will trade and the greater your business success will be.

Have a STRONG BUSINESS MIND, SMART BUSINESS THINKING and SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS and YOU should over time be able to boost your BUSINESS SUCCESS and enter the '10% CLUB' - the 10% of most successful entrepreneurs.

In short, you should become one of the most successful entrepreneurs.


There Is Plenty More On This Site

There is plenty more on this site regarding SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS.

If you wish to discuss this article further with me, please email me at Robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk or contact me here:

Contact-Robert For Greater Business Success, Change Your Actions

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Have-A-Strong-Positive-Business-Mind-300x160 For Greater Business Success, Change Your Actions

For-Greater-Business-Success-Have-Smart-Business-Thinking-300x160 For Greater Business Success, Change Your Actions

Is-Your-Mindset-Holding-You-Back_-300x300 For Greater Business Success, Change Your Actions

For Greater Business Success, Change Your Thinking

For-Greater-Business-Success-Have-Smart-Business-Thinking-600x319 For Greater Business Success, Change Your Thinking

For Greater Business Success, Change Your Thinking.

Think As The Most Successful In Business Think.

Create Smart Business Thinking.

I am absolutely certain you WANT GREATER BUSINESS SUCCESS and it could be easier to achieve than you think.   It is possible to enhance your business success through the power of thinking and positive thinking.

Yes, by changing your thinking!

You can enhance your thinking by thinking as the most successful in business think.

The 10% most successful entrepreneurs always devote at least 90 minutes of each day to have quality ‘THINKING TIME’  Here, they will think about growing their sales, profits, business success and generally driving their businesses forward.  Such positive thinking is imperative, if a business is not to stagnate or become mediocre.

It is very easy to get bogged down with the ‘day to day’ running of a business;  then it becomes very difficult to have time to think about how to grow and improve a business.

This is what the many in business experience.

When I visit such businesses, I constantly hear “I have not got time...”

These businesses would have time, if they were better organized, more efficient and better disciplined.  The top 10% of business entrepreneurs are supremely well organized and disciplined and this allows them to have quality ‘THINKING TIME’ and, because of this, their businesses are constantly being driven forward and many achieve massive business success.


The Thinking Of The Top 10% Entrepreneurs Is Very Different

But the THINKING for the top 10% of entrepreneurs is also DIFFERENT in several ways.

Fundamental to all their THINKING is the POWER OF THOUGHT;   this is the ENGINE that drives the THINKING PROCESS.


Think & Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill in his best selling 1939 book ‘THINK & GROW RICH’ says that “YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT”  If YOU think something enough, YOU can become what YOU think.

Many of the most successful entrepreneurs have used this THINKING PROCESS, as outlined in Napoloeon Hill's book, to become a business success and to become rich;  they decided they would become ‘RICH’ and through THINKING about being RICH, they have achieved it.

'Think & Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill is still available in print and available from Amazon  and I thoroughly recommend you read it.


This Is Called Programming The Mind

The process is called PROGRAMMING THE MIND and I described briefly how it works in my article ‘Have a strong positive mindset for greater business success'

Once you have PROGRAMMED YOUR MIND to think that you will have GREATER BUSINESS SUCCESS and become RICHER, your THINKING will change and you will start to THINK DIFFERENTLY in the same way that the top 10% of business entrepreneurs THINK.


The Thinking Of The Top 10% Is Different In Two Ways

The THINKING of the top 10% is different in TWO WAYS:-


In short, their THINKING is VERY CREATIVE, VERY ANALYTICAL and VERY INNOVATIVE and they THINK ‘OUTSIDE THE BOX’ -  they will dissect everything within their businesses and analyze everything in the greatest of detail.

Let me give you some examples of how their THINKING works.


Customers For Your Business

The most successful in business THINK about their customers is very different way to the rest in business;   they THINK that without customers they have no business and no profits, so they design their whole business around the wants and needs of their customers.

They set out to know exactly who their target customers are and they study these target customers in great detail.  This knowledge and understanding allows them to understand exactly what benefits their customers want and need from their business and in particular the following:-

  • Products
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Experience
  • Prices
  • Customer communications

These entrepreneurs will even go further and try and understand the psychology of their customers and try to think as their customers do;  by doing this they can provide exactly the right products, the right customer service, the right customer experience at the right prices.

Part of the process is to continually review and measure the processes involved;  for instance, they will constantly monitor how happy their customers are with their products and their service and when things go wrong, the situation is rectified very quickly.

They also think about creating an army of loyal customers who keep returning to buy more and more, repeatedly and of turning their customers into advocates as a definite strategy.

This THINKING creates a heavy FOCUS on the TARGET CUSTOMER and ensures that everything that their customer receives from their business is exactly RIGHT and of the HIGHEST QUALITY.

If you WANT GREATER BUSINESS SUCCESS, you must think differently about your customers.



Marketing Your Business

The most successful in business also think differently about the MARKETING.

They set out to create and maintain a STRONG BRAND through their marketing and everything else that they do.  But also they make sure that through their understanding of their TARGET CUSTOMERS, they can target them very efficiently with the RIGHT MARKETING and effectively convey the right message.

Again, they constantly measure the effectiveness of their marketing to ensure it works right and is cost effective.

If you WANT GREATER BUSINESS SUCCESS, you must change your marketing.


Money In Your Business

They are constantly thinking about their BUSINESS NUMBERS and they don’t leave it the accountant to tell them what their numbers are.

They KNOW and UNDERSTAND all their NUMBERS and they spend time analyzing everything.  When the numbers change, such as sales, margins or cash-flow they detect these changes immediately and take action, before problems set in.

If you WANT GREATER BUSINESS SUCCESS, you must get your business numbers right.


Total Control Of Your Business

The top 10% of successful entrepreneurs all know how important CONTROL if their businesses are.  They achieve this by having LASER FOCUS on EVERYTHING within their business.  This means a HIGHLY EFFICIENT and a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE BUSINESS with little waste.

You need absolute control for GREATER BUSINESS SUCCESS.

For-Greater-Business-Success-Have-Smart-Business-Thinking-600x319 For Greater Business Success, Change Your Thinking


Smart Business Thinking Starts With The Power Of Thought

These are just a few examples of how the THINKING of the most successful entrepreneurs works.

To make the change, you must first decide that you will find about 90 minutes each day to THINK about ALL PARTS of your business in a MORE CREATIVE, a MORE ANALYTICAL and a MORE INNOVATIVE WAY.

Once this has become a HABIT, you will start to feel MORE FOCUSED and YOU will start to see things with GREATER CLARITY and, most importantly, you will see ways that you can make improvements to your business.  A business plan for success results.

Then, your BUSINESS ACTIONS will be more SMART and more EFFECTIVE and your business will start to move forward at a faster rate.  Greater business success should then follow.

As YOU start to see your business moving forward, YOU will feel that YOU have greater CONTROL and YOU will start to RELAX more and possibly become less STRESSED and quite possibly start to enjoy your business more.

This is a very quick snap shot of how SMART BUSINESS THINKING could work for YOU, there is much more on this site about SMART BUSINESS THINKING.

Robert-Viney-525x350 For Greater Business Success, Change Your Thinking

If you wish to discuss this with me more fully, please email me at Robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk or please contact me below:

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