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Visualise Your Business Success

Visualise-YourBusiness-Success-e1550662475297 Visualise Your Business Success

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Visualise Your Success.

See How Visualising Your Goals Could Boost Your Business Success Prospects.

Recently a client of mine won a prestigious business award from ex Dragen’s Den, Theo Paphitis.
Charlotte Kleban of Hand Drawn World (www.handdrawnworld.com) is a very gifted and award-winning graduate textile designer who specialises in hand print design but two years ago, when I first started to coach her, she harboured some doubts in her ability to build and grow her business.

In order to strengthen her self-belief in her ability to eventually make a success of her business, I introduced her to VISUALISATION.


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On receiving the award from Theo Paphitis, she sent me a message:

“I visualised myself winning so many times and it’s finally happened”
The ‘Small Business Sunday’ Award (#SBS) is the most recent of a long string of business awards that she has won and arguably this is the most prestigious of them all.
Every award has built her confidence and self-belief and has created much needed and positive exposure on social media and other outlets.

Exhibiting Her Products Was Important.

Charlotte Kleban creates and sells a large portfolio of products from Teapots and tea-sets to socks and greeting cards and exhibiting her products to potential customers and talking to these people was a major part of marketing her business.
I remember her texting me just before exhibiting as a trader at The Manchester Youth Market, saying she was a bit nervous.
I texted her back and said:
“visualise yourself talking to your potential customers and visualise them loving your products and buying them”
… she succeeded in winning a Highly Commended Trader Award at the event.

constallation-e1542715665918 Visualise Your Business Success

Now her business is going from strength to strength with a strong demand for her products and she is in a ‘good place’.  As I write this article, she messaged me to say that she had just enjoyed her best week of sales, ever.
I am sure Visualisation has worked its part in her success.

When I First Started, I Doubted Myself

When I first started in business, I doubted my ability to grow a business successfully and I used visualisation to boost my self-belief and self-confidence.
I wanted to own and run my own public house, but I am a naturally shy person and knew I had to be able to talk to people.
And, that was difficult for me.
I repeatedly visualised myself talking to my customers, serving them with beer and them loving my public house.
It was tough at times, but I achieved it and the White Hart was a great success, with the business growing to include a total of five public houses and a brewery, building to an annual turnover of £5 million.
Much of this was down to my use of visualisation to boost my self-belief.

Many In Business Suffer From Self-Doubts

Many business owners can suffer from self-doubt and the lack of belief in their ability to grow their businesses into a success.
If you have the same self-doubt, you are not an exception.
Importantly, though, you can do the same as Charlotte and myself did  -  and it could be easier than you think.

Visualise Your Goals

Create yourself a goal or a visual image and keep thinking about it and keep visualising it in your mind.
It could be:
  • Selling to customers
  • Talking to happy customers
  • Receiving a business award
  • Seeing orders flooding into your ecommerce site
  • Receiving good customer testimonials
  • Seeing a bank statement with a large cash balance
  • Buying a nice car, you have bought from the profits of your business.
The process works by visualising any positive situation, positive thought or positive image that you can picture in your mind; it must relate to a good, positive goal being achieved or a good successful stage within your business being attained.
It could be something you have achieved in the past or something that you wish to achieve in the future.
By thinking about something you have achieved in the past, it can give you the confidence to know that you can achieve good things, especially at times when your self-belief is minimal.  By thinking about something in the future, it gives you a goal or target to reach for in the future, in the same way that Charlotte visualised winning the award from Theo Paphitis.
Importantly, visualisation can be used to create development in yourself and in your business, thus driving yourself and your business forward.

You Must Keep Visualising Repeatedly

It is important that you continually visualise your positive image or positive thought (past, present and future) literally many times a day.  By doing this, your sub conscious mind will gradually accept it and it will make it easier to use the image or thought for your benefit.

Our Subconscious Minds Are There To Protect Us

Our subconscious minds are very powerful and are there to protect us.
Going back thousands of years to when we were in the jungle, our subconscious minds worked to protect us from dangers such as wild beasts and our tribal enemies, etc..  When confronted with a ‘dangerous’ situation, our subconscious minds would automatically kick in to move us away from the danger, without us consciously thinking about taking action.
These days, it can work differently to protect us;  it can, for instance, work automatically and spontaneously to keep us inside our comfort zones and away from difficult situations, without us thinking consciously.
If confronted by a situation that makes us feel uncomfortable, our subconscious mind will stop us getting into that situation.

We Can Override Our Subconscious Minds

It is possible, however to override our subconscious minds;  by repeatedly thinking about and visualising a situation, thought or image that takes us outside our comfort zones, we can program our subconscious minds to accept that we want to experience an uncomfortable situation.
Eventually it will allow us to do this.
For me, it worked by allowing me to enter a bar full of customers and to talk to them.  For Charlotte, it allowed her to talk to people at her exhibitions and it allowed her to have the courage to put herself and her business forward for business awards.

Visualisation Helps Focus

Repeated visualisation also allows us to maintain focus on our goals and our business journey.
When the goals involve personal self-development and growing our businesses, the continual visualisation ensures we are continually focused on moving forward; then continual progress forward is achieved.
Focus is really important, if business success is to be attained.

Visualisation Can Cancel Out Negativity

Very often, doubts can manifest themselves when negative comments are recieved or a negative situation arises.
Mentally, it can only take one negative comment to cancel out the positive feelings created by a large number of good comments or one negative situation can cancel out the effect of many positive situations achieved previously.
By using visualisation, you can cancel out a negative comment or a negative situation.
When a negative comment is received or a negative situation arises, for instance, you must first deal with it, then you must visualise the many good comments and good situations that have occurred in your business, previously.
This then should divert the focus from the negativity to the positivity.

Here Is An Example

At The White Hart, complaints were very rare.
I remember one situation on a Saturday evening when we received one complaint about a meal after serving 300 meals  -  the staff were feeling a little dejected because they were focusing on the ONE complaint.
We had been showered with compliments that night from the other happy customers and I said to my staff:
“Please focus on the 299 happy customers NOT the one unhappy customer”
That comment changed their mood, completely, as they visualised the happy customers, that they had served, and forgot about the one unhappy one.
It is very easy to focus on the negative – we can all do it.

white-hart-2-e1527324160102 Visualise Your Business Success


Try Visualisation Today, Yourself

If you do lack self-belief or self-confidence, you can use visualisation, yourself, to bolster your self-belief by setting and achieving goals.
Use this method:
  • Make a short list of your main goals
  • Choose the one or two most important goals
  • Break each of the chosen goals down into the steps, need to achieve each goal
  • Write down each goal and the steps required
  • Visualise each goal and its steps in your mind
  • List the challenges on the way and visualise you combatting these
  • Visualise the benefits that you will derive from achieving each goal
  • Write notes to remind yourself of these goals (and steps) and leave them in strategic places in your home and office – even the loo!
Breaking your goals down into steps will allow you to see how your goal can be achieved and this process should give you some confidence to think that the goal can be achieved, eventually.  There will be difficulties and challenges along the way and you should visualise yourself combatting these.
Each goal should be big enough to create ‘benefits’ for yourself or your business and you should visualise the benefit that will come from achieving each goal.

Use ‘Post-Its’

‘Post its’ are a good way to remind yourself of your goals and the steps  -  try leaving them anywhere that will prompt you, several times a day.
Gradually your subconscious mind will accept your thoughts and goals and it will allow you to act out the steps to achieve your goals.

Visualise The Benefits

Visualising the benefits can be very powerful.
If, for instance, your business is making a trading loss, this situation could creat worry and stress for you  –  can be a ‘horrible’ feeling.
You could set a goal to gain a certain number of new customers to stop the losses and to create a profit.  Here the real benefit would be greater sales from the extra customers and hopefully the creation of a profit.
You could imagine the ‘nice’ feeling of making a profit replacing the ‘horrible’ feeling of worrying about having a trading loss.
I hope you can see how visualisation can work.

Go Back To Your List Of Goals

When you have achieved your first goal or goals, then go back to your original list of goals and choose more and repeat the process.

Visulaise-Your-Success Visualise Your Business Success


Give Visualisation A Go

I hope you can give Visualisation a go to move yourself and your business forward  -  whatever your situation, I am certain it could make a difference.
This is a very short explanation, but if you wish to talk more about visualisation, please contact me below or email me: robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk.

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Robert-Viney Visualise Your Business Success

Use Word Of Mouth To Slash Your Marketing Spend

Use Word Of Mouth To Slash Your Marketing Spend

Use-Word-Of-Mouth-To-Slash-Your-Marketing-Spend Use Word Of Mouth To Slash Your Marketing Spend

Want To Slash Your Marketing Spend?

Use Word Of Mouth.

Word Of Mouth Can Be Very Powerful In Spreading The Word About Your Business & At Growing Your Business


In 30 years in business, I have created massive sales using one very powerful marketing method that has cost me nothing to implement.
Many business owners know about this same method but very few use it to great effect and I have yet to meet anyone who has used it as effectively as I have done with the same incredible results.
In this article, I want to share this method with you and I want you to use it to drive up your sales, too.

Word Of Mouth Is Very Powerful

I am sure you know that Word of Mouth can attract new customers, but do you know that if you make it your main marketing tool, it can be incredibly powerful in driving up customer numbers and sales in your business?
Your customer numbers and sales can literally be catapulted if you repeat my strategy.

Word Of Mouth Creates Trust

Word of mouth works well because it conveys trust.
When a recommendation about your business comes from one person to another, it conveys trust to the second person, and generally people buy when they have trust in a business, its service and its products.
I have been in business a long time and have started and run several businesses and I have always used WORD OF MOUTH as the biggest part of my marketing strategy.
Yes, not just part of my marketing strategy but the biggest part!

I have Included Word Of Mouth In My Marketing Strategy

Every Business Plan that I have ever created has included it.
As part of my marketing strategy, I have gone out of my way to make everything about my businesses, my products and my customer service really excellent, creating an excellent customer service and making my customers happy and excited.
Then, through this excitement, I have got my customers to tell others.
This strategy has worked really well in every one of my businesses and if you were to set the same strategy, you could achieve the same.
I have written about creating an excellent customer experience and making your customers happy, previously in two blogs. You can read them here:

Provide an excellent customer experience and you would never have to search for customers again

Boost your business success by making your customers happy


Word Of Mouth Saves Money, Time & Effort

In my in businesses, I have spent very little on marketing and advertising because of Word Of Mouth.  In fact, I estimate my expenditure has been just 0.005% of total sales generated.
Now that is cost effective!
But anyone can do the same  -  I am absolutely certain ANY business could create the similar return on investment too.

Your Customer Ambassadors Do The Marketing For You

When you excite a customer enough to make them repeatedly tell their friends and associates, they become what is often known as a ‘Customer Ambassador’  -  they become unofficial ‘Ambassadors’ for your business.
Many customers don’t know they are called that and many will not realise the function they are performing for you.
But every time one of your customers tells another person about you, they are doing your marketing for you.
And, importantly for your marketing budget, they do not get paid for this either, making this process very cost effective.


Many Owners Are Too Busy For Marketing Their Businesses

The one comment that I frequently get from small business owners is they do not have time to market their businesses.
But if every business owner set a deliberate marketing strategy of making their customers really happy and very excited through offering and delivering an excellent customer experience, they would not have to worry about marketing their businesses. 
Their army of unpaid ‘Customer Ambassadors’ would do it for them, while they get on with other stuff, saving them time and effort.
Surely that must be very attractive to every business owner.

Set A Definite Strategy As Part Of Your Marketing Plan And Your Business Plan

Please repeat what I have been doing for years and think about setting a definite strategy of creating unpaid ‘Customer Ambassadors’ by making your customers so excited that they will tell everyone else about your business.
Do the following to create your own WORD OF MOUTH strategy:
1.       Decide that you will create an army of ‘Customer Ambassadors’
2.       Decide that you will make your customers really happy & excited
3.       Decide that you will offer the very best customer experience possible
4.       Think how you can make the customer experience as excellent as possible
5.       Look at everything you do in your business and make it excellent
6.       Look at the customer journey through your business from when they first become aware of you, through to the buying process.
7.       Look at every customer contact point and make sure every point is an excellent experience for your customer.
8.       Send your customers away so happy and excited, that they want to tell the world.
The place to start is to first decide that you will create ‘Customer Ambassadors’ by making your customers really happy and excited enough to tell others by offering the very best customer experience.

Ask Yourself Three Questions

Then, try to think as the customer thinks and ask yourself three crucial questions:
“What would I want if I was my customer?”
“If I was my customer, what would give me a good customer experience?”
“How could I excite myself, through my business offerings, if I was my customer?”

Try asking these questions of your existing customer, friends and colleagues, too. 

You should then make a list of the possible answers and think how the answers apply to everything that the customer experiences within your business.

Make A List Of Every Customer Contact Point

Make a list of every customer contact point for your business and appraise each point with an honest score from1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest or is excellent. 
To make your customers happy and excited you need 9/10 for each contact point. For customer contact points that score less than 9, look to see how you can improve these and achieve excellence in everyone.
Then apply the answers from the questions above to each contact point along with other improvements that you think will be appropriate until you can achieve scores of 9 to 10 for each. 

Monitor The Results

Finally, you must monitor the results to make sure your WORD OF MOUTH strategy is working.
You need to ask your customers for their opinions on what you are offering and delivering and how they perceive the improvements that you have made.
Hopefully you will get more positive comments about your business and you should gradually see new customers coming to you, as a result of the extra word of mouth generated. 

Use-Word-Of-Mouth-To-Slash-Your-Marketing-Spend Use Word Of Mouth To Slash Your Marketing Spend


Give It A Try Now

Give it a try now – I am certain, if you can do things right, you will see word of mouth start to work for you, increasing your customer numbers, growing your sales and decreasing your marketing costs.
If you wish to talk to me more about this article, please contact me below or email me at robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk.

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Robert-Viney Use Word Of Mouth To Slash Your Marketing Spend

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Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again


Offer-The-Very-BestCustomer-Experience-e1525955283588 Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again.

Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again.

Create A Great Customer Experience & Get Your Customers Excited.

Learn How You Can Grow Your Business By Offering An Excellent Customer Experience.


I have spent most of my working life in the pub trade running pubs and started as a manager for a small regional brewery running a pub in Southampton in the early 1980’s.
It was a tough job for a new and inexperienced manager during a recession-hit Britain in a town with high unemployment.
But it taught me much.
When myself and my partner took over The Frog And Frigate, the pub was very run down and needed a huge boost to get the right customers in.
But, within a year of starting, we had completely transformed the pub and it was packed to the rafters with happy customers every day.
The key to the success was CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.
Before taking over the pub, we researched the pub industry very heavily and we comprehensively studied the city of Southampton and our likely target customers.  By the time we started, we understood comprehensively the local trading market and we knew exactly who our target customers were and what their needs and wants were and we set about fulfilling these.
Everyone had a fantastic customer experience, going away excited and telling their friends.  We created an army of very loyal customers very quickly through ‘word of mouth’ mostly, spending very little on marketing or advertising.
In 1984, we bought our first pub in rural Somerset – The White Hart Inn. It was very run down with poor levels of trade and a poor reputation.

white-hart-2-e1527324160102 Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again

But we now knew how to transform a pub and we had the confidence to do it as we applied the same principles that we had used at The Frog & Frigate.
We researched our local trading market and target customers intensively and drew up detailed plans of how we would run the pub under our ownership.


Our Mission Was To Give Our Customers

The Very Best Customer Experience 


Our primary mission was to give our customers the very best customer experience.
We knew what the other pubs were offering in the area, but our mission was not to just offer better quality and better choice than the others but to offer EXCELLENCE in everything we did.
We wanted to offer the very best we possibly could offer.
And we succeeded.
For our first lunchtime, we took a worryingly low £14 but within 6 months, we had replicated our first success by filling the place to the rafters with happy customers, once more and every day.
Again, key to the success was CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.
Everything we offered was of a very high standard, exciting our customers and making them tell everyone else.  ‘Word of mouth’ was literally rampant.
Within a year, we were the market leader taking customers from every other local pub.  Most of these pubs responded by raising their standards, but they were all left wanting.
We had created such high standards in everything we did, our competition could not replicate our high standards.
In the 30 years following the purchase of The White Hart, more pubs, a brewery and two sandwich bars and delicatessens were all added and all very successfully.
But, importantly, the same principle was used to create high sales, namely CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

Anyone Can Copy What We Did

The procedure we used can be copied for any business and can be summarised as follows:
  1. Make it your mission to offer an excellent customer experience and to create excellence in everything you do.
  2. Set your business objective to excite your customers by offering excellent customer experiences and make your customers talk about you and your business.
  3. Comprehensively know and understand who your target customers are.
  4. Comprehensively understand what their wants, needs and desires are.
  5. Comprehensively know and understand who your target competitors are.
  6. Comprehensively understand the products offered by your competitors, including the quality, the customer service, customer experience and prices.
  7. Comprehensively understand how to be much better than your competitors.
  8. Fully understand the products you need to offer.
  9. Fully understand the quality, the customer service, customer experience and prices you need to offer.
  10. Create a full and detailed plan of how to deliver your customer experience. Have a customer experience plan.
  11. Execute your plan and continually monitor its success.
  12. Talk to your customers and create a strong lasting relationship.
  13. Appraise and monitor the views of your customers with regard to their customer experience.
  14. Make any adjustments where needed.

This Can Be Done For Any Business

If you want to give your business a boost, decide first that you will make it your mission to offer an excellent customer experience and set yourself the objective of always exciting your customers and making them tell others about you through ‘word of mouth’.
Then, you should start thinking about your customer experience, appraise what you do presently and see where you can make improvements.
Ask yourself if you really understand your customers, your competitors and the trading market and whether you really understand how to satisfy your customer's needs.  You should talk to your customers and ask them candidly what their view of their experience is and how it could be improved.
You should analyse every point at which your customers come into contact with your business and appraise whether the experience is one of excellence.
When you can see to make improvements, you must do so.
Then if your improvements are right for your business, you should see a corresponding gain in the fortunes of your business success over time.

Businesses That Prioritise Customer Service Always Do Better

Almost without exception, the businesses that prioritise their customer experience and succeed in delivering an excellent customer experience, in the eyes of the customer, are always able to grow their customer numbers, sales and profits.
I see it time and time again.
Conversely, when a business struggles, the reason is often a poor customer experience leading to poor customer engagement.

Offer-The-Very-BestCustomer-Experience-e1525955283588 Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again 

You Should Never Have To Search Hard For Customers Again

Once your improvements start to work, you should see customer loyalty grow with customers returning to buy more from you. As these customers tell others, ‘word of mouth’ should boost your customer numbers, your sales and profits and reduce your need to spend on your marketing.

Start Thinking Today About Your Customer Experience

Start thinking today about the customer experience you offer and make it your mission to offer an excellent customer experience and to create excellence in everything you do.
Then, think how you can make your customers happy and excited.
But also think that you can replicate this in your business to a high success, too.
If you would like to talk to me about delivering customer experience and to learn more about the methods I have used, then please email me at: robert @prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk or please contact me below using my contact form.
I would love to help you to boost your business.

Contact-Robert Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again

Robert-Viney-525x350 Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again

Newsletter Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again

Have Full Control Of Your Business For Success

YOU-MUST-HAVE-FULL-CONTROL-2-600x319 Have Full Control Of Your Business For Success


You Must Have Full Control Of Your Business For Success.

Business Success Comes From Control Of Each Part Of Your Business.

But Do You Only Focus On The Parts That Interest You Most?


You must have full CONTROL of your business for success.

The very best in business and the most successful in business always have TOTAL and FULL CONTROL over every part and every aspect of their business.

And, that CONTROL allows them to be VERY SUCCESSFUL.

Only 10% of businesses are successful and make it into what I call the '10% CLUB'  -  if YOU are to make it into the ‘10% CLUB’ - you need to replicate the ways that they achieve success.



 Become-One-Of-The-10-Most-Success-In-Business Have Full Control Of Your Business For Success


Many Entrepreneurs Struggle With Control

But many entrepreneurs running small and medium sized businesses struggle to achieve TOTAL and ABSOLUTE CONTROL.

Many entrepreneurs start because they have a PASSION for a particular product and, this is where their FOCUS lies.


Entrepreneurs Have Full Focus On The Parts That Interest Them Most

They develop great PRODUCTS but often their FULL FOCUS stops there.

They seem to forget that a business comprises MANY PARTS and the PRODUCTS are just ONE of those PARTS.  They forget that the other PARTS must RUN very efficiently to support the SALE of those PRODUCTS.


They Have Less Focus On Other Parts

They have LESS FOCUS on these other PARTS, often, because they don’t find these PARTS so interesting or these parts of their business take them outside their COMFORT ZONES.

For business success. you cannot 'cherry-pick' what you do and don't do.


Often The Back Office Receives Less Focus

One BIG PART that often receives LESS FOCUS is the BACK OFFICE and the necessary PAPERWORK that is associated with it.

This is something that many people seem to struggle with -  they simply don’t enjoy it and they would rather put their efforts into the PARTS that they enjoy.


Each Business Can Be Divided Into 7 Parts

Each small and medium sized business can be divided generally into the following SEVEN GENERAL PARTS:-

  3. MONEY

Every business has ALL of the above, unless YOU have NO EMPLOYEES.


Every Part Of Your Business Has Equal Importance

Every PART is as important as the other PARTS within the business.

If YOU are to OPTIMIZE your BUSINESS SUCCESS and your BUSINESS PROFIT every PART must be RUN to its BEST  -  If ONE PART is run LESS WELL, then this will affect the WHOLE BUSINESS.


You Must Put Full Focus Into Each Part

As a business owner, YOU must THINK that YOU must put equal FOCUS into each PART of your business and YOU must make sure that each PART is run as well as YOU can possibly RUN it.


Run Each Part Of Business Well For Full Control

When YOU achieve that, YOU will have FULL CONTROL of your business.

YOU must THINK that FULL CONTROL is needed for the SUCCESS of your business and YOU will only achieve FULL CONTROL by CONTROLLING EACH PART of your business, NOT just some of the parts.



Think To Divide Your Business Into 7 Parts

The place to start with attaining FULL CONTROL is to THINK about the SEVEN PARTS of your business and analyze EACH PART and estimate how well each part is RUN.

YOU should be very critical of EACH PART and see where your STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES are and YOU must correct the WEAKNESSES of each PART.


You Must Have All Seven Parts Running To Their Best

When YOU have ALL SEVEN PARTS RUNNING to their BEST, then YOU will have FULL CONTROL and, once this is in place, YOU must make sure that YOU retain this CONTROL.


Poor Control Can Lead To Failure

Poor CONTROL of your business can lead to FAILURE in the most severe of cases, so ACT now, before it becomes too serious and too late.

YOU-MUST-HAVE-FULL-CONTROL-2-600x319 Have Full Control Of Your Business For Success


Start Today, Have Full Control Of Your Business

Do it now, today - start to think about your 7 business parts and take back CONTROL OF YOUR BUSINESS.


Have Smart Business Thinking & Smart Business Actions In Your Business


If you wish to discuss this article with me more fully, please email me at Robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk or leave a comment below.

Contact-Robert Have Full Control Of Your Business For Success

Robert-Viney Have Full Control Of Your Business For Success

Newsletter Have Full Control Of Your Business For Success

7 Strong Reasons Why You Should Build A Strong Brand

TRUST10 7 Strong Reasons Why You Should Build A Strong Brand

7 Strong Reasons Why You Should Build A Strong Brand.

Is your business recognized as a BRAND?

Are your products recognized as a BRAND?

Is your BUSINESS NAME or the name of your PRODUCTS well known?


If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you are missing a trick to sell more of your products.

Businesses like Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Ford, Dyson and products like Mars Bar, Fairy Washing Up Liquid are STRONG brands, which means most people have heard of them.

These BRANDS, by and large, are famous for providing high quality and, as a result, they instil trust in their customers and in new customers to come and buy.

Which means being a BRAND is very powerful  -  being a BRAND with enhance the BUSINESS SUCCESS of any organization.



Whether you are a start-up or an established business, it is possible to BUILD A STRONG BRAND and thus create a STRONG BRAND IMAGE for any business and for any product, including making both your business a STRONG BRAND NAME and your products a STRONG BRAND NAME, and a BIG OBJECTIVE, as part of your BUSINESS PLAN, must be for you to deliberately create a STRONG BRAND IMAGE for your business and your products.

Why should you BUILD A STRONG BRAND?

There are SEVEN advantages to creating a STRONG BRAND IMAGE and SEVEN REASONS why you should create a STRONG BRAND IMAGE.

  • Strong Brands create recognition
  • Strong Brands create trust
  • Strong Brands send out the message that your product is bought by others and gives benefits that others enjoy
  • Strong Brands can sell themselves
  • Strong Brands usually achieve greater sales
  • Strong Brands reduces marketing needs & costs
  • Strong Brands will allow you to charge more for your products



Recognition is important - if your product is on a shelf in a shop, for instance, and it is next to a similar product that is less well known, then people are more likely to recognise your product and are more likely to buy your product as opposed to the other product.

When you build a strong brand you create recognition.



People often will not buy a product unless they know something about that product and have trust that it is right for them and will bring them the benefits that they want. Trust is something that is built up over time, but by being a recognised brand that people recognise immediately, then they are more likely to trust that product and will buy it.

When you build a strong brand you create trust.



Being a STRONG BRAND sends out a STRONG MESSAGE to your target customers that this product is bought by many other people and it brings benefits that these people want, need and enjoy. If a target customer thinks that a certain product brings benefits for other target customers, he or she might well think that it will bring benefits to them, as well.

When you build a strong brand you create the impression that many people trust it and buy it.



A STRONG BRAND will do much of its own SELLING and MARKETING respectively, which reduces your need to SELL and MARKET your product and thus this reduces the time, effort and money to SELL and MARKET, so reducing your marketing costs and enhancing your profits.

STRONG BRANDS will SELL themselves and STRONG BRANDS will MARKET themselves.



STRONG BRANDS usually have GREATER SALES, so YOU must think that A STRONG BRAND IMAGE for your business and products will create STRONGER SALES and STRONGER PROFITS for your business.

When you build a strong brand you create the potential for higher sales.



By being a recognised BRAND, that is trusted, YOU can command a higher price for your PRODUCTS, which in turn will drive up your PROFITS.

When you build a strong brand you create the ability to charge more for your products.

TRUST10-600x319 7 Strong Reasons Why You Should Build A Strong Brand



So, SEVEN very powerful reasons for you to create a STRONG BRAND out of your BUSINESS NAME and your BUSINESS PRODUCTS.

YOU must say to yourself now:

“My OBJECTIVE must be to BUILD A STRONG BRAND and to create a STRONG BRAND IMAGE for my business and for my products that people will instantly recognise and trust”.

Do it today - include it in your BUSINESS PLAN and include it in MARKETING.



If you would like further advice on this, please contact me: robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk

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Your Customer Is King

Your-Customer-Is-King-1 Your Customer Is King

Your Customer Is King!

Your Customer Is The Most Important Part Of Your Business.

Without your CUSTOMER, YOU will have NO SALES with NO money coming into your business and, ultimately, you would have NO PROFIT for your business.
But to make a GOOD PROFIT, YOU need a LARGE number of customers buying a LARGE number of products, giving you LOADS of money as SALES.
This is why your CUSTOMER IS KING!
And, you must keep THINKING this.

Many Businesses Don't Have Enough Customers To Provide Enough Money For The Business To Function

Many businesses that struggle or fail, DON’T have enough CUSTOMERS buying enough products to give the business enough MONEY to function right.    Then, there is NOT enough MONEY to cover the COSTS and EXPENSES of the business and the business RUNS OUT OF MONEY and STOPS!!
It is as simple as that.

Focus On The Customer Is The Answer

The answer is to accrue enough CUSTOMERS to provide the business with enough MONEY to pay the COSTS and EXPENSES and to give the business a good PROFIT,
Entrepreneurs and businesses that FOCUS HEAVILY on their TARGET CUSTOMERS and RUN their businesses around their TARGET CUSTOMERS, always do MUCH BETTER and always have greater SUCCESS.
This is known as making the business CUSTOMER-CENTRIC or, in other words, running the business around the CUSTOMER.

Being Customer-Centric, Allows A Business To Think Differently

By being CUSTOMER-CENTRIC and having a heavy FOCUS on the CUSTOMER allows the business owner to think differently about the business and, in particular, think differently about the CUSTOMER.
These businesses:-
  • Know their target customers well
  • Understand their target customers comprehensively
  • Understand the need and wants of their target customers
  • Understand what products will deliver benefits to their target customers
  • Give their target customers what they want & need
  • Know how to contact their target customers through their marketing etc.
  • Keep talking to their customers
Businesses that treat their CUSTOMERS AS KING and are CUSTOMER-CENTRIC have a far deeper knowledge of their target customers - they know who they are, what they want and what they need and they UNDERSTAND what products to sell to them.

Greater Sales And Profits Result

The result is always more PRODUCTS SOLD, greater SALES, greater REVENUES and greater PROFITS.
Through this knowledge, they also understand how to reach them better through their marketing; their marketing is more targeted, less wasteful and more effective and this creates more CUSTOMERS for the business at a reduced marketing cost.

Create An Army Of Loyal Customers

Over time, this approach accumulates a large volume of CUSTOMERS for a CUSTOMER-CENTRIC business - AN ARMY of LOYAL CUSTOMERS who return time and time again to buy their PRODUCTS and put LOADS OF MONEY into the business.


Let Me Ask You Some Questions

  • How CUSTOMER-CENTRIC are you?    
  • Do you think that your CUSTOMER IS KING?
  • How heavily do YOU FOCUS on your TARGET CUSTOMER?
  • Do YOU really UNDERSTAND your TARGET CUSTOMERS and what their NEEDS and WANTS are?
  • Do your products really deliver the RIGHT BENEFITS to your target customers?
  • Do YOU have an ARMY of LOYAL CUSTOMERS buying time and time again from YOU?

Your Sales & Profits Could Be Low, If You Don't Have Focus On your Customer

If your SALES and PROFITS are LOW, it could be because YOU DON’T FOCUS enough on your TARGET CUSTOMERS and YOU DON’T RUN your business around your CUSTOMER enough, if at all.
It is time to change your thinking:
 Your-Customer-Is-King-1-600x319 Your Customer Is King

Set Yourself A New Objective

Set yourself a NEW OBJECTIVE and say to yourself now:
“My OBJECTIVE must be to FOCUS HEAVILY on my TARGET CUSTOMERS and to RUN my business around my TARGET CUSTOMER”.
Whether you are starting a business or you are an established small business, you must design your business plan and business strategy around your customer.
Make your business CUSTOMER-CENTRIC and think that your CUSTOMER IS KING!
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Robert-Viney-525x350 Your Customer Is King

Is Your Business Profit Good?

How-Healthy-Are-Your-Profits.docx-3-600x319 Is Your Business Profit Good?

Is Your Business Profit Good?

How Healthy Are Your Profits?

  • How healthy is your business?

  • Are your sales rising?

  • Are your margins good?

  • Do you have control of your costs?

  • Are your Profits growing?

  • Is your business profit good?

  • Do you need to boost your business profit?

    If your sales and profits are growing then you should have a healthy business. But if your sales and profits are flat or are decreasing, then your business is not so healthy and you need to take action.

In such a situation, your business needs a complete re-think -  you need to re-think everything within your business, starting with FOUR major areas:-

  • Your Products
  • Your Customers
  • Your Margins
  • Your Costs
You should ask yourself questions about your products:-
  • Are your products matched exactly to the needs and wants of your customers?
  • Do your products bring real benefits to your customers?
  • Do your products make the lives of your customers better?
  • Are your products priced right to give value for money but also a good margin?
  • Have your product sales dipped in the past 12 months and, if so, by how much and why?

You need to sell a high number of your products to generate high sales that keep growing, but you will only achieve that if your products match exactly the needs and wants of your customers.

You should ask yourself questions about your customers:-
  • Do you understand fully who your target customers are & everything about them?
  • Do you have an army of customers that is growing?
  • Do your customers return to buy more from you?
  • Do your customers tell their friends about you?
  • Do your customers get a good customer experience from your business?
  • Has your customer numbers dropped in the past 12 months and, if so, by how much?

It is imperative that you understand who your target customer is and you understand everything about the needs and wants of that customer -  then you should be able to sell them the right product and achieve a large army of customers and keep growing that army.

You should ask yourself questions about your gross profit margins:-
  • Is your margin sufficient to pay your costs and to give you a good net profit?
  • Are your selling prices lower than the equivalent charged by your competitors?
  • When was your last selling price increase?
  • Are you paying too much for your products?
  • Has your margin slipped in the past 12 months and, if so, by how much?

It is important to understand how your margin affects your net profit -  it must be large enough to comfortably pay all your costs and to give you a high net profit.  Are your prices too low and if you were to increase them, would sales slip?  In my experience, if you have a strong product offering, price increases should not affect sales.

You should ask yourself questions about your costs:-
  • Do you have a clear understanding of all your costs?
  • Are you as efficient and lean as you could be?
  • Do you know which costs have increased over the past 12 months, and by how much and why?
  • Are there purchases being made that could be trimmed or eliminated?

It is very easy for costs to creep up and to not be noticed. You should look at each cost and analyse each one and see where quick savings can be made.

From experience, doing this exercise can often generate significant changes to the health of a business. Even just a 10% increase in sales, a 2% increase in margin and a 10% decrease in costs can have a dramatic effect on the net profit, often adding as much as 40%  -  now that is surely worth having?

Have a think about this now!

How-Healthy-Are-Your-Profits.docx-3-600x319 Is Your Business Profit Good?

This is a very quick snapshot of possible remedies for an unhealthy business, but if you would like some more advice, email me now: Robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk.

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Make Your Business Startup A Success, By Doing Your Homework

DO-YOUR-HOMEWORK-600x319 Make Your Business Startup A Success, By Doing Your Homework

Make Your Business Startup A Success By Doing Your Homework

When YOU start your new business startup, YOU want it to be a phenomenal success, but sadly 50% of new businesses fail in the first 3 years.

You don’t want this to be YOU – so START YOUR BUSINESS RIGHT.

There Is a Big Reason For Failure

ONE big reason is the lack of HOMEWORK that is done before a business startup proceeds.

What do I mean by HOMEWORK?

In short, I mean FOUR things:-

  • PLAN

You Must Research Everything

When YOU start a new business, YOU must RESEARCH heavily literally EVERYTHING to do with your new business. The most important parts are:-

  • The PRODUCTS you will sell
  • The CUSTOMER SERVICE you should provide
  • The PRICES you will buy your PRODUCTS for and the PRICES you will sell them for

With the RIGHT RESEARCH, YOU should sit down to UNDERSTAND what you have learned and have a good THINK about EVERYTHING. From all this, a good practical BUSINESS PLAN should be created – one that will deliver SUCCESS for your new business.

Understand Your Trading Market

It is important to know everything about the TRADING MARKET that YOU are about to enter – information such as what is the monetary value of the market, is it growing or shrinking and who are the competitors?

Your new business is more likely to be successful, if your trading market is growing and there are not too many competitors; a shrinking market and too many competitors could make it difficult.

Know Your Customers, Your Products & Your Customer Service

Then, YOU need to know who your likely customers are and understand them as fully as possible – such knowledge would allow YOU to understand their needs and wants and what products your business could supply them with.

Your Customer Service is just as important as your products and you need to know what customer service to provide in order to get your products to your customers.

Understand Your Competitors

A good way to learn about your target customers and the products that you should sell is from your likely competitors. If you are to compete effectively against your competitors, you will need to grab many of their customers and sell the same or similar products.

You should look at the target customers and understand who they are. You need to buy some of their products and analyse these closely and understand why these customers buy these products. Finally, you need to look at the customer service offered and look at customer reviews to see what their customers think.

If you are to compete successfully, you need to be much better than your competitors – your products and customer service both need to be excellent. You should look for your competitors’ strengths and try to be much better, but you should also look for their weakness and try to exploit these.

Know Your Prices

Prices are important and you need to learn about the selling prices for the products in the trading market; understand what prices your target customers will pay and whether quality is more important than price, for instance. If quality is more important, this gives you scope to charge higher prices.

Again, you can gather much information on pricing from your competitors but think that it does not always pay to be the cheapest in your market.  Many new business startups have accrued a lot of customers and sales by being too cheap, but have failed because there was no profit.

Look At Your Marketing

By knowing your customers and how to reach them through your marketing, YOU can work out how you will market your business. Many new start-ups fall into the trap of spending a lot on advertising that does not work and this often drains their resources.

Try to do as much free marketing as you can – online social media marketing is a must along with a good website and try to get free PR marketing by telling the media about you and getting them to spread the news.

Know Your Numbers

Your numbers are really important & you must research and understand these – remember 50% of new start-ups fail because they don’t make enough money for a profit; their numbers go wrong – your numbers are important.

You must research what your likely sales, gross profit and costs will be. Then, YOU should create a realistic projected profit and loss projection for the first year or so and see what your profit is likely to be and when your startup will make money; ideally you want to make a profit within the first six months.

The quicker you can make a profit the better, so try to aim to become profitable almost immediately.

Create A Simple Business Plan

When your RESEARCH is complete and YOU feel you fully understand EVERYTHING, YOU should put a simple BUSINESS PLAN together and ideally get a business coach or mentor to review it for YOU; a critical review should highlight your strengths and weaknesses.

The better your plan, the better your chances of success.

Then Put Your Plan Into Action

When YOU are happy with your plan and when YOU are ready to start, YOU should LAUNCH your business – don’t just start it, however, but LAUNCH it under a blaze of publicity!

So many new start-ups start with a whimper & they never really get going and fail very quickly.

DO-YOUR-HOMEWORK-600x319 Make Your Business Startup A Success, By Doing Your Homework


By RESEARCHING very heavily and very comprehensively EVERYTHING within your new business, YOU will be able to UNDERSTAND your business FULLY, before YOU actually START.

YOU should then use some quality THINKING on how your business will be moulded and how it will RUN and put this into a PLAN.

Once and, only once, YOU are READY TO START your business, YOU should ACT and get started BY LAUNCHING your new business.

Be A Success

Too often businesses START with only a fraction of the RESEARCH and UNDERSTANDING that is needed for success.  WRONG THINKING and PATCHY PLANNING then follows and the business has a POOR START.  These businesses then struggle for the early months or years before eventually FAILING.

If YOU are STARTING A NEW BUSINESS, YOU should take your time and only OPEN when YOU are READY.


If you would like to continue the conversation, please leave a comment below or email me at Robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk:

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You Must Know How To Run Your Business Right

YOU-MUST-KNOW-HOW-TO-RUN-YOUR-BUSINESS You Must Know How To Run Your Business Right

You Must Know How To Run Your Business Right

If your business is to be a success and YOU are to become one of the ‘10% CLUB’, YOU must KNOW how to run your business RIGHT.

It constantly amazes me that many small and medium sized businesses have such a poor knowledge of how to RUN their businesses RIGHT and such businesses ALWAYS perform POORLY.


Often a poor performance can be converted into a massive SUCCESS by simply UNDERSTANDING how to run a business MUCH BETTER.

It is often as simple as that!

Each Business Can Be Divided Into 7 Parts

Each small and medium sized business can be divided into the following SEVEN GENERAL PARTS:-

  3. MONEY

Every business has ALL of the above, unless YOU have NO EMPLOYEES.

Every Part Of Your Business Has Equal Importance

Every PART is as important as the other PARTS within the business. If YOU are to OPTIMIZE your BUSINESS SUCCESS and your BUSINESS PROFIT every PART must be RUN to its BEST.

If ONE PART is run LESS WELL, then this will affect the WHOLE BUSINESS.

You Must Know How To Run Each Part To Optimize Your Business

If YOU want your business to run to its OPTIMUM, YOU must UNDERSTAND how to RUN EACH PART OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Let me ask YOU these 22 questions:-

  1. Do you REALLY understand your target customers and what they REALLY want to buy from you and what they want to pay YOU?
  2. Do your REALLY understand the products that your target customers need and are your products RIGHT for your customers?
  3. Are the sales of your products increasing, year on year, and do you REALLY understand how to keep your sales growing?
  4. Do you REALLY have REAL control of the money in your business?
  5. Do you REALLY know how to control the margin in your business and understand how to keep it optimized?
  6. Do you REALLY have absolute control of your costs and know how to keep these minimized?
  7. Do you REALLY understand how to control your cash-flow and keep your business cash rich?
  8. Do REALLY understand how to effectively reach your target customers with your marketing?
  9. Is your marketing REALLY effective and are you REALLY reaching your target customers with it and is it working?
  10. Are you REALLY getting a real return on your marketing expenditure and REALLY seeing real growth in your sales as a direct result of your marketing?
  11. Are you REALLY successfully building a STRONG brand that is recognized by your target customers?
  12. Do you REALLY understand your COMPETITORS and what they are doing & do you REALLY know how to compete within them in your trading market REALLY EFFECTIVELY?
  13. Is your customer service REALLY superb?
  14. Is your customer experience REALLY superb?
  15. Are your customers REALLY happy and do they return to buy more from you, time and time again?
  16. Do you REALLY have an army of loyal customers and do these customers spread ‘word of mouth’ about your business?
  17. Is your back office running REALLY effective?
  18. Do you REALLY have fantastic systems in place to control all parts of your business?
  19. Are you REALLY using digital technology to the full & optimizing its effects?
  20. Do you REALLY know how to employ the best employees for your business?
  21. Do you REALLY know how to train your employees really well and do you REALLY know how to manage them right?
  22. Are your employees REALLY a real asset to your business & are they REALLY making a real contribution to your business as a whole?

I could have asked YOU many more questions, but these 22 are arguably the most important questions to ask anyone running a business.

You Must Answer These Questions Honestly

Try answering these questions REALLY honestly. If YOU can honestly answer a BIG ‘YES’ to each one, then YOU KNOW HOW TO RUN YOUR BUSINESS RIGHT.

But if one or more questions get a ‘NO’, then YOU must address the aspect raised in that question and turn it into a BIG ‘YES’

It is important that every PART of your business must RUN RIGHT.

You Need Smart Business Thinking

YOU need SMART BUSINESS THINKING about the RUNNING of your business, if YOU are to be one of the ‘10% CLUB’

Become-One-Of-The-10-Most-Success-In-Business You Must Know How To Run Your Business Right




If you wish to discuss this with me more fully, please email me at Robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk or leave a contact me below:

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My Greatest Business Coaching Success ~ Coaching Alessandra Ruocco

Great-Coaching-Success-3-600x300 My Greatest Business Coaching Success  ~  Coaching Alessandra Ruocco

My Greatest Business Coaching Success  ~  Coaching Alessandra Ruocco

Large Losses To Good Profit in Just 5 Months

“Our Homecare business is now on the road to being a successful player in the industry and I owe that fully to the expertise of Robert and Prestige Business Coaching”

It is May 2015 and I am having lunch in a nice fish restaurant on the harbourside in Torquay with Alessandra Ruocco.  ‘Sasse’, as she is known to her friends and associates, is telling me about her vision, strategy and thoughts for her business Devon Cair Ltd.

As I listen, I cannot help thinking how far this clever, smart lady had come on her business journey and how she had become the strong, mature, confident and competent business lady that I viewed across the restaurant table. Sasse is now one of the 10% most successful business people in the UK., who I talk about much on www.prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk.

But the journey had been hard and long.

Devon Cair Ltd Is A Leader In Its Market

Devon Cair Ltd is the leading supplier of high quality care to the disabled and elderly in their own homes in Torbay, Devon.   The success of the business is testament to Sasse and her determination and drive, but it was not always that way.

But It Was Not Always That Way

In 2009, Sasse invited me to help her rescue the business after her business partner had walked out leaving her ‘high and dry’ -  her ex partner had founded and started Devon Cair Ltd but, following a catalogue of bad business decisions, had brought the fledgling business to the edge of financial collapse; the business was losing money heavily and it urgently needed saving.

There Were Two Big Mistakes

Two BIG mistakes were made initially:-

  1. Grow The Business Too Quickly
  2. Trade In Too Large A Geographical Area

These were deliberate strategies, but they both created huge operating costs, particularly employment costs that were just not sustainable.

I very quickly identified the problems and suggested a strategy for turning the business around and Sasse wasted no time in implementing the plan.

Her quick and decisive implementation of the plan was key to the success of what we did -  every day delayed was more money wasted and the outflow of money had to be stemmed quickly.

There Were Three Main Recommendations

The main recommendations were as follows:-

  1. To reduce and consolidate the trading area to just serve clients in Torbay only, shrinking the trading area to just 5 miles from the company’s office from 15 miles previously
  2. To make drastic changes to staff rotas and to reduce the employee working hours so that the employment costs were directly related the revenue generated.
  3. To slow down the rate of growth for the business

Initially the number of clients and revenue were both reduced, but the costs attributed to serving the clients were reduced by a far greater amount, thus increasing the gross profit margin significantly.

A Profit Was Achieved After Just 5 Months

Within five months, the initial changes were complete and the business moved from a high loss into a good sustainable profit. From this position, Sasse then moved to consolidate the business and the net profit, further, and to gain growth by acquiring new clients within her new Torbay only trading area.

Sasse Has Resisted Extending Her Trading Area

Since then, some seven years later, Sasse has resisted the temptation to extend her trading area beyond Torbay but, instead, to consolidate and establish her company’s position as the premier provider of home care in Torbay.

The business now boasts an army of very happy and loyal clients and an army of equally happy employees serving these clients. The business is very sound financially and is now a great success.

Sasse Needs Little Marketing

One big indicator of her success is the amount of effort she puts into marketing her business -  in short, she devotes very little of her recourses to marketing.

The quality of her service is so great, that reputation and ‘word of mouth’ constantly create new clients for Devon Cair Ltd.. Competitors are continually seen spending large sums on advertising and that illustrates the large gulf between her and the rest.  Devon Cair Ltd do not have to advertise and so do not have this cost and, obviously, this elevates her margin.

Logo-10-300x160 My Greatest Business Coaching Success  ~  Coaching Alessandra Ruocco

Businesses That Create Word Of Mouth Always Do Better

Businesses that can create ‘word of mouth’ and harness it to grow, always do much better.

Historically, ‘word of mouth’ has been a major contributor to the success of my own businesses and I coach businesses to set this as a definite strategy for growing a business.

Such A Strategy Creates a Superb Product & Customer Satisfaction

Sasse has achieved ‘word of mouth’ by creating superb care for her customers and a high degree of customer satisfaction.

A combination of a superb product and a high degree of customer satisfaction will always achieve ‘word of mouth’ and, through that, growth.

Businesses Think That They Can Grow By Extended Their Geographical Boundaries

So many businesses think that they have to extend their geographical boundaries in order to secure new customers in order to grow their revenues and this invariably leads to financial weakness and failure.

The smart way, often, is to do as Sasse has done and to restrict the trading area, but to totally focus efforts on securing a high number of clients within that trading area, exclusively.

Such a strategy minimises the cost of gaining and serving new customers and Sasse proves that this can be a very successful strategy.

What We Achieved Was Spectacular

When Sasse and I started working together, the problems within the business were immense and it is was an awesome achievement to turn the business around in such a short period of time -  many businesses can literally take years to turn around.

Our achievement was immense and is something that is very rare in business.

Business Coaching Can Be Hugely Successful When The Advice Is Fully Used

But this is only possible, when the advice of a good business coach with a wealth of experience and knowledge is incorporated fully by a business owner. Sasse never questioned my suggestions and she implemented them fully without hesitation, delay or procrastination.

I am sure there were times when she did not quite understand parts of the plan, but she trusted me. I am also equally sure that once the results of the changes were evident, her understanding grew and became complete.

logo-11-300x160 My Greatest Business Coaching Success  ~  Coaching Alessandra RuoccoSasse Is My Greatest Success

Sasse is my greatest business coaching success because she implemented everything that I suggested and, as a result, she was a ‘dream’ to coach.

When I coach others, less success has been possible because business owners question my suggestions and ‘cherry pick’ my recommendations -  the result is always not so good.

I now avoid coaching any business owner who refuses to take all my recommendations.

It Was Not Just Strategy

It was not just strategy that I showed Sasse -  I also worked to strengthen her attitude and her business mind.  When questioned, the most successful 10% in business say that a strong positive attitude and an open mindset is more important than strategy in the attainment of their success.

Sasse already had a good positive attitude but I created a belief in her mind that she could make the changes and create success out of a bad situation.

So many business coaches ignore the importance of a strong business mind and mindset when coaching their clients.

I Showed Sasse To Think Differently & More Smartly

I also showed Sasse how to think differently and more smartly about her business -  by doing so, it ensured that all her business decisions and actions were also smart but, importantly, it ensured that all her decisions and actions were right for her business, too.

One example was to ‘think money’ -  I said that she should ‘think money’ in every decision.  Sasse typically embraced this fully and even wrote ‘think money’ in very big letters on her office files to remind her constantly.

You Can Emulate Sasse & Her Success

You can emulate Sasse and her success, too, but you have to be prepared to work with a successful business coach and to do everything that the business coach recommends without delay, procrastination or cherry picking.


Business failure is currently running at more than 50%, but the above scenario can achieve 100% success, which must be something that every business owner must want.

The 10% Club

Alessandra Ruocco is a member of the ‘10% CLUB’ – the club that includes the most successful business people in the U.K..

You can be the same, if you copy what she did.

Alessandra Ruocco Is Managing Director Of Devon Cair Ltd.

Alessandra-Ruocco-of-Devoncair-Ltd-300x160 My Greatest Business Coaching Success  ~  Coaching Alessandra RuoccoAlessandra Ruocco is Managing Director of Devon Cair Ltd, Paignton Devon and is a member of the ‘10% CLUB’.  

Find out more about her business at www.devoncair.com

If You Wish To Discuss This More Fully With Me, Please Contact Me

If YOU wish to discuss this more fully with me, then please email me at Robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk

Or please leave me a comment below.

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