Use Word Of Mouth To Slash Your Marketing Spend

Use Word Of Mouth To Slash Your Marketing Spend

Use-Word-Of-Mouth-To-Slash-Your-Marketing-Spend Use Word Of Mouth To Slash Your Marketing Spend

Want To Slash Your Marketing Spend?

Use Word Of Mouth.

Word Of Mouth Can Be Very Powerful In Spreading The Word About Your Business & At Growing Your Business


In 30 years in business, I have created massive sales using one very powerful marketing method that has cost me nothing to implement.
Many business owners know about this same method but very few use it to great effect and I have yet to meet anyone who has used it as effectively as I have done with the same incredible results.
In this article, I want to share this method with you and I want you to use it to drive up your sales, too.

Word Of Mouth Is Very Powerful

I am sure you know that Word of Mouth can attract new customers, but do you know that if you make it your main marketing tool, it can be incredibly powerful in driving up customer numbers and sales in your business?
Your customer numbers and sales can literally be catapulted if you repeat my strategy.

Word Of Mouth Creates Trust

Word of mouth works well because it conveys trust.
When a recommendation about your business comes from one person to another, it conveys trust to the second person, and generally people buy when they have trust in a business, its service and its products.
I have been in business a long time and have started and run several businesses and I have always used WORD OF MOUTH as the biggest part of my marketing strategy.
Yes, not just part of my marketing strategy but the biggest part!

I have Included Word Of Mouth In My Marketing Strategy

Every Business Plan that I have ever created has included it.
As part of my marketing strategy, I have gone out of my way to make everything about my businesses, my products and my customer service really excellent, creating an excellent customer service and making my customers happy and excited.
Then, through this excitement, I have got my customers to tell others.
This strategy has worked really well in every one of my businesses and if you were to set the same strategy, you could achieve the same.
I have written about creating an excellent customer experience and making your customers happy, previously in two blogs. You can read them here:

Provide an excellent customer experience and you would never have to search for customers again

Boost your business success by making your customers happy


Word Of Mouth Saves Money, Time & Effort

In my in businesses, I have spent very little on marketing and advertising because of Word Of Mouth.  In fact, I estimate my expenditure has been just 0.005% of total sales generated.
Now that is cost effective!
But anyone can do the same  -  I am absolutely certain ANY business could create the similar return on investment too.

Your Customer Ambassadors Do The Marketing For You

When you excite a customer enough to make them repeatedly tell their friends and associates, they become what is often known as a ‘Customer Ambassador’  -  they become unofficial ‘Ambassadors’ for your business.
Many customers don’t know they are called that and many will not realise the function they are performing for you.
But every time one of your customers tells another person about you, they are doing your marketing for you.
And, importantly for your marketing budget, they do not get paid for this either, making this process very cost effective.


Many Owners Are Too Busy For Marketing Their Businesses

The one comment that I frequently get from small business owners is they do not have time to market their businesses.
But if every business owner set a deliberate marketing strategy of making their customers really happy and very excited through offering and delivering an excellent customer experience, they would not have to worry about marketing their businesses. 
Their army of unpaid ‘Customer Ambassadors’ would do it for them, while they get on with other stuff, saving them time and effort.
Surely that must be very attractive to every business owner.

Set A Definite Strategy As Part Of Your Marketing Plan And Your Business Plan

Please repeat what I have been doing for years and think about setting a definite strategy of creating unpaid ‘Customer Ambassadors’ by making your customers so excited that they will tell everyone else about your business.
Do the following to create your own WORD OF MOUTH strategy:
1.       Decide that you will create an army of ‘Customer Ambassadors’
2.       Decide that you will make your customers really happy & excited
3.       Decide that you will offer the very best customer experience possible
4.       Think how you can make the customer experience as excellent as possible
5.       Look at everything you do in your business and make it excellent
6.       Look at the customer journey through your business from when they first become aware of you, through to the buying process.
7.       Look at every customer contact point and make sure every point is an excellent experience for your customer.
8.       Send your customers away so happy and excited, that they want to tell the world.
The place to start is to first decide that you will create ‘Customer Ambassadors’ by making your customers really happy and excited enough to tell others by offering the very best customer experience.

Ask Yourself Three Questions

Then, try to think as the customer thinks and ask yourself three crucial questions:
“What would I want if I was my customer?”
“If I was my customer, what would give me a good customer experience?”
“How could I excite myself, through my business offerings, if I was my customer?”

Try asking these questions of your existing customer, friends and colleagues, too. 

You should then make a list of the possible answers and think how the answers apply to everything that the customer experiences within your business.

Make A List Of Every Customer Contact Point

Make a list of every customer contact point for your business and appraise each point with an honest score from1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest or is excellent. 
To make your customers happy and excited you need 9/10 for each contact point. For customer contact points that score less than 9, look to see how you can improve these and achieve excellence in everyone.
Then apply the answers from the questions above to each contact point along with other improvements that you think will be appropriate until you can achieve scores of 9 to 10 for each. 

Monitor The Results

Finally, you must monitor the results to make sure your WORD OF MOUTH strategy is working.
You need to ask your customers for their opinions on what you are offering and delivering and how they perceive the improvements that you have made.
Hopefully you will get more positive comments about your business and you should gradually see new customers coming to you, as a result of the extra word of mouth generated. 

Use-Word-Of-Mouth-To-Slash-Your-Marketing-Spend Use Word Of Mouth To Slash Your Marketing Spend


Give It A Try Now

Give it a try now – I am certain, if you can do things right, you will see word of mouth start to work for you, increasing your customer numbers, growing your sales and decreasing your marketing costs.
If you wish to talk to me more about this article, please contact me below or email me at robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk.

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Do Your Products Provide The Right Customer Benefits?

HELP-WANTED-10-600x319 Do Your Products Provide The Right Customer Benefits?

Do Your Products Provide The Right Customer Benefits?

Do your products give your customers the real help that they want and need?

Do your products improve the lives of your customers?

Do your products match the needs and wants of your target customers?

Your CUSTOMERS will buy your PRODUCTS because they want the BENEFITS and HELP that these will provide;  if every entrepreneur provided the right customer benefits, sales and business profits would be boosted.
When I talk to business people, I am often conscious that they don’t THINK ENOUGH about the BENEFITS their PRODUCTS provide for their CUSTOMERS. I have talked about the top 10% businesses many times on this site and much of their SUCCESS is because they THINK ‘BENEFITS’ when they THINK about their PRODUCTS.
If YOU can do the same and THINK about the BENEFITS that your PRODUCTS will provide to your CUSTOMERS when YOU PLAN YOUR PRODUCTS, it should make YOU create or provide BETTER PRODUCTS that MATCH your CUSTOMER’S NEEDS BETTER. I have talked about MATCHING before, saying that YOU SHOULD MATCH YOUR PRODUCTS TO YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERS.
The better your products match the needs and wants of your customers, the greater your sales and profits will be.


Ask Yourself 3 Big Questions

There are 3 BIG QUESTIONS that I have always asked myself in all my businesses:
YOU should do the same and write down a list of BENEFITS.
Then ask yourself ONE OTHER BIG QUESTION:-
Answer this honestly and then ask yourself another BIG QUESTION:-
If there are significant BENEFITS that your CUSTOMERS WANT and NEED from your BUSINESS and your PRODUCTS that they don’t presently get from YOU, YOU should THINK to maybe CHANGE or MODIFY your PRODUCTS or introduce NEW PRODUCTS that will provide those BENEFITS.


This Is Why Smart Business Thinking Is So Important



You Should Also Ask Your Customers

YOU should also TALK to your CUSTOMERS and ASK them about your PRODUCTS. Businesses are VERY POOR at TALKING to their CUSTOMERS, especially the 90% who RUN MEDIOCRE BUSINESSES.
I have always TALKED to my CUSTOMERS and I have always learned so MUCH -  it has enabled me to always PROVIDE THE RIGHT BENEFITS to my CUSTOMERS and the process has always enabled me to achieve HIGH SALES with all my businesses.

HELP-WANTED-10-600x319 Do Your Products Provide The Right Customer Benefits?


Set Yourself the Objective To Provide The Best Benefits

As part of that, ASK yourself and your CUSTOMERS about the PRODUCTS that YOU presently offer and ask them about the BENEFITS that your CUSTOMERS WANT and NEED from your BUSINESS and whether your products satisfy those wants and needs.
YOU should then formulate CHANGES to your PRODUCT RANGE and INTRODUCE these as part of your business plan-  your REVENUE SALES should then GROW SIGNIFICANTLY, as a result.
If YOU wish to discuss this article more fully with me, then please email me at robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk or please contact me below:

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Make Your Business Startup A Success, By Doing Your Homework

DO-YOUR-HOMEWORK-600x319 Make Your Business Startup A Success, By Doing Your Homework

Make Your Business Startup A Success By Doing Your Homework

When YOU start your new business startup, YOU want it to be a phenomenal success, but sadly 50% of new businesses fail in the first 3 years.

You don’t want this to be YOU – so START YOUR BUSINESS RIGHT.

There Is a Big Reason For Failure

ONE big reason is the lack of HOMEWORK that is done before a business startup proceeds.

What do I mean by HOMEWORK?

In short, I mean FOUR things:-

  • PLAN

You Must Research Everything

When YOU start a new business, YOU must RESEARCH heavily literally EVERYTHING to do with your new business. The most important parts are:-

  • The PRODUCTS you will sell
  • The CUSTOMER SERVICE you should provide
  • The PRICES you will buy your PRODUCTS for and the PRICES you will sell them for

With the RIGHT RESEARCH, YOU should sit down to UNDERSTAND what you have learned and have a good THINK about EVERYTHING. From all this, a good practical BUSINESS PLAN should be created – one that will deliver SUCCESS for your new business.

Understand Your Trading Market

It is important to know everything about the TRADING MARKET that YOU are about to enter – information such as what is the monetary value of the market, is it growing or shrinking and who are the competitors?

Your new business is more likely to be successful, if your trading market is growing and there are not too many competitors; a shrinking market and too many competitors could make it difficult.

Know Your Customers, Your Products & Your Customer Service

Then, YOU need to know who your likely customers are and understand them as fully as possible – such knowledge would allow YOU to understand their needs and wants and what products your business could supply them with.

Your Customer Service is just as important as your products and you need to know what customer service to provide in order to get your products to your customers.

Understand Your Competitors

A good way to learn about your target customers and the products that you should sell is from your likely competitors. If you are to compete effectively against your competitors, you will need to grab many of their customers and sell the same or similar products.

You should look at the target customers and understand who they are. You need to buy some of their products and analyse these closely and understand why these customers buy these products. Finally, you need to look at the customer service offered and look at customer reviews to see what their customers think.

If you are to compete successfully, you need to be much better than your competitors – your products and customer service both need to be excellent. You should look for your competitors’ strengths and try to be much better, but you should also look for their weakness and try to exploit these.

Know Your Prices

Prices are important and you need to learn about the selling prices for the products in the trading market; understand what prices your target customers will pay and whether quality is more important than price, for instance. If quality is more important, this gives you scope to charge higher prices.

Again, you can gather much information on pricing from your competitors but think that it does not always pay to be the cheapest in your market.  Many new business startups have accrued a lot of customers and sales by being too cheap, but have failed because there was no profit.

Look At Your Marketing

By knowing your customers and how to reach them through your marketing, YOU can work out how you will market your business. Many new start-ups fall into the trap of spending a lot on advertising that does not work and this often drains their resources.

Try to do as much free marketing as you can – online social media marketing is a must along with a good website and try to get free PR marketing by telling the media about you and getting them to spread the news.

Know Your Numbers

Your numbers are really important & you must research and understand these – remember 50% of new start-ups fail because they don’t make enough money for a profit; their numbers go wrong – your numbers are important.

You must research what your likely sales, gross profit and costs will be. Then, YOU should create a realistic projected profit and loss projection for the first year or so and see what your profit is likely to be and when your startup will make money; ideally you want to make a profit within the first six months.

The quicker you can make a profit the better, so try to aim to become profitable almost immediately.

Create A Simple Business Plan

When your RESEARCH is complete and YOU feel you fully understand EVERYTHING, YOU should put a simple BUSINESS PLAN together and ideally get a business coach or mentor to review it for YOU; a critical review should highlight your strengths and weaknesses.

The better your plan, the better your chances of success.

Then Put Your Plan Into Action

When YOU are happy with your plan and when YOU are ready to start, YOU should LAUNCH your business – don’t just start it, however, but LAUNCH it under a blaze of publicity!

So many new start-ups start with a whimper & they never really get going and fail very quickly.

DO-YOUR-HOMEWORK-600x319 Make Your Business Startup A Success, By Doing Your Homework


By RESEARCHING very heavily and very comprehensively EVERYTHING within your new business, YOU will be able to UNDERSTAND your business FULLY, before YOU actually START.

YOU should then use some quality THINKING on how your business will be moulded and how it will RUN and put this into a PLAN.

Once and, only once, YOU are READY TO START your business, YOU should ACT and get started BY LAUNCHING your new business.

Be A Success

Too often businesses START with only a fraction of the RESEARCH and UNDERSTANDING that is needed for success.  WRONG THINKING and PATCHY PLANNING then follows and the business has a POOR START.  These businesses then struggle for the early months or years before eventually FAILING.

If YOU are STARTING A NEW BUSINESS, YOU should take your time and only OPEN when YOU are READY.


If you would like to continue the conversation, please leave a comment below or email me at Robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk:

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Are Your Products Right For Your Target Customers?

Untitled-design-6 Are Your Products Right For Your Target Customers?

Are Your Products Right For Your Target Customers?

One BIG reason for business FAILURE is due to businesses trying to sell the wrong products to their TARGET CUSTOMERS.
Many businesses, especially ones that are just starting, create a product and then they try to find customers to buy that product. This is the wrong way to start and run a business and the wrong way to think about your product.


Design & Plan Your Product Around Your Customer
Your product should be designed and planned around your TARGET CUSTOMER and their WANTS and NEEDS.


First Identify A Problem, Then Match Your Product
The place to start is to identify a problem that a large number of people might have and then design or source a product to sort that problem. By doing this, you will be MATCHING your PRODUCT exactly to what a large number of people will want and will buy.
And, because it should sort a particular problem that these people will have, it should sell well and the sales should be great enough to make your business viable and profitable.
A client of mine has just opened Tilleys Gluten Free Bakery, but before he took the big and expensive step to start his bakery, he researched heavily his potential TARGET CUSTOMERS, firstly to understand them as a group and then he researched their NEEDS and WANTS, so that he could produce Gluten Free Products that these TARGET CUSTOMERS would enthusiastically buy.
Once he had developed his products, he then tested the sales of these products on his potential customers and invited their comments and critique. All reaction was analyzed and further modifications were made to the PRODUCTS.
Only when he was confident that he had products that matched exactly what his potential TARGET CUSTOMERS NEEDED and WANTED, did he take the plunge and start his bakery. Now, a few months after launching his new business, SALES are STRONG and GROWING and, importantly, he is making a PROFIT.


This Took More Time Initially But Saved Time Long Term & Gave An Initial Profit

The process that he followed took more time and more effort, initially, but in the long term, much time has been saved and the chance of failure has almost been eliminated and he has made a good initial profit -  which for a new business is crucial.
When you do start a business or launch a new product, think about your TARGET CUSTOMER first and then think that any PRODUCT that you launch must satisfy exactly the NEEDS and WANTS of your TARGET CUSTOMERS and give them BENEFITS.
Research your TARGET CUSTOMERS, first, and get to know and understand them well and make sure that YOU understand their needs and wants too.
Then, YOU should TEST your product on groups of your target customers to ensure they would be happy to buy your product.   YOU should note their comments and make corresponding adjustments to your product.
Only once YOU are very happy that YOU can sell a large volume of your products to a large number of customers and that YOU can create a good PROFIT should YOU attempt to sell that PRODUCT.

Untitled-design-6 Are Your Products Right For Your Target Customers?

Start With Your Target Customer & Not Your Product

In short, you should START with your TARGET CUSTOMER and NOT your PRODUCT.

Ask yourself if your products are right for your target customers.

If you would like further advice on this please contact me: robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk
Or leave a comment below to contact me:

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How Healthy Are Your Profits

How Healthy Are Your Profits?

How Healthy Are Your Profits?

How healthy is your business?

Are your sales rising?

Are your margins good?

Do you have control of your costs?

Are your Profits growing?

How-Healthy-Are-Your-Profits.docx-3-300x160 How Healthy Are Your Profits?

If your sales and profits are growing then you should have a healthy business. But if your sales and profits are flat or are decreasing, then your business is not so healthy and you need to take action.

In such a situation, your business needs a complete re-think –  you need to re-think everything within your business, starting with FOUR major areas:-

  • Your Products
  • Your Customers
  • Your Margins
  • Your Costs

You should ask yourself questions about your products:-

  • Are your products matched exactly to the needs and wants of your customers?
  • Do your products bring real benefits to your customers?
  • Do your products make the lives of your customers better?
  • Are your products priced right to give value for money but also a good margin?
  • Have your product sales dipped in the past 12 months and, if so, by how much and why?

You need to sell a high number of your products to generate high sales that keep growing, but you will only achieve that if your products match exactly the needs and wants of your customers.

You should ask yourself questions about your customers:-

  • Do you understand fully who your target customers are & everything about them?
  • Do you have an army of customers that is growing?
  • Do your customers return to buy more from you?
  • Do your customers tell their friends about you?
  • Do your customers get a good customer experience from your business?
  • Has your customer numbers dropped in the past 12 months and, if so, by how much?

It is imperative that you understand who your target customer is and you understand everything about the needs and wants of that customer –  then you should be able to sell them the right product and achieve a large army of customers and keep growing that army.

You should ask yourself questions about your gross profit margins:-

  • Is your margin sufficient to pay your costs and to give you a good net profit?
  • Are your selling prices lower than the equivalent charged by your competitors?
  • When was your last selling price increase?
  • Are you paying too much for your products?
  • Has your margin slipped in the past 12 months and, if so, by how much?

It is important to understand how your margin affects your net profit –  it must be large enough to comfortably pay all your costs and to give you a high net profit.  Are your prices too low and if you were to increase them, would sales slip?  In my experience, if you have a strong product offering, price increases should not affect sales.

You should ask yourself questions about your costs:-

  • Do you have a clear understanding of all your costs?
  • Are you as efficient and lean as you could be?
  • Do you know which costs have increased over the past 12 months, and by how much and why?
  • Are there purchases being made that could be trimmed or eliminated?

It is very easy for costs to creep up and to not be noticed. You should look at each cost and analyse each one and see where quick savings can be made.

From experience, doing this exercise can often generate significant changes to the health of a business. Even just a 10% increase in sales, a 2% increase in margin and a 10% decrease in costs can have a dramatic effect on the net profit, often adding as much as 40%  –  now that is surely worth having?

Have a think about this now!

This is a very quick snapshot of possible remedies for an unhealthy business, but if you would like some more advice, email me now: Robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk.

Or leave me a comment below.


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Use Customer Service To Gain Sales


Use Customer Service To Gain Sales

What is your CUSTOMER SERVICE like?

Do your customers rave about your CUSTOMER SERVICE?
Or do your customers say your CUSTOMER SERVICE leaves much to be desired?
Surveys consistently show that consumers rate CUSTOMER SERVICE as highly as the products they buy. Customers will even avoid buying good products if the CUSTOMER SERVICE is poor.
If you can offer much better customer service than your competitors, then you will steal their customers.
Use customer service to gain sales.


Many Businesses Do Not See The Merits In Offering Good Customer Service

But so many business owners in the UK do not recognize how highly customers rate CUSTOMER SERVICE -  and when they have this attitude, they are literally throwing sales away and losing customers.
Poor CUSTOMER SERVICE is evident everywhere, but as a business owner, you can literally ‘cash in’ on this -  have BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE than your COMPETITORS and YOU should take their CUSTOMERS and GAIN SALES.


Offer Excellent Customer Service

In fact, make your CUSTOMER SERVICE as good as it is possible to make it -  make your CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENT!!
Take a long hard look at it, pull it apart and analyse in detail the CUSTOMER SERVICE that you offer and ask yourself TWO BIG QUESTIONS:-


Businesses That Offer Excellent Customer Service Always Out Perform Others

Businesses that go the ‘extra mile’ and deliver EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE always do much better than their competitors -  always.
YOU must do the same.



Set Yourself The Objective Of Giving Excellent Customer Service
So, set yourself the OBJECTIVE to make your CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENT and do it NOW!!


If you would like to talk more about this with me, please contact me at robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk. 
Or please contact me here:

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Don't Make The Same Mistake As Marks & Spencer

Don’t Make The Same Mistake As Marks & Spencer

Don’t Make The Same Mistake As Marks & Spencer

How well do you know and understand your customers? –  hopefully better than Marks and Spencer!

Early in January 2016, Marks and Spencer reported poor non-food sales, while their food sales did really well.  Here, Marks and Spencer demonstrates brilliantly how important it is to KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERS are, if you are to optimize your sales.

mS Don't Make The Same Mistake As Marks & Spencer

On the food side of the business, the products offered are exactly what the customers want from Marks –  the business knows and understands their TARGET CUSTOMERS and they know what PRODUCTS these customers want.  And, through this knowledge, they are able to target these customers well with their marketing.  The result is and has always been good food sales.


But on the non-food sales, Marks does not enjoy the same success and the reason is very simple  –  they do KNOW and UNDERSTAND who their TARGET CUSTOMERS are.  Women’s clothes has always been the major part of non-food sales, but there is a real disconnect here in how they approach this, the biggest part of their market.  For years, the TARGET CUSTOMER has been the woman over 55, yet they don’t offer the PRODUCTS that this age group want to buy.  Instead, they offer clothes that are based on the fashions from the ‘catwalk’ aimed at younger women.  What’s more, their marketing reflects this, too  –  it is targeted at the younger woman.   This age group tend not to shop at Marks and Spencer, preferring outlets such as Next. And, even those of this age group who do shop in Marks and Spencer say there is nothing for them there to buy.

One BIG FACT that Marks and Spencer seem to miss is that daughters do not buy clothes in the same shops as their mothers buy their clothes from. Marks should let Next deal with the daughters, while they supply their mothers.

When you look now at the clothes offered to women by this business, I think there is a vast and confusing choice, which they are hoping will appeal to women between the ages of 20 upwards.

I am not the only expert to say this, most retail industry experts have the same view. If Marks and Spencer were to accept that their TARGET CUSTOMER is the over 55 age woman and accept they must offer clothes that this age group want to buy, that would be a good FIRST step.   But they have to go further  –  they have to engage with these women, very comprehensively, and ask them EXACTLY what they want from Marks and Spencer.

Then, when they offer the clothes that they are told to supply, customer numbers would improve and sales would recover, too.


I think if they were to RESEARCH heavily what this age group want in terms of lifestyle clothing, they may well find that women in their early 50‘s and 40’s would also buy these clothes, too, and this would still give them a very broad CUSTOMER TARGET range, but not as broad as what they are offering now. The result would be a much better shopping experience for their TARGET CUSTOMER with a smaller, less bewildering range of clothes aimed at a smaller group of customers.



Then, from that UNDERSTANDING, you must ensure your PRODUCTS are exactly what your TARGET CUSTOMERS NEED and WANT and you must ensure your MARKETING is TARGETED exactly at those TARGET CUSTOMERS to tell them about you and your business.


This is the SMART way to do business –  but, what amazes me is that Marks and Spencer are not the only ones to make this BIG MISTAKE  –  don’t let that be you.


NEWSLETTER-300x300 Don't Make The Same Mistake As Marks & Spencer