6 CUSTOMER RULES Guaranteed to grow your business.
6 CUSTOMER RULES Guaranteed to grow your business.

6 Customer Rules Guaranteed To Grow Your Business.

Tried And Tested Business Ways That Have Been Shown To Work, Time And Time Again


It would be stating the obvious to say that customers are the 'life-blood' of any business.

But, they really are.

Without sufficient customers, you will have insufficient sales and profits to sustain the business and eventually your business will close.

Every business owner should keeping thinking how they can get more customers to their business.

Here, 6 TOP CUSTOMER RULES guaranteed to grow your business are discussed:


1.   Always Welcome Your Customers

Customers should always feel welcome to your business.  This particularly applies if your potential customer actually physically enters your business, such as a retail business  ~  here, generally, retail businesses are very poor at 'welcoming' people.

It just needs a simple "Hello" and a smile to make a customer feel comfortable and to make the customer feel wanted by the business.

Whatever your business you should think how you can make your customers welcome.


2.   Always Say “Thank You”

The same as a nice "welcome", a business should always say “thank you” whether that person has bought something or not.  If it is a retail business, a nice “thank you” is the last thing that that person remembers when they leave.  If their customer experience had been good, this will reinforce their memory of the experience.

If you operate a non retail business a nice message at the check out after a purchase or when someone leaves your website can leave a lasting memory.

Whatever business you run, give your “thank you” some thought and think how you can possibly improve it.

The second of our 6 customer rules guaranteed to grow your business is to say "Thank You"


6 Customer Rules Guaranteeed To Grow Your Business # No2 ~ always say "thank you".

3.   Always Be Transparent

Customers hate surprises such as hidden costs etc.  In nearly 40 years in business, I have learned that the more transparent and open you are with your customers, the more they will trust you and the more they will buy from you.

Always be transparent on prices for your products but be honest about extra charges such as delivery etc.  Don’t let customers find out at the check-out, for instance. This is a good way to lose them.

You should never over promise, just to get a sale – for instance, don’t promise a delivery time of 5 days when the true delivery time is 9 days.

The answer for success is always UNDER PROMISE & OVER DELIVER.


4.    Never Disregard Complaints

Every business will get customer complaints from time to time but how you deal with them could put you above your competition.

Some business owners will ‘bury their head in the sand’ and either ignore the complaint or out off dealing with it.  Neither way works.

The quicker and better you deal with the complaint to the customer’s satisfaction, the more you are likely to keep that customer.

Surveys consistently show that 70% of customers who complain will return to buy again, if their customer is dealt with to their satisfaction. I know, from own experience, that is very true.

So deal with your complaints quickly and efficiently as part of our 6 Customer Rules Guaranteed To Grow Your Business.

6 Customer Rules Guaranteeed To Grow Your Business # No4 ~ never disregard complaints

5.  Always Focus On The Customer

I said at the top of this piece that the customer is the ‘life blood’ of your business. In fact without enough customers you will not have a profit for your business.

This makes your customer the single most important part of your business.

With such importance, your primary focus should be your customer and not your company or business. Your company should be run around the needs and musts of your customer, including:

  • Which products you sell

  • The prices you charge

  • What customer service you offer

  • The customer experience, you offer

Always make your customer you primary focus.


6.    Always Deliver The Best Customer Experience

If your customers enjoy the experience they derive from the products and service that they buy from you, they are more likely to buy again from you and they are more likely to tell their friends.

Many businesses go wrong by not thinking enough about the Customer Experience and how they can improve this.

Your customer experience should always be prioritised.

6 CUSTOMER RULES Guaranteed to grow your business.


Here is a short description of 6 CUSTOMER RULES that I know really do work.

As with everything in business, it is all down to how you think about your business.  Give these 6 CUSTOMER RULES some though and think how you can enhance each for your business.

I am sure over time, your sales and customer numbers will grow.


If you wish to talk more with me about this, please do contact me below.  It would be great to hear from you.

Contact Robert Viney @ Prestige Business Coaching


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