Do you ask for customer reviews? Good or bad your need to know

Do You Ask For Customer Reviews?

If You Don’t, You Should.

Customer Reviews Can Be So Valuable For You.


Whether good or bad, customer reviews are such a valuable source of information for you; whether they are good or bad, you need to know what your customers think about:

  • Your products

  • Your prices

  • Your customer service

  • Your customer experience

  • Everything


Survey after survey shows that business owners do not understand how their customers feel and think about their businesses and their products.

For instance, the majority of business owners think that price is the most important consideration for customers when buying but, in actual fact, customers consistently say that customer service is the most important factor. Customers will stop buying a good product if the customer service is poor.

There is an obvious disconnect here.

.Do you ask for customer reviews? Good or bad your need to know


Receiving Good Comments Have Several Benefits

There are several benefits to receiving good comments. Here are a few:

  • You are able to assess the things that are right in your business

  • You are able to better plan your business and better set an effective strategy

  • You are able to train your employees better

  • You can use the reviews in your marketing


One thing every business owner must do, but many are poor at, is to continually review their businesses. And, good customer reviews will provide you with the information to do that.

Then, such information will allow you to know that certain aspects of the business are being run right and this knowledge will aid in the setting of a strategy for your business going forward.

Employee training is paramount to the success of any business, and is where many businesses fall down, but customer reviews can help here, too, by helping the business owner to create effective employee training programmes.


Good Reviews Can Be Used In Your Marketing

One other huge benefit of good customer reviews is for the marketing for a business; good reviews can make it very powerful for the following:

  • Social media posts

  • Website pages

  • Email marketing

  • Brochures and catalogues

  • All marketing

87% of consumers will look online for a customer review before buying a new product and the reason is simple to understand: genuine customer reviews convey trust and if a consumer has trust, they will buy.

Importantly, though, reviews should be shown in prominent places, so that people can see them; many business owners hide them away in a dark corner of a website.

You must be blatant with your reviews and testimonials:

  • Create a social media post where the image is the testimonial

  • Place a good review in a prominent place on your website’s home page – even make a good headline out of one

  • Create an email out of a good review

  • Place a good review on the front page of a brochure.


Receiving Poor Comments Could Have Several Benefits

Many business owners fear poor reviews or comments but these can be highly beneficial too:

  • You are able to appraise where you are going wrong in your business

  • You are able to change your planning & strategy to make improvements

  • You are able to change the training of your employees to make improvements


The information provided by poor reviews is invaluable; it provides you with vital information on your weaknesses and shows you the parts of your business, where you can and must improve.

This will allow you to amend your planning and business strategy to facilitate the improvements and it will allow you to optimise your employee training to carry out the improvements.


Do you ask for customer reviews? Good or bad your need to know


Many Customers Will Voluntarily Give Reviews

Many customers will provide reviews voluntarily; generally the better your business offerings, the more likely this will happen.

But you should never be shy to ask for one.

Don’t be fearful of what the review will say,

Think to yourself “I need to know this”


Today, Ask Your Customers For A Review

So, today, contact your customers and ask them for a review.



Let me know how you get on:

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