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Boost Your Customer Numbers Through Engagement

Customer-Engagement-2-e1533711443948 Boost Your Customer Numbers Through Engagement

Want To Boost Your Customer Numbers?

Engage with every customer & treat them like a 'guest' visiting your home.

 Written by Robert Viney @RobertViney


I am certain that if you greeted a visitor into your home, you would be courteous, polite and friendly.
Am I correct?
When an existing or potential customer visits your business, do you extend the same courtesy?
I would hope you would.
But if you do, I think, quite possibly, you could be in the minority.


Many Businesses Do Not Treat Their Customers As Guests

In my experience, many businesses do not do this.
And, sadly, these businesses are missing out on new customers, more sales and more profits, as a result, and they cannot see it.


A Sure Way To Grow Your Customer Numbers Is To Engage

A sure way to grow your business customers, sales and profits is to put yourself out and to engage with everyone who comes into contact with your business.
Then, over time, many of these people could be converted into paying customers.


Convert Guests Into Customers

I know, for certain, that this works.
For more than 30 years, I have practiced making people feel like ‘guests’ and I have been able to convert many of these into paying customers.
In all my businesses, it has never failed to work.


I Often See Businesses Not Engaging

Constantly, I see businesses not engaging sufficiently.
Let’s look at the retail trade …
I am continually disappointed by the reception that I get when I visit high street shops.
It does not matter where I am, I often get the same reception … or the lack of reception.
More often than not, there is no engagement from the staff or owners of these shops.
Not even an acknowledgement!


I Expect This In Larger Shops

Sadly, I expect it in larger shops owned by large chains, but I often see the same action from smaller independent shops when the owner is present.
So many make no effort to engage, not even a “Hello” or even ‘eye contact’
I take that as being very rude and this action can make it uncomfortable for the customer to be in the shop.
I certainly don’t feel like a ‘guest’


For me, my thought is often this:
“If the owner cannot be bothered to engage, then I cannot be bothered to browse their shop and spend my money”
So, I leave the shop and I know many of my friends and associates feel and do the same!
Have you had this experience too?
These businesses are losing potential customers and sales and they cannot see it.


I Have Worked In Retail Most Of My Working Life

I have worked in retail most of my working life  –  I have run public houses and high street shops  - and engaging with customers has been easy for me.
When a customer is in front of me, making eye contact, saying “hello and welcome” is a spontaneous reaction.
I have always felt not to talk is VERY RUDE.


I Have Always Made The Effort To Talk

I have always made the effort to talk to them.
It does not have to be a long conversation, just a few words to make the customer feel welcome.
I have treated them as if they were a guest in my own home.


Most Customers Want To Be Welcomed

Most customers just want to be acknowledged with a nice “Hello” to break the ice.
Surely, in that situation, there is really no excuse on the part of the business owner or employee not to engage when the customer is just a few feet in front of them.
No engagement is very rude!
No engagement is ruining businesses and losing business owners customers, sales and profits.
No wonder the High Street is dying!


It Does Not Have To Be A Long Chat

The skill of the retailer is knowing whether the customer wants to just a quick “Hello” and a short chat or whether the customer wants a longer chat.
Not all customers are the same, but all customers deserve the courtesy and politeness of at least being acknowledged.

Copy-of-Customer-Engagement-490x350 Boost Your Customer Numbers Through Engagement

I See Poor Engagement Everywhere

It is not just retail businesses where I see little engagement, it is everywhere.
There is the telephone …
I have had more poor experiences than good ones, here.
Many times, I have experienced an unhelpful person on the other end of a telephone line, who keeps engagement to the minimum, making me feel they don’t really want my business.
Have you had this experience too?
I am sure you have.
The good telephone operative should be able to make a potential customer feel like a ‘guest’ by making them feel welcome to ‘visit’ their business, even though it is on a telephone line.


I See It Online Too

Online offerings from businesses can be similar.
The customer’s journey starts much earlier than it used to before the internet came along.
85% of customers will view a company’s website and their social media output and read their customer reviews, etc before buying from the customer.


But Many Are Not User Friendly

But, too often, the online offerings, such as their website or social media sites are not user friendly or are sparse on detail and don’t draw visitors into their businesses.
Half of businesses still don’t have websites (incredibly) and many of those that do have a website, do not seem to prioritise them by regularly updating them and making them easy to use.
Social Media is a great platform to engage with people before and after they buy, and many businesses are not taking advantage this great facility -  much of which is free to use.


Many Are Out Of Date

I often see websites and social media output that are not regularly updated.
One bad practice for social media is what I call ‘post & go’ – here a piece of content is posted about their business and then the business owner disappears, often ignoring corresponding comments and questions or not responding quickly to them.
That is no way to engage and this poor level of engagement puts people off the brand.


People Should Be Made To Feel Like ‘Guests’ On Line, too

When someone visits the online offering for a business, they should be made to feel welcome and again be made to feel like a ‘guest’ – but sadly many don’t.
If a visitor feels like a ‘guest’, they are more likely to stay on a website or a social media platform and have a good look at what is offered and be tempted to make contact or buy.


Some Businesses Try To Sell Too Hard

Other businesses make the mistake of posting content that tries to sell sell rather than educate on their Social Media accounts.
These businesses do not realise that customers want to learn about the products and the business selling them before they consider purchasing.


People do NOT want to be sold to

All target customers want to learn about a business, its products and the benefits that can be experienced.
And, they all want this before they buy.


People Want To Learn About The People Behind A Business

Furthermore, people want to learn about the people who own and run the business.
If social media marketing is done right, it is very possible to gain an insight into the personalities of the owners and the culture of the business.
All of which can influence a purchase.


Engagement Does Work

Not all businesses are poor at engagement.
Many do it very well, some incredibly well, but sadly, from my observations, such businesses are in the minority.
But, I know with great certainty that the businesses that engage and talk well to their customers, always achieve higher sales and profits.


Why Does Engagement Work?

The reason engagement works is very simple.


People Buy People!

A person is more likely to buy from a business if they know and like the people who own and run it.
It is basic psychology.
When a customer likes the people behind a business, they will buy more of their products, be loyal to their brand and they are more likely to tell others about that business.
Conversely, though, when people feel no affinity for a business, its brand and its products, they do not buy.


I Ran A Delicatessen Business For 12 Years

For 12 years I ran two very successful delicatessens/sandwich shops in Torbay. Myself and my employees engaged with all visitors and customers to the shops.
I say ‘visitors to the shops’ as I was not bothered if people entering the shops bought. Everyone received a nice greeting and each was made to feel welcome and, importantly, there was no pressure to buy.
Each visitor was made to feel like a ‘guest’
PICKNICS-OF-DEVON-TORQUAY-SHOP Boost Your Customer Numbers Through Engagement
My philosophy was simple:
Get to know people through engagement and then build up a relationship with them rather than try to sell to them.
On average, 8 out of 10 people always returned to buy eventually.
And, when they did buy, we were always keen to thank them and to engage further, encouraging them to return and, I am very pleased to say, most did.
In this way, we were able to build up a huge army of loyal customers who returned to buy more and more.


Businesses That Engage Are Busier

Any business whether, retail, non-retail or online that adopts this same procedure of engagement are always busier with larger numbers of customers and sales.
It always works, if done right.


For Your Business, Set A Deliberate Strategy To Make People Feel Like ‘Guests’

If you don’t have a strategy of engagement now, set yourself one now to create greater engagement and make your customers and potential customers feel like ‘guests’.
One of the biggest tips that I can give you is to think about how you interact and engage with your customers:
  • Before a purchase
  • During a purchase
  • After a purchase
Look at all the contact points between your business and your customer  -  even make a list of each contact point and critically analyse how you and your employees engage and interact.
Whether a contact point is direct or indirect engagement with your target customer, review this contact point.
Does it make your target customer feel welcome and comfortable within your business?
Does it make them feel like a ‘guest’?
Look at your website and social media channels and ask yourself if you sell too hard.
Do you educate or sell?
Ask yourself if you provide enough information about your products or services to enable the potential customer to make an informed decision about buying.
Will your potential customer understand everything that they need to know before they buy and is this information easily accessible and presented well?


80% Education To 20% Selling

I think, from experience, an average ratio of 80% education and 20% selling is a good ratio that can be very effective.
Try to adopt this ratio in your engagement.

Customer-Engagement-2 Boost Your Customer Numbers Through Engagement


Think How You Can Develop Long Term Relationships

This approach has successfully created thousands of long-term relationships with my customers and these relationships have been a large contributor to me being able to build up an army of loyal customers with each returning to buy more from my businesses, time and time again.
You can do the same.


Want More Advice?

If you would like to discuss this article more with me, further, and how you can develop more engagement within your business and how to make your customers feel like ‘visitors’ and ‘guests’, please contact me below or by email:
Robert-Viney-e1524724492788 Boost Your Customer Numbers Through Engagement

Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy

Are-Your-Customers-Happy_-e1525955217396 Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy

Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy.

Driving Up Your Customer Satisfaction Rating Will Drive Up Your Customer Numbers.

More Customers Will Mean Greater Sales And Greater Profits.


When a customer is happy with a certain business, that customer will support that business much more, through buying more and telling others about it.
This may seem obvious, but so many businesses just don’t understand how important having happy customers is to their success.
I constantly see BIG and SMALL businesses with obviously unhappy customers and no efforts on the part of these businesses to improve things.
In my view, this is ONE BIG REASON why businesses fail.
And to be honest, any business that neglects its customers, deserves to fail.


Every Customer Deserves To Be Looked After

Every customer to every business deserves to be well looked after, to have their needs and wants satisfied completely and to be made to feel valued.
If a business is not doing this, then it does not deserve to be blessed with customers buying from it.
If you are not making your customers happy in your business, then you need to take a long hard look at yourself and start to change things.


My Objective Has Always Been To Have Very Happy Customers

With every one of my businesses, I have always strived to make my customers VERY HAPPY; and, that has been a big reason for my success.
My ultimate objective was to always achieve a HIGH CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RATING.
I have achieved that by focusing heavily on my customers and their wants, needs and desires and by delivering an EXCELLENT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.
In simple terms, I worked out what they wanted and gave it to them.


It Is Not That Difficult To Do

It is not that difficult to do.
Any business owner can do the same as I did - work out what your customers want from you and give it to them in the best way possible.
And, then focus on this process intently, day in and day out, and make it central to everything you do.


Every Business Needs Customers

Every business needs customers to survive.
Without them, there are no sales and no profits.
The more customers a business has, the more sales it will have, so it makes sense to drive up your sales by driving up your customer numbers.
And, the best way to drive up customer numbers is through having HAPPY CUSTOMERS.


In An Earlier Article, I Described How An Excellent Customer Experience Will Attract Customers

In an earlier article, I stated that you would never have to search far for customers if your customer experience was excellent.  I said that happy customers will return to buy more from you and they will tell others about you and your business, creating good ‘word of mouth’.
In the article, I describe how I used intense focus on the customer and the delivering of an excellent customer experience to acquire large numbers of customers and high sales for my seven businesses in 30 years.
Offer-The-Very-BestCustomer-Experience-e1525955283588 Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy
You can read the article here:

Related Post:    Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again.

Please read it now.


Within the article, I explained a procedure that you can adopt to improve your customer experience.
I emphasised the importance of knowing and understanding your customers and their wants and needs and of providing products that satisfy these. But I also emphasised the need to always send your customers away really happy, so that they become loyal to your brand and they tell others, creating ‘word of mouth’.


Customer Satisfaction Must Be Measured

Again, in the same article, I said that once you have enacted a strategy to create an excellent customer experience, you must appraise it and monitor it, continually.
When the customer has an excellent experience, their customer satisfaction rating should be high.  But you should never assume your rating.
It should always be measured.
As part of my strategy, I have always measured how satisfied my customers were.


I Did Not Just Want To Hear The Good Stuff

Crucially though, I have not just wanted to hear the good stuff and know that my strategy was working but, also, I wanted to hear the bad stuff too.
Through the bad stuff , I could see where things were not working right and I could work out how to rectify things.
And, I always did and I always did it quickly.


I Had A Strong Message For My Customers

In my businesses, I had a strong message for my customers.
I used to say to them:
“If what we do makes you happy, please tell your friends. But if what we do does not please you, then please tell us, so that we can correct things”
If-what-we-do-makes-you-happy-please-tell-your-friends.-But-if-what-we-do-does-not-please-you-then-please-tell-us-so-that-we-can-correct-things” Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy
And, our customers did help us here.
Most were very happy and did, indeed, tell others but occasionally our few unhappy customers did tell us about their poor experiences and we were able to rectify these.
Importantly, by talking to our unhappy customers, I was able to put things right and to make them return again to purchase more from us.
In fact, in most cases, I was able to convert unhappy customers into loyal and happy customers, over time.
I did not lose them.


Things Don’t Always Go To Plan

It is almost impossible to run a business where things do not always go to plan and where the customer experience suffers.
But many businesses have a poor contact with their customers and this makes it difficult to quantify how happy their customers are.
They are ignorant of their true Customer Satisfaction Ratings.


Some Business Owners Don't Want To Know

Some business owners don’t want to know what their customers are thinking, hiding their heads in the sand, not able to confront their customer dissatisfaction.
That is not the way to trade a business.
As Bill Gates of Microsoft once famously said:

“Your unhappiest customers are your greatest source of learning”


You Must Know What Your Customers Are Thinking

Customer numbers and sales will only grow, significantly, if you know what your customers are thinking about you and you can address the concerns of your unhappy customers.
You will lose your unhappy customers and you will not attract new ones and eventually your business will die.
Furthermore, your unhappy customers will tell others and that will create negative ‘word of mouth’ – something that can seriously erode and hamper the growth of a business.


How To Achieve A High Customer Satisfaction Rating

It is much easier than you think to change things and here I present a good way to do it.


Set One Big Objective

Set yourself one BIG OBJECTIVE of creating and achieving an excellent CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and an EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RATING.
  • Set the objective of achieving excellent experiences and an excellent customer satisfaction rating
In short, set yourself the objective to make your customers VERY HAPPY.
You should keep thinking about this, over and over again, until it sticks in your mind.
Then, start thinking about your customer experience and how you can make it better.  If your experience is already good, you should still think how it can be improved.
In my view, every business can make improvements.


Set A Strategy To Optimise Your Customer Satisfaction Rating

It is very possible to make your customers happy and to optimise your customer satisfaction rating and to minimise your number of customer complaints.
Here is a 9 Step Strategy that you should implement:
  1. Create a strategy to provide an excellent customer experience. Use the procedure that I suggested in my article -
    Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again.
  2. Ask your customers for their comments and their reviews.
  3. Invite your customers to tell their friends if they are happy and to tell you if they are unhappy.
  4. Analyse the reasons for your customers’ unhappiness.
  5. Make changes to what you do, to improve your experience.
  6. Compensate your unhappy customers and encourage them to return.
  7. Set an objective to reduce the number of customer complaints.
  8. Don’t get complacent when you achieve a high overall customer satisfaction rating.
  9. Keep working hard to create happy customers, excellent customer experiences, a high customer satisfaction rating and a low customer complaint ratio.

Central to this procedure is understanding your customer and their needs, wants and desires and to giving them the products that satisfy these, in the way they want to receive them and at the prices they want to pay.
Once you get this right, you can then look to making the experience EXCELLENT.


Talking To Your Customers Is Key

Whether your business involves face to face contact with your customers, such as retail, or distant contact with your customers, such as an online business, you must devise ways to talk to your customers and to ask them for their views on what you do.
You must listen to both the good and bad comments but, in particular, you should listen to the bad comments and you should take action that effect changes to improve your customer experience.
Your unhappy customers should be compensated and appeased and you should attempt to encourage these to return and to become loyal customers - this is very possible, if complaints are handled in the right way and quickly.
Over time, the number of customer complaints should diminish but you should set a low complaint ratio as your objective.


Don’t Get Complacent

It is important that you don’t get complacent when you achieve consistently high customer satisfaction ratings.
You must continually work hard to provide an excellent customer experience and high customer satisfaction rating and low a customer complain ratio.


Start Doing This Today

What I advise here does work, as I have done it myself over many years and I have advised others to do the same.
So, please start today, copying my methods.
Today, set yourself the BIG OBJECTIVE:
  • Set the objective of achieving excellent experiences and excellent customer satisfaction
Then, set about implementing my 9 Step Strategy.
If you can do this right, your customer numbers should go through the roof, as will your sales and business profits.

Are-Your-Customers-Happy_-e1525955217396 Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy

I Want To Inspire Every Business Owner To Focus On Customer Experience & Customer Satisfaction

The purpose of this article and all my others is to encourage every business owner, to do better in their businesses.
If you have found the article useful, then please copy what I have done and make your customers really happy and drive up your customer satisfaction rating.
Also, please circulate it to other business owners and business friends, too, so that more can benefit from this.


Best Of Luck Everyone

Best of luck to everyone and please let me know how you get on.


I Coach Business Owners To Think And Act Differently

Having sold my businesses, I now coach other businesses on the tried and tested methods that I have used for 30 years to drive my own success.  I have many methods to teach, but focusing heavily on the customer, customer experience and customer satisfaction is a principle one.
Business success is down to the quality of the thinking and the quality of the actions - the better both are, the greater the success potential.
Also central to much of what I coach is changing how and what business owners think and how they act.  The ultimate goal being to achieve far better results in less time and with greater efficiency.
If you would like to learn more about these processes, I include links to articles that should help you in your business, here.
For Greater Business Success, Change Your Thinking - Create Smart Business Thinking 
For Greater Business Success, Change Your Thinking - Create Smart Business Actions
Become One Of the 10% Most Successful Business
If you would like to talk to me about this or you have any comments, please contact me here. Also, if you have your own stories of how you have achieved an excellent customer experience, I would love to hear them.

Roberts-Business-Coaching-Learn-More Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy

Contact-Robert Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy

Robert-Viney-525x350 Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy

Newsletter Boost Your Business Success By Making Your Customers Happy

Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again


Offer-The-Very-BestCustomer-Experience-e1525955283588 Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again.

Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again.

Create A Great Customer Experience & Get Your Customers Excited.

Learn How You Can Grow Your Business By Offering An Excellent Customer Experience.


I have spent most of my working life in the pub trade running pubs and started as a manager for a small regional brewery running a pub in Southampton in the early 1980’s.
It was a tough job for a new and inexperienced manager during a recession-hit Britain in a town with high unemployment.
But it taught me much.
When myself and my partner took over The Frog And Frigate, the pub was very run down and needed a huge boost to get the right customers in.
But, within a year of starting, we had completely transformed the pub and it was packed to the rafters with happy customers every day.
The key to the success was CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.
Before taking over the pub, we researched the pub industry very heavily and we comprehensively studied the city of Southampton and our likely target customers.  By the time we started, we understood comprehensively the local trading market and we knew exactly who our target customers were and what their needs and wants were and we set about fulfilling these.
Everyone had a fantastic customer experience, going away excited and telling their friends.  We created an army of very loyal customers very quickly through ‘word of mouth’ mostly, spending very little on marketing or advertising.
In 1984, we bought our first pub in rural Somerset – The White Hart Inn. It was very run down with poor levels of trade and a poor reputation.

white-hart-2-e1527324160102 Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again

But we now knew how to transform a pub and we had the confidence to do it as we applied the same principles that we had used at The Frog & Frigate.
We researched our local trading market and target customers intensively and drew up detailed plans of how we would run the pub under our ownership.


Our Mission Was To Give Our Customers

The Very Best Customer Experience 


Our primary mission was to give our customers the very best customer experience.
We knew what the other pubs were offering in the area, but our mission was not to just offer better quality and better choice than the others but to offer EXCELLENCE in everything we did.
We wanted to offer the very best we possibly could offer.
And we succeeded.
For our first lunchtime, we took a worryingly low £14 but within 6 months, we had replicated our first success by filling the place to the rafters with happy customers, once more and every day.
Again, key to the success was CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.
Everything we offered was of a very high standard, exciting our customers and making them tell everyone else.  ‘Word of mouth’ was literally rampant.
Within a year, we were the market leader taking customers from every other local pub.  Most of these pubs responded by raising their standards, but they were all left wanting.
We had created such high standards in everything we did, our competition could not replicate our high standards.
In the 30 years following the purchase of The White Hart, more pubs, a brewery and two sandwich bars and delicatessens were all added and all very successfully.
But, importantly, the same principle was used to create high sales, namely CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

Anyone Can Copy What We Did

The procedure we used can be copied for any business and can be summarised as follows:
  1. Make it your mission to offer an excellent customer experience and to create excellence in everything you do.
  2. Set your business objective to excite your customers by offering excellent customer experiences and make your customers talk about you and your business.
  3. Comprehensively know and understand who your target customers are.
  4. Comprehensively understand what their wants, needs and desires are.
  5. Comprehensively know and understand who your target competitors are.
  6. Comprehensively understand the products offered by your competitors, including the quality, the customer service, customer experience and prices.
  7. Comprehensively understand how to be much better than your competitors.
  8. Fully understand the products you need to offer.
  9. Fully understand the quality, the customer service, customer experience and prices you need to offer.
  10. Create a full and detailed plan of how to deliver your customer experience. Have a customer experience plan.
  11. Execute your plan and continually monitor its success.
  12. Talk to your customers and create a strong lasting relationship.
  13. Appraise and monitor the views of your customers with regard to their customer experience.
  14. Make any adjustments where needed.

This Can Be Done For Any Business

If you want to give your business a boost, decide first that you will make it your mission to offer an excellent customer experience and set yourself the objective of always exciting your customers and making them tell others about you through ‘word of mouth’.
Then, you should start thinking about your customer experience, appraise what you do presently and see where you can make improvements.
Ask yourself if you really understand your customers, your competitors and the trading market and whether you really understand how to satisfy your customer's needs.  You should talk to your customers and ask them candidly what their view of their experience is and how it could be improved.
You should analyse every point at which your customers come into contact with your business and appraise whether the experience is one of excellence.
When you can see to make improvements, you must do so.
Then if your improvements are right for your business, you should see a corresponding gain in the fortunes of your business success over time.

Businesses That Prioritise Customer Service Always Do Better

Almost without exception, the businesses that prioritise their customer experience and succeed in delivering an excellent customer experience, in the eyes of the customer, are always able to grow their customer numbers, sales and profits.
I see it time and time again.
Conversely, when a business struggles, the reason is often a poor customer experience leading to poor customer engagement.

Offer-The-Very-BestCustomer-Experience-e1525955283588 Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again 

You Should Never Have To Search Hard For Customers Again

Once your improvements start to work, you should see customer loyalty grow with customers returning to buy more from you. As these customers tell others, ‘word of mouth’ should boost your customer numbers, your sales and profits and reduce your need to spend on your marketing.

Start Thinking Today About Your Customer Experience

Start thinking today about the customer experience you offer and make it your mission to offer an excellent customer experience and to create excellence in everything you do.
Then, think how you can make your customers happy and excited.
But also think that you can replicate this in your business to a high success, too.
If you would like to talk to me about delivering customer experience and to learn more about the methods I have used, then please email me at: robert @prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk or please contact me below using my contact form.
I would love to help you to boost your business.

Contact-Robert Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again

Robert-Viney-525x350 Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again

Newsletter Provide An Excellent Customer Experience & You Will Never Have To Search Far For Customers Again

Put Your Customer At The Heart Of Your Business


Put Your Customer At The Heart Of Your Business

Run Your Business Around Your Customer

If YOU have read my article ‘Your Customer Is King’, YOU should now think that your CUSTOMER is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of your business -  your CUSTOMER must be at the HEART of your business & you must prioritize achieving CUSTOMER LOYALTY.

If YOU are starting a new business or YOU are already running a business, YOU must THINK this.

Your business must be built around your customer.

Related Reading: Your Customer Is King!



Without Your Customer, You Have No Business

Your business SUCCESS and your PROFITS are directly related to how many CUSTOMERS buy from YOU, how much they buy from YOU and how much they spend with YOU.


But have a HUGE ARMY OF LOYAL CUSTOMERS buying LOADS of your PRODUCTS and have this HUGE ARMY OF LOYAL CUSTOMERS returning to your business, repeatedly to keep BUYING MORE, SPENDING LOADS of MONEY with YOU, then YOU will take your business away from MEDIOCRITY into being a MASSIVE SUCCESS with MASSIVE PROFITS.


Change Your Thinking

You must CHANGE YOUR THINKING -  THINK to put your CUSTOMER at the HEART of your BUSINESS and RUN your business around your CUSTOMER.

The place to start is to IDENTIFY a LARGE group of your TARGET CUSTOMERS for your business. YOU should then IDENTIFY what HELP MOST of them need from your business.  Then, YOU should PROVIDE the right PRODUCTS that will HELP MOST of them.

When YOU are happy that MOST of this LARGE GROUP of TARGET CUSTOMERS will repeatedly buy from YOU and become LOYAL CUSTOMERS and SPEND LOADS of MONEY with YOU, YOU should THINK about the PRICE that they will pay.

Some quick numbers should then follow, taking into account an estimate of what your REVENUE SALES and COSTS will be -  if your business proposition looks very VIABLE with MASSIVE PROFITS likely, then YOU should consider continuing with your business idea.

But only if MASSIVE PROFITS are likely.


Take Your Thinking Further ...

YOU should then take your THINKING MUCH FURTHER -  YOU should THINK how YOU can OPTIMIZE SALES with your group of TARGET CUSTOMERS.

YOU should THINK about:-


Your TARGET CUSTOMERS will only buy from YOU, if YOU get these RIGHT, too.

CUSTOMERS will only buy from YOU, if they TRUST YOU, your BUSINESS and your PRODUCTS.  Your CUSTOMER SERVICE has to be EXCELLENT and must be modelled on the CUSTOMER SERVICE that your CUSTOMERS want from YOU.

Ultimately, though, you have to equal or exceed your customer expectations and give them an EXCELLENT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - then your CUSTOMER SATISFACTION rating will be high.

Achieving an EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION has to be your overall OBJECTIVE with all this.

YOU must also THINK about having the right TARGETED MARKETING and GOOD CUSTOMER COMMUNICATIONS for procuring and keeping your TARGET CUSTOMERS -  this must involve TELLING YOUR CUSTOMERS what they want to hear.


Most Small & Medium Sized Businesses Don’t Think Like This

Most small and medium sized businesses don’t THINK in this way and they don’t put their CUSTOMERS at the HEART of their businesses.

If YOU are one of these -  CHANGE YOUR THINKING NOW!



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