Visualise Your Success. Visualise your goals and keep thinking about them

Visualise Your Business Success

Share Our Blog To The World Visualise Your Success. See How Visualising Your Goals Could Boost Your Business Success Prospects. . Recently a client of mine won a prestigious business award from ex Dragen’s Den, Theo Paphitis. Charlotte Kleban of Hand Drawn World ( is a very gifted and award-winning graduate textile designer who specialises […]

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Is your mindset holding you back?

Is Your Mindset Holding You Back?

  Is Your Mindset Holding You Back? Your mindset could be the difference between SUCCESS and FAILURE. Psychologists suggest that business people have one of two MINDSET TYPES:- GROWTH MINDSET FIXED MINDSET The most successful in business have a growth mindset. What mindset do you have? In order to determine which type YOU are, YOU […]

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