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Visualise Your Business Success

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Visualise Your Success.

See How Visualising Your Goals Could Boost Your Business Success Prospects.

Recently a client of mine won a prestigious business award from ex Dragen’s Den, Theo Paphitis.
Charlotte Kleban of Hand Drawn World (www.handdrawnworld.com) is a very gifted and award-winning graduate textile designer who specialises in hand print design but two years ago, when I first started to coach her, she harboured some doubts in her ability to build and grow her business.

In order to strengthen her self-belief in her ability to eventually make a success of her business, I introduced her to VISUALISATION.


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On receiving the award from Theo Paphitis, she sent me a message:

“I visualised myself winning so many times and it’s finally happened”
The ‘Small Business Sunday’ Award (#SBS) is the most recent of a long string of business awards that she has won and arguably this is the most prestigious of them all.
Every award has built her confidence and self-belief and has created much needed and positive exposure on social media and other outlets.

Exhibiting Her Products Was Important.

Charlotte Kleban creates and sells a large portfolio of products from Teapots and tea-sets to socks and greeting cards and exhibiting her products to potential customers and talking to these people was a major part of marketing her business.
I remember her texting me just before exhibiting as a trader at The Manchester Youth Market, saying she was a bit nervous.
I texted her back and said:
“visualise yourself talking to your potential customers and visualise them loving your products and buying them”
… she succeeded in winning a Highly Commended Trader Award at the event.

constallation-e1542715665918 Visualise Your Business Success

Now her business is going from strength to strength with a strong demand for her products and she is in a ‘good place’.  As I write this article, she messaged me to say that she had just enjoyed her best week of sales, ever.
I am sure Visualisation has worked its part in her success.

When I First Started, I Doubted Myself

When I first started in business, I doubted my ability to grow a business successfully and I used visualisation to boost my self-belief and self-confidence.
I wanted to own and run my own public house, but I am a naturally shy person and knew I had to be able to talk to people.
And, that was difficult for me.
I repeatedly visualised myself talking to my customers, serving them with beer and them loving my public house.
It was tough at times, but I achieved it and the White Hart was a great success, with the business growing to include a total of five public houses and a brewery, building to an annual turnover of £5 million.
Much of this was down to my use of visualisation to boost my self-belief.

Many In Business Suffer From Self-Doubts

Many business owners can suffer from self-doubt and the lack of belief in their ability to grow their businesses into a success.
If you have the same self-doubt, you are not an exception.
Importantly, though, you can do the same as Charlotte and myself did  -  and it could be easier than you think.

Visualise Your Goals

Create yourself a goal or a visual image and keep thinking about it and keep visualising it in your mind.
It could be:
  • Selling to customers
  • Talking to happy customers
  • Receiving a business award
  • Seeing orders flooding into your ecommerce site
  • Receiving good customer testimonials
  • Seeing a bank statement with a large cash balance
  • Buying a nice car, you have bought from the profits of your business.
The process works by visualising any positive situation, positive thought or positive image that you can picture in your mind; it must relate to a good, positive goal being achieved or a good successful stage within your business being attained.
It could be something you have achieved in the past or something that you wish to achieve in the future.
By thinking about something you have achieved in the past, it can give you the confidence to know that you can achieve good things, especially at times when your self-belief is minimal.  By thinking about something in the future, it gives you a goal or target to reach for in the future, in the same way that Charlotte visualised winning the award from Theo Paphitis.
Importantly, visualisation can be used to create development in yourself and in your business, thus driving yourself and your business forward.

You Must Keep Visualising Repeatedly

It is important that you continually visualise your positive image or positive thought (past, present and future) literally many times a day.  By doing this, your sub conscious mind will gradually accept it and it will make it easier to use the image or thought for your benefit.

Our Subconscious Minds Are There To Protect Us

Our subconscious minds are very powerful and are there to protect us.
Going back thousands of years to when we were in the jungle, our subconscious minds worked to protect us from dangers such as wild beasts and our tribal enemies, etc..  When confronted with a ‘dangerous’ situation, our subconscious minds would automatically kick in to move us away from the danger, without us consciously thinking about taking action.
These days, it can work differently to protect us;  it can, for instance, work automatically and spontaneously to keep us inside our comfort zones and away from difficult situations, without us thinking consciously.
If confronted by a situation that makes us feel uncomfortable, our subconscious mind will stop us getting into that situation.

We Can Override Our Subconscious Minds

It is possible, however to override our subconscious minds;  by repeatedly thinking about and visualising a situation, thought or image that takes us outside our comfort zones, we can program our subconscious minds to accept that we want to experience an uncomfortable situation.
Eventually it will allow us to do this.
For me, it worked by allowing me to enter a bar full of customers and to talk to them.  For Charlotte, it allowed her to talk to people at her exhibitions and it allowed her to have the courage to put herself and her business forward for business awards.

Visualisation Helps Focus

Repeated visualisation also allows us to maintain focus on our goals and our business journey.
When the goals involve personal self-development and growing our businesses, the continual visualisation ensures we are continually focused on moving forward; then continual progress forward is achieved.
Focus is really important, if business success is to be attained.

Visualisation Can Cancel Out Negativity

Very often, doubts can manifest themselves when negative comments are recieved or a negative situation arises.
Mentally, it can only take one negative comment to cancel out the positive feelings created by a large number of good comments or one negative situation can cancel out the effect of many positive situations achieved previously.
By using visualisation, you can cancel out a negative comment or a negative situation.
When a negative comment is received or a negative situation arises, for instance, you must first deal with it, then you must visualise the many good comments and good situations that have occurred in your business, previously.
This then should divert the focus from the negativity to the positivity.

Here Is An Example

At The White Hart, complaints were very rare.
I remember one situation on a Saturday evening when we received one complaint about a meal after serving 300 meals  -  the staff were feeling a little dejected because they were focusing on the ONE complaint.
We had been showered with compliments that night from the other happy customers and I said to my staff:
“Please focus on the 299 happy customers NOT the one unhappy customer”
That comment changed their mood, completely, as they visualised the happy customers, that they had served, and forgot about the one unhappy one.
It is very easy to focus on the negative – we can all do it.

white-hart-2-e1527324160102 Visualise Your Business Success


Try Visualisation Today, Yourself

If you do lack self-belief or self-confidence, you can use visualisation, yourself, to bolster your self-belief by setting and achieving goals.
Use this method:
  • Make a short list of your main goals
  • Choose the one or two most important goals
  • Break each of the chosen goals down into the steps, need to achieve each goal
  • Write down each goal and the steps required
  • Visualise each goal and its steps in your mind
  • List the challenges on the way and visualise you combatting these
  • Visualise the benefits that you will derive from achieving each goal
  • Write notes to remind yourself of these goals (and steps) and leave them in strategic places in your home and office – even the loo!
Breaking your goals down into steps will allow you to see how your goal can be achieved and this process should give you some confidence to think that the goal can be achieved, eventually.  There will be difficulties and challenges along the way and you should visualise yourself combatting these.
Each goal should be big enough to create ‘benefits’ for yourself or your business and you should visualise the benefit that will come from achieving each goal.

Use ‘Post-Its’

‘Post its’ are a good way to remind yourself of your goals and the steps  -  try leaving them anywhere that will prompt you, several times a day.
Gradually your subconscious mind will accept your thoughts and goals and it will allow you to act out the steps to achieve your goals.

Visualise The Benefits

Visualising the benefits can be very powerful.
If, for instance, your business is making a trading loss, this situation could creat worry and stress for you  –  can be a ‘horrible’ feeling.
You could set a goal to gain a certain number of new customers to stop the losses and to create a profit.  Here the real benefit would be greater sales from the extra customers and hopefully the creation of a profit.
You could imagine the ‘nice’ feeling of making a profit replacing the ‘horrible’ feeling of worrying about having a trading loss.
I hope you can see how visualisation can work.

Go Back To Your List Of Goals

When you have achieved your first goal or goals, then go back to your original list of goals and choose more and repeat the process.

Visulaise-Your-Success Visualise Your Business Success


Give Visualisation A Go

I hope you can give Visualisation a go to move yourself and your business forward  -  whatever your situation, I am certain it could make a difference.
This is a very short explanation, but if you wish to talk more about visualisation, please contact me below or email me: robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk.

Contact-Robert Visualise Your Business Success


Robert-Viney Visualise Your Business Success

5 Business Growth Hacks (Part1) To Boost Your Business Sales & Profits

5-Business-Growth-Hacks-e1536139800267 5 Business Growth Hacks (Part1) To Boost Your Business Sales & Profits

5 Business Growth Hacks To Boost Your Business Sales & Profits.

Small & easy-to-implement business ideas that are guaranteed to make a big difference to your business.

by Robert Viney

Part 1.

This is the first part of a series of blogs with short bite size pieces of business advice, which if implemented could make a real difference to your business sales and profits.
I have realised, from more than 30 years of starting and running businesses, it is very often the small and simple things that can make the biggest difference to the growth of a business.
Also from coaching many businesses over the past 15 years, I have learned that many small businesses owners use the excuse of ‘not having time’ to NOT implement new ideas.
But when shown how to make small changes that take little time to plan and implement, they realise that they do have time, after all, and it is very possible to introduce new ideas that can make a big difference.


Here I Suggest 5 Business Growth Hack Ideas To Boost Your Business

Here I suggest FIVE ways to make changes to your business – one for every day of a 5 day working week.
Start with number 1 on Monday and work through to number 5 on Friday.
Each should only take one hour of your time, each day and, in some cases, a lot less time.


1.    Monday  -  Collect Customer Reviews
2.    Tuesday  -  Place Your Customer Reviews On Your Social Media and Your Website
3.    Wednesday  -  Make Continual Progress In Your Business
4.    Thursday  -  Ask Your Employees To Suggest Three Ways To Save Money In Your Business
5.    Friday  -  Divide Your Customers Into Customer Groups



1.    Collect Customer Reviews

87% of people will go online and check your customer reviews before they purchase from you.
But if you have no customer reviews or you only have a few or what you have are out of date, your potential customer will not be impressed and you could lose them.
But it is very simple to get a review from a customer who has made a purchase - simply ask them.
In my experience, most people are happy to provide you with a review, but many business owners are too frightened to ask for fear of what they will hear.
But good or bad, you need to know.
If the review is good, you will know that what you are doing is satisfying your customer and if the review is bad or poor, this is valuable information for you to improve things.
So, you must do it today.
Contact your most recent customers and ask them for a review  -  'phone or email them now!



2.    Place Your Customer Reviews On Your Social Media & Your Website

New potential customers will buy when they have trust in your business and your products.
One way to create trust is from good reviews from existing customers – so it makes sense to place them where your target customers will be looking and where they will see them.
That means your social media and your website.


See How This Can Be Done

Recently, I did this for one of my clients.
His name is Chris Fleet, a top accredited UK hypnotherapist, helping people with anxiety and depression to improve their lives.  He also trains new hypnotherapists at his Devon School Of Hypnotherapy to Diploma Level.
Recently I placed this review from a successful hypnotherapy student, who graduated from his school, onto his Facebook and LinkedIn pages.
It was only part of the review, as the student Jo Webber provided a lengthy review - but it was enough to create much awareness.

Chris-Was-An-Amazing-Teacher-e1536140627160 5 Business Growth Hacks (Part1) To Boost Your Business Sales & Profits

Here is another student review from another one of Chris Fleet's successful students, Ali De Matos  -   I placed this onto the home page of his website, along with a picture of Chris and Ali De Matos, proudly showing off her Diploma In Hypnotherapy.
Crucially, the review and picture were placed near the top of the webpage, so that more visitors would see it.
Again this technique has worked well and has helped to sell his Hypnotherapy Course places.


Testimonial-Ali-DeMatos-e1536142298146 5 Business Growth Hacks (Part1) To Boost Your Business Sales & Profits

Gain-A-Diploma-In-Hypnotherapy 5 Business Growth Hacks (Part1) To Boost Your Business Sales & Profits

You can see more by visiting https://www.chrisfleethypnotherapytraining.co.uk
This technique of placing customer reviews onto social media and onto website pages can be very powerful and is something you should do, too.


3.    Make Continual Progress In Your Business

It is wise to have a good Business Plan for your business to set your strategy, but too often, small businesses create a Business Plan, then either forget about it or ignore it.
Often there is a good reason for this  -  the business strategy that they have set themselves or that someone else has set for them is too ambitious and they are overwhelmed by it.
In business, you need to continually move forward, but a slow steady pace is far better than trying to grow your business at a gallop – growing a business is a marathon NOT a sprint.
The best strategy that I advise for my clients is simply to just beat the previous month’s sales total. If you do this most of the time, you are ultimately moving your business forward and in the right direction.


This Is Very Simple To Do
This is simple to do  –  just record and total your business sales for each month and try to beat the previous month’s total.
For most businesses, you can either keep a cumulative sales total as the month progresses or set aside an hour or so at the end of each month, to total your sales.
If you don’t beat the previous month, then sit down and see how you can improve things for the coming month.
By adopting this strategy, it can remove a lot of unnecessary stress and can stop you becoming overwhelmed by the enormity of the task of achieving a large growth.
If your monthly turnover is £10,000.00, say, and you beat each month by 1% for ten months of the year, your annual sales will grow by approximately 10%  -  provided, of course, the other two months don't see a big drop in your sales!



4.    Ask Your Employees To Suggest Three Ways To Save Money

Employees love to feel that they are more than just ‘workers’ in a business.
I know from experience that many like to feel more involved in the business than just working in it and one of the best ways to achieve this is by sometimes involving them in the decision making.
I know many employees have some good ideas about how a business should be run but, too often, they feel their views are not welcome or are not needed.
They then keep these ideas to themselves.
For my businesses, some of my best business idea have come from employee suggestions and these ideas have proved to be very successful when implemented.
As a business owner, you cannot have all the answers on how your business should be run best and you should really welcome ideas from the people who are often the closest to the working clogs of your business  -  namely, your employees.


Ask Them To Suggest Three Ways
Today ask your employees to suggest THREE WAYS to save money and to reduce costs in your business  -  maybe, even offer a prize for the best suggestion.
I think you could be surprised by what is suggested.



5.    Divide Your Customers Into Customer Groups

Then, finally for Friday, a good suggestion to grow your sales by understanding your customers better.
You customers will only buy from you if they feel your products really help them and if your products provide the right benefits.  If they think your products are not right, they will not buy and you could lose potential sales.
One good way to optimise your sales is to ensure your products are exactly what your customers want but there is a good chance not all of your products will appeal to every customer.
If, for instance, you run a café and you have a nice selection of meals, it is very easy to think that everyone will have the same dietary tastes.
But, in reality, this is not the case.
For instance, older people may like to eat different meals to younger people, meat eaters will want different choices to vegetarians and vegans and some people may like a large meal while others will like a light meal.
This is just a general description of how tastes could vary.


Customers Can Be Divided Into Groups
A good way to approach this is to think that customers can be divided into distinct customer groups, where each group could contain customers of a similar disposition with similar tastes, such as:


·      Older people
·      Younger people
·      Meat eaters
·      Vegetarians
·      Vegans
.      Children


In order to optimise your café sales, you would be well advised to offer different meals for the different individual customer groups.


For other businesses, you might have other customer groups based on:


·      Gender
·      Earning ability
·      Marital status
·      Retired
·      Homeowners
·      Students
This list is not exhaustive but should give you an idea of how to potentially divide your customers into groups.


Simple Exercise To Evaluate Your Customer Groups
It is a very simple exercise to take an A4 piece of paper and to list the likely customer groups that your products appeal to, and then to list which of your products will appeal to each group.
You should then assess each customer group, separately, and see whether the needs and wants of the customers in each group are fully catered for by your products.
When they are not, maybe create new products or improve existing products.


Maybe ask yourself these questions:
1.    Do I have a good choice of product(s) for each of my customer groups?
2.    Are my products right for each customer group?
3.    Do my products bring the right benefits to each of my customer groups?
4.    Does each of my customer groups get a good customer experience from my products?
From this very simple exercise, you could be surprised to discover that you are losing potential sales simply because you are neglecting one or more customer groups.
To help you with the process, you could even ask your customers what their views are  –  as suggested in 1) above here in this article.
The more you know and understand about the needs and wants of your customers, the greater the number of customers, you will attract and the more of your products, they will buy.


5-Business-Growth-Hacks 5 Business Growth Hacks (Part1) To Boost Your Business Sales & Profits


All 5 Growth Hacks Are Very Easy To Implement

The basis to the success of my business coaching is to make business owners think differently about their businesses.
Very often owners are too close to their businesses and their thinking becomes very narrow and very restrictive.
But when shown ‘how to think’ and ‘what to think’ differently, I have seen many business owners experience ‘lightbulb moments’ where they suddenly see things differently within their businesses.
The results can be staggering  -  creating big positive changes to their businesses through small actions that have taken ONLY the minimum amount of time and effort to implement.


I Want To Challenge You To Use These Ideas

Starting next MONDAY, please implement each one of these ideas on the days indicated and see if you can use these ideas to grow your business.
If you are already using some or all of these ideas, then well done.


Let Me Know How You Get On

I would love to know how you get on  -  so please contact me.
Email me at robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk or contact me below.

Best Of Luck!

Please look out for Part 2, too, in the coming weeks, with more easy-to-implement ideas to grow your business.

Be A Business Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses

Be-A-Business-SuccessBy-CopyingOtherSuccessfulBusinesses Be A Business Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses


Be A Business Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses.

 Want To Boost The Success Of Your Business?

A Method Guaranteed To Bring Business Success.

If you are running a business or you are planning on starting a new business, I am sure you want it to be as successful as you can make it.
There is one simple process that can boost the success of any business, but so many business owners don’t think to use it.
Many don’t even know about it.
But if it is done right, it is guaranteed to work.
Here in this report, I want to share with you the method I used to create a great start to my first business.  I am certain if you use the same method, your business or your startup could be greatly enhanced as a result.


Originally, I Was Told I Would Not Succeed In Business

When I first started in business, I was told that I would not be a business success and that I would fail and that I should forget the idea.
This got me thinking and wondering why some businesses were successes and why some businesses failed and why some entrepreneurs were massively successful and why some entrepreneurs were not.
I decided to research business success and business failure and to see if there was a trend.
This was back in 1980, when there was no internet, so the process was not as easy as it could be now, but I decided to talk to as many business people as I could and to research their businesses, their business models, their business strategies and their levels of business success.


A very strong trend emerged

1)      The most successful businesses owners and entrepreneurs were those with a strong positive mindset and attitude, generally.
2)      The least successful business owners and entrepreneurs were those with weak, negative mindsets.
In short, I observed that the stronger and the more positive the mindset, the greater the business success.
But this was only true if the strong mindset was applied right.
A strong positive mindset and attitude did not guarantee success.
The most successful in business were those who applied their strong mental attitudes best in their thinking and in their actions. In other words, the entrepreneurs who were able to adopt the smartest thinking and the smartest actions.
Thirty plus years later, I can say that this observation is still true and, importantly, it is not just my observation, as it is also supported by The Harvard Business School and many of the other global business schools, who consistently report that their most successful candidates are those with the strongest attitudes and not necessarily the best grades.
I have written about this previously in four of my other blogs, namely:
Become One Of The 10% Most Successful In Business
Have A Strong Positive Mind
Have Smart Business Thinking
Have Smart Business Actions
Please have a read of these, if you have not already done so.


When I did Start, I Was Ready To Start

I eventually started my business in 1984, but when I did start I was ready to start.
I knew how to succeed in my business and I knew how to avoid failure.
I not only researched the most successful entrepreneurs in business and understood why they succeeded but I also copied many of their successful business ways, strategies, and methods.
And, I also researched those entrepreneurs who had failed and understood why they failed and made a conscious effort to avoid their ways and methods.


I changed My Mindset And Attitude

One of the most important things that I did was to change and strengthened my mindset and my attitude and I learned how to think smartly and creatively.
Again, previously, I have written about this in two of my other blogs:
7 Ways To Achieve A Positive Attitude
8 Ways To Beat The Fear Of Failure


I Researched My Competitors

My research also took me to investigating my potential competitors, in great detail, and to looking at their business strategies and business models.  I worked out which business strategies and business models created their business success and worked out which strategies and models were not so successful.
When I started, I designed my business around the strong parts of my competitors’ business models and I avoided the weak parts and the parts that were obviously not working.
In other words, I copied the best parts of my competitors’ businesses and avoided the bad parts.
But also, importantly, I did not just look at my competitors, I researched other businesses outside my niche and investigated both successful and unsuccessful businesses.
As with my competitors, I included the best parts into my own business and avoided the bad parts.


History Is Full Of Examples

When you look back at the history of starting and running businesses, there are loads of examples where SUCCESS IS SUCCESSFULLY COPIED.
It goes on all the time.
And, the reason is simple - it works.
Every successful business does it.
In the 1960’s, McDonald’s were very successful in the U.S. with their take-away burgers.  The founders of Burger King could see the success that McDonald’s were having and wanted to start a similar business.
But they did not rush in.
They took their time and they did their HOMEWORK first.
They studied the most successful McDonald’s outlets and learned about the methods of trading that they used, the products that they were selling and the customers who bought these products.
They did much of this research by literally visiting McDonald’s outlets and sitting inside and outside the busiest outlets.
They then simply watched what went on.
With their research complete, they then started their own outlet a very short distance from the busiest McDonald’s outlet and it proved a great success for the first Burger King.
Not only did the founders do things in a similar way, but they offered a similar product to McDonald’s, and as they started close by, McDonalds customers would see the Burger King and visit.
Burger King took a significant number of McDonald’s customers.


Burger King Were Smart

But Burger King were smart   –  they looked at the business model for McDonald’s and they copied it, but, importantly, they thought creatively about it and asked themselves one very important question:
“How can we make this better?”


They Made Subtle Changes

They made small changes to the business idea, business model and the products offered, which proved to be very popular with their target customers.
One distinctive change was offering relishes and sauces with the burgers, which is something that McDonald’s, at the time, were not offering.
You might think this was very bold starting a similar business on the door step of your competitor. But it worked – look at Burger King now.


I started In A Similar Way By Copying Other Successful Businesses

My first business was a pub.
But instead of just taking over the pub and trading, I looked at the other pubs in the area. I would visit the most successful pubs, buy a drink and sit and watch.
After several months, I understood which customers, I should target, what food and drinks were popular, what prices to charge, what customer service to provide and what customer experience to create.
When I started to trade in the pub, everything learned was put into place and within a year, the pub was the local market leader and I grabbed many of our competitors’ customers – the competitors’ who we had copied!
Like Burger King, I thought creatively about my offerings and offered everything slightly different but much better.
And, it worked.
Ironically, the better competitors, then tried to copy me but I kept creating new and better products and they just could not catch up again.


Copying Other Successful Businesses Goes On All The Time

Copying goes on all the time –  Pepsi Cola copied Coca Cola with their own cola drink and Apple and Samsung copy each other with their smart phones.
So it goes on all the time.
If you are not doing it in your business, you are a missing a very smart trick.


Understand What Your Competition Does & Why

Once you have identified a business to copy, it is important that you RESEARCH it heavily and UNDERSTAND why it is a SUCCESS and how the business model works.
You should look at all aspects of the business and ANALYSE EACH PART and THINK how you can incorporate the same ideas into your business.
One note of caution, most things you can copy, especially when you make small changes to the idea, but beware of any patent and copyright restrictions that may be in place and avoid plagiarism.


The High Failure Rate For Businesses Really Concerns Me

The high failure rate really concerns me, but I am absolutely certain that many existing businesses and those planning to start a business could do much better if they used this same method.
 Copy-Business-Success-e1527146647173 Be A Business Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses

Think How You Can Be A Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses

1)       Firstly decide that you are going to study SUCCESS and FAILURE.
2)      Then start to study and research your competitors comprehensively and worked out why some of these businesses are doing well and why some are not.
3)      Include other businesses outside your niche in your research and work out the reasons for the most successful and the reasons for the least successful.
4)      Think how you can incorporate the best parts into your business and how you can avoid the bad parts.  Set your business strategy and business model accordingly.
5)      Think creatively how you can improve on the best parts of your competitors’ business, to give yourself a competitive edge.
6)      Finally, take action and put into place what you have discovered.


One Thing To Think About

If a certain business is successful, and you were to introduce the same methods, same business strategies and same business models into your own business, would you not be just as successful, if you did things right?
The answer should surely be “YES!!!”
If you did it right, then you would be a success, too.

Be-A-Business-SuccessBy-CopyingOtherSuccessfulBusinesses Be A Business Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses

Be A Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses

If you want to be a SUCCESS in your business and not risk FAILURE, you should look at your SUCCESSFUL COMPETITORS and see what they are doing and copy them –  but add a twist, by making your version slightly different and better!
But don’t make the mistake of trying to reinvent the wheel.
That is very difficult to do.
Remember, Be A Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses.
If you would like to talk more about this with me, please contact me at Robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk. or contact me here:

Contact-Robert Be A Business Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses

Robert-Viney Be A Business Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses

Newsletter Be A Business Success By Copying Other Successful Businesses

Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy

Are-Your-Customers-Happy_-e1525955217396 Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy

Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy.

Driving Up Your Customer Satisfaction Rating Will Drive Up Your Customer Numbers.

More Customers Will Mean Greater Sales And Greater Profits.


When a customer is happy with a certain business, that customer will support that business much more, through buying more and telling others about it.
This may seem obvious, but so many businesses just don’t understand how important having happy customers is to their success.
I constantly see BIG and SMALL businesses with obviously unhappy customers and no efforts on the part of these businesses to improve things.
In my view, this is ONE BIG REASON why businesses fail.
And to be honest, any business that neglects its customers, deserves to fail.


Every Customer Deserves To Be Looked After

Every customer to every business deserves to be well looked after, to have their needs and wants satisfied completely and to be made to feel valued.
If a business is not doing this, then it does not deserve to be blessed with customers buying from it.
If you are not making your customers happy in your business, then you need to take a long hard look at yourself and start to change things.


My Objective Has Always Been To Have Very Happy Customers

With every one of my businesses, I have always strived to make my customers VERY HAPPY; and, that has been a big reason for my success.
My ultimate objective was to always achieve a HIGH CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RATING.
I have achieved that by focusing heavily on my customers and their wants, needs and desires and by delivering an EXCELLENT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.
In simple terms, I worked out what they wanted and gave it to them.


It Is Not That Difficult To Do

It is not that difficult to do.
Any business owner can do the same as I did - work out what your customers want from you and give it to them in the best way possible.
And, then focus on this process intently, day in and day out, and make it central to everything you do.


Every Business Needs Customers

Every business needs customers to survive.
Without them, there are no sales and no profits.
The more customers a business has, the more sales it will have, so it makes sense to drive up your sales by driving up your customer numbers.
And, the best way to drive up customer numbers is through having HAPPY CUSTOMERS.


In An Earlier Article, I Described How An Excellent Customer Experience Will Attract Customers

In an earlier article, I stated that you would never have to search far for customers if your customer experience was excellent.  I said that happy customers will return to buy more from you and they will tell others about you and your business, creating good ‘word of mouth’.
In the article, I describe how I used intense focus on the customer and the delivering of an excellent customer experience to acquire large numbers of customers and high sales for my seven businesses in 30 years.
Offer-The-Very-BestCustomer-Experience-e1525955283588 Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy
You can read the article here:

Related Post:    Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again.

Please read it now.


Within the article, I explained a procedure that you can adopt to improve your customer experience.
I emphasised the importance of knowing and understanding your customers and their wants and needs and of providing products that satisfy these. But I also emphasised the need to always send your customers away really happy, so that they become loyal to your brand and they tell others, creating ‘word of mouth’.


Customer Satisfaction Must Be Measured

Again, in the same article, I said that once you have enacted a strategy to create an excellent customer experience, you must appraise it and monitor it, continually.
When the customer has an excellent experience, their customer satisfaction rating should be high.  But you should never assume your rating.
It should always be measured.
As part of my strategy, I have always measured how satisfied my customers were.


I Did Not Just Want To Hear The Good Stuff

Crucially though, I have not just wanted to hear the good stuff and know that my strategy was working but, also, I wanted to hear the bad stuff too.
Through the bad stuff , I could see where things were not working right and I could work out how to rectify things.
And, I always did and I always did it quickly.


I Had A Strong Message For My Customers

In my businesses, I had a strong message for my customers.
I used to say to them:
“If what we do makes you happy, please tell your friends. But if what we do does not please you, then please tell us, so that we can correct things”
If-what-we-do-makes-you-happy-please-tell-your-friends.-But-if-what-we-do-does-not-please-you-then-please-tell-us-so-that-we-can-correct-things” Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy
And, our customers did help us here.
Most were very happy and did, indeed, tell others but occasionally our few unhappy customers did tell us about their poor experiences and we were able to rectify these.
Importantly, by talking to our unhappy customers, I was able to put things right and to make them return again to purchase more from us.
In fact, in most cases, I was able to convert unhappy customers into loyal and happy customers, over time.
I did not lose them.


Things Don’t Always Go To Plan

It is almost impossible to run a business where things do not always go to plan and where the customer experience suffers.
But many businesses have a poor contact with their customers and this makes it difficult to quantify how happy their customers are.
They are ignorant of their true Customer Satisfaction Ratings.


Some Business Owners Don't Want To Know

Some business owners don’t want to know what their customers are thinking, hiding their heads in the sand, not able to confront their customer dissatisfaction.
That is not the way to trade a business.
As Bill Gates of Microsoft once famously said:

“Your unhappiest customers are your greatest source of learning”


You Must Know What Your Customers Are Thinking

Customer numbers and sales will only grow, significantly, if you know what your customers are thinking about you and you can address the concerns of your unhappy customers.
You will lose your unhappy customers and you will not attract new ones and eventually your business will die.
Furthermore, your unhappy customers will tell others and that will create negative ‘word of mouth’ – something that can seriously erode and hamper the growth of a business.


How To Achieve A High Customer Satisfaction Rating

It is much easier than you think to change things and here I present a good way to do it.


Set One Big Objective

Set yourself one BIG OBJECTIVE of creating and achieving an excellent CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and an EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RATING.
  • Set the objective of achieving excellent experiences and an excellent customer satisfaction rating
In short, set yourself the objective to make your customers VERY HAPPY.
You should keep thinking about this, over and over again, until it sticks in your mind.
Then, start thinking about your customer experience and how you can make it better.  If your experience is already good, you should still think how it can be improved.
In my view, every business can make improvements.


Set A Strategy To Optimise Your Customer Satisfaction Rating

It is very possible to make your customers happy and to optimise your customer satisfaction rating and to minimise your number of customer complaints.
Here is a 9 Step Strategy that you should implement:
  1. Create a strategy to provide an excellent customer experience. Use the procedure that I suggested in my article -
    Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again.
  2. Ask your customers for their comments and their reviews.
  3. Invite your customers to tell their friends if they are happy and to tell you if they are unhappy.
  4. Analyse the reasons for your customers’ unhappiness.
  5. Make changes to what you do, to improve your experience.
  6. Compensate your unhappy customers and encourage them to return.
  7. Set an objective to reduce the number of customer complaints.
  8. Don’t get complacent when you achieve a high overall customer satisfaction rating.
  9. Keep working hard to create happy customers, excellent customer experiences, a high customer satisfaction rating and a low customer complaint ratio.

Central to this procedure is understanding your customer and their needs, wants and desires and to giving them the products that satisfy these, in the way they want to receive them and at the prices they want to pay.
Once you get this right, you can then look to making the experience EXCELLENT.


Talking To Your Customers Is Key

Whether your business involves face to face contact with your customers, such as retail, or distant contact with your customers, such as an online business, you must devise ways to talk to your customers and to ask them for their views on what you do.
You must listen to both the good and bad comments but, in particular, you should listen to the bad comments and you should take action that effect changes to improve your customer experience.
Your unhappy customers should be compensated and appeased and you should attempt to encourage these to return and to become loyal customers - this is very possible, if complaints are handled in the right way and quickly.
Over time, the number of customer complaints should diminish but you should set a low complaint ratio as your objective.


Don’t Get Complacent

It is important that you don’t get complacent when you achieve consistently high customer satisfaction ratings.
You must continually work hard to provide an excellent customer experience and high customer satisfaction rating and low a customer complain ratio.


Start Doing This Today

What I advise here does work, as I have done it myself over many years and I have advised others to do the same.
So, please start today, copying my methods.
Today, set yourself the BIG OBJECTIVE:
  • Set the objective of achieving excellent experiences and excellent customer satisfaction
Then, set about implementing my 9 Step Strategy.
If you can do this right, your customer numbers should go through the roof, as will your sales and business profits.

Are-Your-Customers-Happy_-e1525955217396 Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy

I Want To Inspire Every Business Owner To Focus On Customer Experience & Customer Satisfaction

The purpose of this article and all my others is to encourage every business owner, to do better in their businesses.
If you have found the article useful, then please copy what I have done and make your customers really happy and drive up your customer satisfaction rating.
Also, please circulate it to other business owners and business friends, too, so that more can benefit from this.


Best Of Luck Everyone

Best of luck to everyone and please let me know how you get on.


I Coach Business Owners To Think And Act Differently

Having sold my businesses, I now coach other businesses on the tried and tested methods that I have used for 30 years to drive my own success.  I have many methods to teach, but focusing heavily on the customer, customer experience and customer satisfaction is a principle one.
Business success is down to the quality of the thinking and the quality of the actions - the better both are, the greater the success potential.
Also central to much of what I coach is changing how and what business owners think and how they act.  The ultimate goal being to achieve far better results in less time and with greater efficiency.
If you would like to learn more about these processes, I include links to articles that should help you in your business, here.
For Greater Business Success, Change Your Thinking - Create Smart Business Thinking 
For Greater Business Success, Change Your Thinking - Create Smart Business Actions
Become One Of the 10% Most Successful Business
If you would like to talk to me about this or you have any comments, please contact me here. Also, if you have your own stories of how you have achieved an excellent customer experience, I would love to hear them.

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Double Your Business Profit

Double-Your-Profits-7 Double Your Business Profit

Would You Like To Double Your Business Profits?

It Could Be Easier Than You Think.

You Could Do It By Just Making Small Changes.


It is very possible to DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS PROFIT by making SMALL changes to your REVENUE SALES, MARGINS and COSTS.

If YOU have read some of my other articles on this site, YOU would have read my comments about the top 10% who achieved good profits and good success in their businesses and the remaining 90% who are running mediocre business with mediocre profits.

In my articles, I have also made several references to SMART BUSINESS THINKING and SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS and have said that if the 90% want to migrate to the top 10%, they have to change their THINKING and ACTIONS in their businesses.

In this article, I want YOU to THINK that through SMART BUSINESS THINKING and SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS, YOU could increase your BUSINESS PROFIT dramatically by only making small changes to your business and your business plan.

I know from experience in my own businesses and working with other businesses and startups that relatively small changes can be made that could literally DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS PROFIT, through doing the following:-

  • REVENUE SALES be increased by 20%
  • MARGINS be increased by 8%
  • COSTS be decreased by 10%

Look At An Example

Let me give YOU an example for an average business with £125,000 SALES REVENUE (ex VAT), GROSS PROFIT MARGIN of 50% or £62,500 and COSTS of £40,000.

A PROFIT AND LOSS SUMMARY for this business could look like this:-

  • REVENUE SALES                              £125,000
  • GROSS PROFIT                                   £62,500   (50%)
  • COSTS                                                  £40,000
  • NET BUSINESS PROFIT                    £22,500   (18%)

If YOU made the changes that I highlighted above, the PROFIT AND LOSS SUMMARY could look like this:-

  • REVENUE SALES                             £150,000
  • GROSS PROFIT                                  £81,000   (54%)
  • COSTS                                                 £36,000
  • NET BUSINESS  PROFIT                 £45,000  (30%)

Here the NET BUSINESS PROFIT in terms of MONEY has doubled to £45,000 and the NET BUSINESS PROFIT in terms of PERCENTAGE has risen 66% from 18% to 30%.

Hopefully, YOU can see that a BIG CHANGE to the NET BUSINESS PROFIT has been made through reasonably small changes to the BUSINESS NUMBERS.


Business Profit Is Doubled

Surely £45,000 is MUCH BETTER than £22,500!

But, I hear YOU say that YOU could NOT make these changes in your business, small as they maybe.

My reply would be that these changes could be easier than YOU THINK, so please read on!


How To Do This

If YOU have read some of my other ARTICLES on this site, YOU would have read that I have said YOU should KNOW and UNDERSTAND YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERS COMPREHENSIVELY.

This means KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING them MUCH BETTER than YOU do now  -  MUCH BETTER!!!

Through this KNOWLEDGE, YOU will be to achieve the following:-

  • YOU will able to TARGET your TARGET CUSTOMERS much better with your MARKETING, grabbing more CUSTOMERS and making them BUY MORE from YOU.
  • YOU will be able to BUILD A BIGGER ARMY OF LOYAL CUSTOMERS who will return time and time again to BUY MORE.
  • YOU will be able to provide MUCH BETTER PRODUCTS that will provide BETTER HELP and BENEFITS for your TARGET CUSTOMERS.
  • YOU will be able to provide MUCH BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE that will EXCITE and IMPRESS your TARGET CUSTOMERS.
  • YOU will be able to provide BETTER PRODUCTS and BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE, allowing YOU to increase your PRICES modestly.
  • By EXCITING your CUSTOMERS, YOU will create WORD OF MOUTH, the most powerful MARKETING TOOL in business, thus reducing your MARKETING COSTS.

All of the above will GROW your REVENUE SALES and GROSS PROFIT MARGIN and help to reduce some COSTS.

In addition to this, every business owner should do a COMPREHENSIVE AUDIT of their REVENUE, MARGINS & COSTS ideally every 3 months and certainly every 6 months to see where they can GROW their business and make SAVINGS  -  many businesses don’t do this EVER!!

The most successful in business will do this as a course of habit and are constantly tweaking their BUSINESS PLANS.

Have The Same Habit

If YOU want the same SUCCESS, YOU could achieve it by acquiring this same habit.

Hopefully, this has convinced YOU that this possible.

If you wish to continue the conversation, please email me at Robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk or contact me here: 


You Could Do Even Better Than This

In my view, doing what I have described is the minimum anyone can do in their businesses -  I THINK much more is possible  -  I am talking about DOUBLING or TREBLING REVENUE SALES!!!

The WILL to MAKE THE CHANGES along with SMART BUSINESS THINKING and SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS is all that is needed.     This will create the FOCUS to look at your CUSTOMERS, your PRODUCTS, your TRADING MARKET and EVERYTHING ELSE in your business and an AVALANCHE of possibilities will unfold to effect the changes that I have described here in this ARTICLE.





And, DO IT NOW!!!

If YOU wish to discuss this article further with me, please email at Robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk

Or please contact me below:

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