8 Step Goal Setting Process For Success

8 Step Goal Setting Process For Success.

The most successful in business have many secrets to their success but many will say that one of the most effective tools has been GOAL SETTING.


Personally, I have always used GOAL SETTING and I am absolutely certain that I would not have started and run 7 highly successful businesses without the benefits that this process has brought me.

Generally, very few people use GOAL SETTING and this is one big reason why fewer than 1% of entrepreneurs achieve real business success.

I strongly recommend the process, if you are intent on building your success.


Goal Setting Can Create Many Benefits

Achieving GOAL SETTING, yourself, will bring the following benefits are:

  •  It will create something to aim for in your life or in your business and it will bring a vision of where you are going and where your journey will take you.

  • It will create clarity, allowing you to see more clearly what you are trying to achieve for yourself and your business and how you will complete your journey.

  • It will give you greater focus on every part of your life and every part of your business. 

  • It will create drive, determination and momentum and will allow you to move forward constantly, making good progress.

Many Get Lost In Their Businesses

It is very easy to get lost and overwhelmed in business.

In my experience, many entrepreneurs get lost because they don’t have the vision of where they are aiming for and they lack the clarity of how to get there.  Many also lack focus and are easily distracted, leading to procrastination and a lack of drive, determination and progress.


Goal Setting Can Get You Back On Track

Goal setting can get you back on track and can keep you there, powering you forward.

If you don’t set goals, I strongly urge you consider using this process  -  I think you could be surprised by the transformation, you could achieve.


Set Personal & Business Goals

If you have read any of my previous blogs, you would know that your personal attitude and mindset is just as important as your business strategy, if you are to achieve business success.


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For this reason, you should set personal goals for your own personal development as well as business goals for your business.

You are the power house of your business and for you to get through the rough times, you need a strong mental attitude, so setting personal goals, such as being more positive and less negative can do that.

Business goals such as setting targets for sales, profits and product launches, etc. can really project your business forward.

 8 Step Goal Setting Process For Success


Steps For Goal Setting

I have always used the following GOAL SETTING PROCESS and I suggest you adopt this, too.

Firstly, list FIVE PERSONAL GOALS and 5 FIVE BUSINESS GOALS that you would like to achieve in the next year.  Write them down in the present tense as if you have already achieved them.  This helps your subconscious mind accept the goals and will allow you to action them.

Secondly, prioritise the ONE PERSONAL GOAL that would bring the greatest benefit to you, personally, if achieved, and prioritise the ONE BUSINESS GOAL that would bring the greatest benefit to your business, again if achieved.

Thirdly, follow the following 8 STEPS to achieve your goals.


Step 1

Write your goal down clearly in detail.

Step 2

Set a specific date deadline.  If it is a big goal, set sub date deadlines and write them down in chronological order.

Step 3

Break your goal down into small steps that you need to perform and, if necessary, break each step down into sub steps.  You should include as much detail as possible to create clarity.  As you think of new steps, add these.

Step 4

Create an action plan for each step and sub step.

Step 5

Think of possible obstacles and challenges that you will need to overcome on the way and list these.

Step 6

Place all steps, sub steps and obstacles in chronological sequence and order.

Step 7

Take action each day on each goal. Don’t stop and keep the momentum going until you have achieved your goal.

Step 8

Read and review each goal each day and make sure that you really understand the steps involved. If your strategy requires changes to the steps and sub steps, make these changes.

Follow this process - 8 Step Goal Setting Process For Success


If you follow this process, I am certain you will be surprised how much things will change for you. 

You must be patient, though, and don’t expect change overnight. Let the process take its course and execute each step and sub step in the correct way.


Read & Review Each Goal Each Day

It is vitally important that you read and review each goal each day and that you take action every day, too.  By doing this, you will maintain momentum and dispel any doubts you may harbour about your ability to progress your goals.

As you think of new goals add them to the original list, you made originally, and as you achieve each goal, select a new high priority goal to replace it and apply the same 8 Step process to it. 

8 Step Goal Setting Process For Success


Make Goal Setting A Habit

Make goal setting and goal achieving a HABIT.  You will find that you will become far more productive and your confidence in your own ability and in your business success will grow.

But importantly, you will see yourself and your business make good progress.


Best of luck!

Please let me know how you get on.  

If you wish to discuss this further with me, please contact me below:

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